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Reviewing the Hexpeak Teepee Tent which uses a trekking pole to set up. Perfect for backpacking or all the many forms of camping. This 2-person shelter has a larger amount of floorspace, over traditional tents. The waterproof outer tent has a single door, vent and 16 stake out points. Great for camping with a partner or a pet!

You can use this tent as a minimalist floorless shelter, pairing it with a bivy sack or groundsheet, or use one of two inner tent sizes. This is great for keeping weight out of your backpack!

The Hexpeak (also known as the v4a) has the option to use one of two inner tent choice, both of which have a bathtub floor and no-see-um bug netting:

1: The Solo Inner Tent (1-Person), which uses half of the tent floor space and leaves the second half for gear storage, or even responsible cooking.

2: The Double Inner Tent (2-Person), which uses most of the floor space and is great when hiking with a partner, or even on a solo trip if you need extra room.

We hope this was helpful! Feel free to leave any questions in the comments below.

Hexpeak Trekking Pole Teepee Specs: https://luxe-hiking-gear.com/products/hexpeak-1p-tent-system

Teepee Set Up Guide: https://luxe-hiking-gear.com/blogs/camping/teepee-tent-setup-guide

Guyline Guidance: https://luxe-hiking-gear.com/blogs/camping/tent-guyline-set-up-guide

Inner Tent Set-up Guide: https://youtu.be/YTtdiy3YKJQ

Tent Condensation Tips: https://luxe-hiking-gear.com/blogs/camping/tent-condensation-in-heavy-rain

Tipi Bathtub Floor: https://youtu.be/UcdcgnWSfdg

Why Use a Groundsheet? https://luxe-hiking-gear.com/blogs/camping/why-use-tent-footprint

1-Person Inner Tent Review: https://youtu.be/pM4SRs1UDl8

Set Up Teepee Without Poles: https://youtu.be/lLq2tSfP-L4

Seam Seal Tipi: https://youtu.be/B5W91p_dinE

Anchoring a Shelter on Snow: https://youtu.be/PG3D5W-Uchg

Hexpeak User Guide: https://youtu.be/-EeKASDc13o

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Ken Loucks says:

These things must be incredibly heavy. I have looked all over their website and can find no weights published.

TheCryptomanHiking&Bushcraft says:

Can you use any Trekking Poles with it?

Flinders Adventures says:

Great stuff

Ken Loucks says:

Wow. Thanks. Where can I find all the weights so I can compare them for decision making purposes?

the Wizard of Oh says:

I have the green one, great tent. But the brown colour looks pretty good, matches better with the orange inner!

Craig H says:

Could a couple fit in the solo inner with a bit of spooning?

David S says:

I’ve had one of these for a couple of years. Great tent and like it more each time I use it. Here in Europe we call it the Luxe Hexpeak V4A. The weight/space/price ratio is excellent, at least as far as the outer tent is concerned (660g). The inner tent is nice, but a bit heavy (600g), so I’ve substituted it with a lighter one (360g). The only other modification I’ve found necessary is upgrading the six main corner guy lines from 2mm to 3mm gauge, as the supplied 2mm cord slipped in the linelocs in strong wind. I also increase the strength of the structure by joining both my hiking poles together (using a short piece of aluminium tube to join the upper sections, thus discarding the narrower/weaker tip sections) to make a super-strong support with a handle at each end. Add a pair of ‘movable’ guy lines which I can attach to whichever of the mid-height tie-out points is on the windward side of the tent, and a suitable selection of pegs/stakes, and it’s a tent which will handle pretty near anything the weather can throw at it.

Bryan Resch says:

That’s a great tent. Is the 4 man tent the only one that has the stove pipe hole and the pop off top piece ? I like how the 4 man really has great ventilation when hot tenting.

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