Full Kodiak Canvas Tent Line Reviewed

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In this detailed video we show all major Kodiak tent models including the 1-person Swag 8101, the 2-person 6086, the 4-person (9×8) 6098, the 6 person cabin with awning 6133, the 6-person without awning, the 6-person 10×10 vx 6013, and the 6043 vx 8-person models in detail. If you are considering investing in a Kodiak tent you’ll want to spend a few minutes watching this video to educate yourself on the different features between the various sizes. We explain the benefits and disadvantages of each tent and you can see them compared side-by-side. We have recommendations for week-long campers verses weekend warriors, hunters versus boy scout use, and so much more. Please like and subscribe if you find this video helpful. Thanks for watching. For more reviews, pictures, videos of the Kodiak Canvas Tent line please visit us at www.competitiveedgeproducts.com or www.kodiakflexbowtents.com


Dinesh Tomar says:

The best video on Kodiak tents. Thanks a lot

Ian Padron says:

super helpful video Charlie, thanks man!

How does the 6man cabin do in wind/snow?

Bruce S.307 says:

I have several Kodiak Canvas tents to include the Swag, Deluxe Cabin tent, the 4 person Flexbow and the Deluxe VX 6 person tent. As you can tell I’m a repeat customer! Most of the tents came from Competitive Edge, they are an awesome company to work with. I have so many tents because I’m an outdoorsman and sportsman, so depending on the situation will dictate the tent I need. I have a few videos about my setup I use for elk camp for which I use the Deluxe Cabin tent with the surround. I live in that tent for weeks so I have a good perspective on their performance in all kinds of weather. If you get the chance you can check out the videos to get an idea if that may be the tent model for you. All in all I can’t say enough good things about Kodiak and Competitive Edge. I’m definitely interested in getting that floor canvas for my Cabin Tent! I use a 12×9 woven plastic ground cover I got from Walmart to cover the floor and it works great. But after a month or more of tracking in and out of the tent you’d be surprised at how much fine dirt and dust accumulates under that mat. The canvas as an underliner will make the pre-disassembly clean up a lot easier. Plus it will help to have that little extra layer as insulation from the cold of the ground.

Christine Charbonneau says:

I have the 8 foot Kodak Canvas truck bed tent, which I love. Super stable in high winds, bone dry, easy for me to put up alone, and looks a bit like a covered wagon. Highly recommend.

gerard haubert says:

Is there a floor for the porch.?


I am wondering about the kodiac truck tent. Once on can it be left on and ruve with up? Thank you.

Carl Shifflett says:

What is the make/model and size of the cot under the Swag?

Crageton Green says:

We have the 10×14 and I love it , best tent we ever owned

buckskinz says:

Gonna buy one this weekend from you but I want to know does the full front enclosure only come with the 12×9 cause I like the 10×14?!

SoliDeoGloria 07 says:

Impressive, Im already thinking about getting the 2 person tent with the 0° regular sleeping bag. Or maybe getting a truck just so I can get the truck tent lol

Jim Somerville says:

Informative, thank you. How do you erect these tents at the beach since they are not self-standing?

thepassionofthegoose says:

I own both the four and six person versions (was fortunate to get them both at a deep discount). These are fantastic if you are driving up to your camp spot; I’ve used mine in conjunction with 4×4 camping. They’re a great option if you have the space to carry a larger tent and are looking for something to camp comfortably with. As an aside, I use an ultra-lightweight one person backpacking tent for ultra distance motorcycle camping, so these are a real treat in comparison to my usual “sleeping bag with a roof”. Definitely recommend Kodiak.

CalebGamer 16 says:

you should have added a stove pipe hole in the roof

Brett dizay says:

Any word on the sleeping bags?

Jim Cyr says:

great rundown on the lineup. Really been enjoying the truck tent I ordered from you guys last month. And my wife also enjoys the cabin tent 😉

Joseph Aquintey says:

Great video.. ! Where and how can I buy your tents? Is there a stove pipe hole on it?

Finally finding Myself says:

As a person who decided to spend 3 months in a tent…. I had electric hookups at the campground I don’t mind the 20 min set up… what I mind is…. having an older tent I didn’t have the electric cord opening…. so the ants got in….I had to buy a more up to date tent with the opening…. still ants…. have you ever thought of doing the electric port?

Dale Swier says:

It’s December 10 today so I’m a little late in discovering this video. I saw in the comments you were hoping for info on the stove jacks for these tents. Have you any info or availability on those at this time?

brandon young says:

have the 10×14, had the awning rip during some high winds. Called Kodiak and they offered to reimburse me if I took it to a local tent shop to have the awning repaired, I agreed and got it fixed. It was around $100, called Kodiak back and sent them an invoice. I was told I’d have a check coming my way, never saw it and called them back. They keep beating around the bush about it and eventually I gave up, these tents are nice but if you ever have an issue good luck with that “warranty”

crabjay says:

have the 10×10, and have been using it at Burningman for 2 years. Man, it is heavy but surprisingly easy to setup and holds strong in the dust wind! the 2-person tent looks really nice.

