Hammock tent camping WIN or FAIL??? – Tensile Stingray 3 person tent review

Took the boys on an extreme wilderness survival expedition to the deepest parts of Appalachia. After evading surviving a 20 miles hike, wolf attacks, snake bikes and more we tried out our new 3 person hammock tent from Tensile.

Check out the Tensile Stingray here: https://amzn.to/2HDD8Sq

Check out other camping videos here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5EGD6MqjI6IASMaBDLcSgJbjtn8XEwkE

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Legal60Luv says:

Kool Video.

Stephen Mcallister says:

YAAHHH!!! Us Going CAAAMPINNGG!!! Pretty cool little dude man. He cracked me up and that made my day. Best of luck to you guys!

outdoors life says:

love the part when you find your baby in your backpack lol

zapdara says:

Love this video! You mention that the tent is a bit on the heavy side, I was just wondering how much weight you save by not needing pads etc to stop the rocks digging into your back? Looks like an amazing tent!

Alex Sosa says:

HAHAHA the chikfila packs in the ziplock was so hardcore backwoods! Awesome parenting folks. I took my son camping and it was the worst weekend of my life. However, we will be trying again soon seeing as how he was like, bearly 1 year old. Im not having an indoor soy boy living in my house.

Travis Schrock says:

I’ve been looking at these tents for awhile but I’m always skeptical about new camping gear.

Delbert Voelker says:

Great video, love the boys

Idiot Vs Fish says:

Lol, the newborn in the sketchy tent reminded me of one of those infomercial things they do to prove a product works.

Maurice Lushwena says:

I wish it had a one way screen

Marc Johnson says:

A total win, in my opinion. If it can’t be wrecked by the ‘Outdoor Boys’, it can’t be wrecked!
The sticky marshmallow-face is hard core survival at its best. Your family is an inspiration.

Mike X says:

Great video man! I love seeing other people do this. I took my son camping when he was 8 and he absolutely loved it. I wished I would have video taped it and put on YouTube. It’s the memories that I love and the full joy of doing somthing fun with your family. We made a camp fire, threw some potatoes wrapped in foil into the fire and cooked some hamburgers, just me and my son and he really loved it. We also took about 10 gallon jugs filled them with water and set them near the fire so we would have warm water when it was time to go to bed. We used a pop up tint to sleep in.

Jake Coburn says:

Dont eat each other like the Donner Party did.



Fishing with Mike Chavez says:

What a cool tent that is…Looks like Miss Becca is doing much better…

River Raider says:

Great review but $650 is a little steep for me. Ill buy more fishing rods and reels instead 😉  Love the vids, keep em coming.

Nick Howell says:

Where did u get that tent

Thomas Kim says:

Chick fila sauce on a camping trip…is a awesome idea, I never even thought about that

atv&hunting says:

good day to all of you

Adventures with Frodo says:

Was that your house in the background, lol. At one point I though you were going to zip Backs in the tent you were going to walk home, lol.

Missouri Outdoorsman says:

I hope your wife is doing well.

Scott Brinker says:

Awesome tent! Keep us updated on how it holds up in a year or two!

Gil Berg says:

I’m from thainland.

Millionaire Whale says:

Anyone notice when he opens the bag for the tent you can see a house in the background

Caden D says:

Is that your house at 4.3?

outdoors life says:

ok so yall walk for days in find your way in your backyard hahahaha love your vodeos

egomaniac247 says:

Poor Becca……so many boys in that household lol. She looks tired LOL

J BERG says:

This world needs more people like you!

n8vchild says:

Love the shirt! Muddy River Catfishing!!!

pittiesmom10 says:

“You know who else was tired? The Donner Party was tired!”
That’s A++++ parenting right there.

DiamondJ4k3 says:

Slides in small cannibalism joke to little tommy

Ben B says:

You are so badass dude. You are the dad I’ve never had. Keep it going dude thank you for the vids…

Circle City Fishing says:

I love how you take your kids on the adventures in both fishing and other stuff. Keep up with the good videos.
You can really tell he likes spending time with his kids; Family first.

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