How To Protect Your Tesla From Hail; Lanmodo Car Tent Review.

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Richard Johnson says:

I can’t see this staying on in a thunderstorm with 70mph downdrafts or winds.

George Shonia says:

wow that is bad ass kit!

Richmond Sweet says:

So, not much point of teasing ‘extreme tests’ and then spoiling that by showing that in the first two seconds… 🙂 -Lee

Nooooooooooooooooooo! says:

The weakest part about the product is it only supports 30mph winds. Whenever we get hail we get wind gust much faster than that. What happens if it gets too much wind? It could damage your vehicle even more than potential hail would.

D M says:

Ohhhh dear gawwwddd. Too funny guys. A serious question, typically hail occurs during thunderstorms which again, typically have high winds associated, again with thunderstorms. I can only imagine what this $500.00 car umbrella will look like if you can ever find it again. Too funny

Igor Bosco says:

I think that this solution in useless, because it doesn’t protect the car at all. Tesla are pricy car and you should keep it protected at home. I would build a garage made of inox steel , also to avoid the sun. A 100 000+$ car need a proper protection

Greg Barrontine says:

Is that one the 3.5 or the 4.8?

NH Berrics says:

This looks super impractical lol I mean I guess it’d work if you had nothing else going on sitting at home parked outside uncovered and checking the weather waiting for a storm to pop up lol. And if it wasn’t super windy throwing some hail at the sides of the car.

Anthony G says:

How big was the actual hail that damaged the cars?

Ronald Fish says:

So cool Love it thank you

Federico Rodriguez says:

the guy who parks next to u is F_cked.

roguenode says:

Sorry to hear about your Tesla. My Bolt has damage from that storm. Thankfully, it’s just needs a quick paint-less dent repair appt before I trade it in and get my model 3 😉

Ufo Trailers says:

what a joke! all that engineering how about ideas on a folding UFO trailer?

katze_sonne says:

Good, that the two Teslas have a glass roof. Guess there would have been a lot more damage, if they had a metal roof!

bobbob123ful says:

Up north we got some golf ball sized hail, lots of damage to my fossil car, luckily just chips, not dents

FutureSystem738 says:

We get lots of hail……. but usually associated with very strong winds. I do not think that would suffice in such circumstances.

CpDA92 says:

this is usefull but only against the hot sun not a storm wind, maybe little balls of ice, but not that much, also is a cutie for be stolen

Gerald Mattos says:


James Wood says:

So sorry about your hail damage.

Don Shaw says:

The wind would rip off that tent in no time and then the hail would come to finish off the job.

Watch RICH REBUILDS Channel says:

OH! HAIL NO! Lmao!

Hcwolohon says:

Unfortunately hail doesn’t just come down straight, and in Oklahoma……. the only thing that tent would do is rip the mirrors clean off shatter the roof and fly away… 🙁 Love the idea,,, but I’ve seen some better solutions…. I’ll go look for some links… one literally could take a baseball release machine shooting, baseballs at it. Okay found it.

r koro says:

Wheres the new body kit?

GoRK says:

This thing is absolute bullshit made for suckers even if you get it for free. Wind makes hail. By the time you have enough wind to make damaging hail this thing might as well be made of paper. Throwing ice off the roof is a joke. 2” hail will blow clean through a convertible soft top, crack the dash and rip leather seats. Car tents are for shading your car; nothing else.

Robert Wethington says:

Get a big wind machine and then test the hail simulation.

G ary says:

What a commitment for making a video by using your tesla as a crash test dummy taking one for the team. Great video you guys, thx. To some this will be a waste of time, effort, money and they will never get one. You may only need it once in your life kind of thing. Then you have the others that will spend money for the just in case scenario. If you have it you will never need it group but no one will laugh when it is needed. Think about this question in the 60’s. Do we build a bomb shelter for family or not. Well having it if needed is well worth any cost at that point. 😉

Bob Andersen says:

in the next video Erik will show his flying Tesla

InternetDude says:

Is this product/video a joke? Serious question. I’ve had multiple cars hailed on (fortunately not my Tesla!) and it’s pretty obvious that this will only cover at best 25-40% of the car’s surface that would normally get damaged. Your hood, fenders, doors and more are still unprotected.

RJ 8U says:

I wish though the design of this would intergrate straight out of the roof rack like a shell where you can just pop the outer shell and have the system comes out when you pressed the remote.

Sabine B says:

Hee hee – how cute.
You know you’re not remotely simulating a hail storm, right?

David Pullen says:

What if the battery on the umbrella or on the remote control are dead? Is there a way to open/close it manually?

Wyatt K. says:

I saw this on Instagram!!!

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