Kimberlyn Hughes says:

Great video! It was really nice to be able to compare the sizes & features.

real metis says:

no see ums are really tiny biting bugs that can rune a camping trip im happy to see them using this screening

Kevin Vick says:

Great video, Charlie. Just learned about these tents and you hit every point I was interested in!

John Edwards says:

Fantastic Presentation and review of these tents. You, Charlie, are a consummate pro and the epitome of tent sales in explaining every detail. I thank you and will surely but my new tent from you.

Larry Webber says:

Excellent and informative video. We have been considering a Kodiak and your video gave us discussion points as to which tent model would best fit (for just the two of us) tent. Thank you!

ulitepilot aka Zombie Dave says:

I have the 10×14 deluxe w/windows on all sides and double doors. It is so big inside its more like a room instead of a tent. I’m 6ft and love the fact that I only stoop a little going thru
the door. Never inside! The spring pole is a great system BUT the tent MUST be secured in order for the tent to work. The inside hanger pouches are ok, nothing great. The bigger of pouches works well on the outside of the tent using the loops provided. The mesh over the windows is excellent. Its very fine mesh,so fine in fact that if you are camping when its hot a light breeze wont come thru the screen mesh. Bring a portable fan. Never a drop of water has made its way into my tent. I have lived in this tent going on 1 1/2 years. I move to the mountains,lake,and lots of desert living. Notice I said living. Thats a big difference from a 3-5 day campout. I live in this tent full time.When you put your tent away be sure the floor is clean. The inside of the roof is white and when you collapse the tent for storage or to move to another site, all the floor dirt and dust is now on the bottom of the roof. When you set up make sure the doors are
zipped closed. Its okay to have the zippers down and windows half open (from when you put it away) to make it easier to put up. The suction is pretty strong when putting up the
spring poles. You”ll get used to it. The stakes for securing the tent are a joke. If you can get them in easy, good luck if the weather goes bad. I use a battery powered 1/4″ drive impact wrench and drive 10″ lag bolts with large cut washers to secure the tent. My tent has been in snow,hail storms, thunderstorms with 60 mph gusts and 40mph constant winds ,monsoons(flash flood) and scorching heat(114°) and sub freezing weather. (18°). Only had 1 problem with the zipper on the awning side door and that may have been my fault. Not sure about that and I fixed it anyways. The
awning MUST be tipped down with any real amount of rain. It holds so much water that when you push up from the bottom to get rid of the 10 gallon puddle over head, you will get SOAKED from the splash. I have videos of how excellent this tent has performed in a thunderstorm with hail. The water ran under the tent so fast it floated my 100 lb dog! The day after I show the mud/sand line of how high the water got and not a drop of rainwater came inside. Unbelievable but true and video to back it up! See how I cured the anemic stakes and how well the tent performed.People are amazed that Im still in the same tent for more than a year after all the weather and sun its been thru. Its really that good and worth every penny. In very cold weather I use a Mr Heater Big Buddy. With a 5 gallon propane tank (outside the tent) it keeps the tent comfortable on low and will run for 220 hours. That works for me. I provide my own energy via solar power so I can watch TV,charge phones,lightsand run a radio. I pack in my water via reliance 7 gallon stackable water totes. Yes, I have videos on those too. None of my adventure would be possible without the the perfect base camp. The Kodiak Canvass 10×14 tent is the base camp for anyone in my opinion. Here is my disclaimer. I do not endorse any of the products mentioned in my comments for compensation. Its all true and oh,by the way, Im 60 years old and love the tent/camp/outdoor living life. Cheers and buy the 10×14!

Tim P says:

I bought the 10×14 flex VX from these guys and they were awesome. Shipping was fast and free. My wife and I love the tent. Get the big one, seriously you will regret it if you don’t.

Dino Bot says:

Very well done video. I’m going to get the 2 man tent.

Matthew Houser says:

What about the Grand Cabin tent?

troy stevens says:

We have this same tent and I love it. These tents are worth every penny. I wish I was as tall as you. I have to lean the middle post over to hook up the loop. You make the most out of every inch of this tent. Excellent setup.

Travis Titialii says:

Thank u for you review. Excited to get these tents and go camping!!!

Chris Gripp says:

Outstanding video. Very thorough and I feel like you were giving me a personal walk through. When I do decide to buy a tent it will almost certainly be a Kodiak.

Grizz in the Woods says:

I bought the 10’ x 14’ flex bow deluxe a few years ago. I love that tent, it is always popular among my friends when we go camping. I highly recommend it. That being said if I had known about the cabin tent with the canopy at the time I would have purchased it instead for my hunting trips. Please start installing stove pipe holes on the tents it is my only complaint.

Greg Long says:

Great video. I have a 9×8 and reply like it. Thanks

ulitepilot aka Zombie Dave says:

Notice how hard the ground in Southern Arizona is even using the impact. The clicking is the hammer making its way into the ground. The video pretty much says it all https://youtu.be/V5IZLiICApk

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