Is a $25 Tent from Walmart Waterproof? – Ozark 1 Person Backpacking Tent

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Is a $25 Tent from Walmart Waterproof? Is Ozark a brand which you should consider purchasing? Are they worthy of your hard earned money?

Found out now!

Ozark Customer Service Number : 1-800-325-4121

Ozark 1-Person Backpacking Tent Review

Link :

Price : $25

Weight : Around 3lbs with everything included

Color : Yellow and Tan

Ozark offers multiple tents which they refer to as 1 Person Backpacking Tents;
The model number is Model# W796.1

Just in case that you don’t know, Ozark is a brand which is most commonly associated with Walmart but it can be found on other sites including amazon. The pricing is definitely better on Walmart!

This brand is recognized for making very inexpensive, beginner-level backpacking gear and their quality is known for being so-so.

I attempted to locate the official Ozark web site to get further information about their products and the company but I’m not sure if I found it or not. I located one site called Ozark Trail Tents . com and that was one of the fishiest looking sites that I have been on in a long time. The fact that it had a popup with an animated character which was speaking to me didn’t help. It reminded me a lot of the desktop babe from the 90’s!

• Stuff sack dimensions: 22.5″ x 4″ x 4″
• Carry weight: 3 lbs
• Setup dimensions: 96″ long x 48″ wide at the front of the tent, tapering to 24″ at the foot
• Center height: 36″ at the front of the tent, tapering to 22″ height at the foot
• Sleeps 1
• Mesh window at front of tent and vent at foot provides ventilation
• Easy to set up 2-pole design
• Setup time: 5 minutes
• Lightweight poly taffeta floor keeps weight to a minimum
• Taped wall seams for weather protection
Includes 1 organizer pocket

Materials : While I am not entirely sure, I believe that is made from polyester. Whatever it is cheap, doesn’t breathe at all.

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Ryan Koop says:

I have a 30 dollar walmart tent…
a solitude(something)… GREAT TENT!
Ive used it in many crazy storm’s and its held out really well.

silent555 says:

nothing wrong with it, get a tarp, use a throw, like it was meant to be used with. lies from the manufacturer but get real first world warrior, it’s fine.

SirDempster says:

I used this in clear weather for a week, it was horrible. It was all I brought because it had to be under 4 pounds. So lucky it didnt rain, I did run with water proof sealer and a tarp on the bottom. Over all it was bad because of the heat and moisture at night.

TheOriginal JoeSchmoe says:

If you read the tag prior to purchase, it will actually say the words, “Water Proof”, the way all water proof products do. The cheapest items that you can possibly buy are not usually labeled as being water proof. Buy a tarp and some cordage for a tent cover.

james feeney says:

anytime a scout had a Ozark trail tent and it wasn’t nice out they got wet.

Liam But says:

I bought a 5 dollar tent from walmart

willy p00 says:

Every Ozark fabric product I bought has failed quickly. The plastic poncho is suffocatingly miserable and shreds like wet toilet paper in soft brush. Spend $5 more and get the Frogg Toggs poncho. Their water bottles are no better than a Gatorade bottle re-used (Gatorade bottles are actually pretty tough and easy to fill). Their mess kits are cheap but serviceable. The cheap knives actually don’t suck. Just need to sharpen them out of the box and often.
Basically, skip their fabric and plastic sheet goods. Buy some Gatorade and keep the bottles. Go ahead and get the mess kit, but don’t expect it to last years on the trail. You can put a razor edge on their knives easily, but they dull quickly. Never had a blade lock fail yet, but no guarantees.
Like any bulk budget China stuff, some things are good enough for the price, some should never be accepted even if free. Just my experience over time with the loss leader impulse purchases at Walmart.

shadowdance4666 says:

I guess my Moss tent is still safe from being replaced

Charles Miller says:

“It performs like a $25 tent should.” And, cut! That’s a wrap!

Eddy Snowden says:

THanks, you should totally do more of these super budged reviews.

R L says:

if your over 30 give the hair gel a break

Jurij Fedorov says:

Who the hell spends $25 on a tent and expects it to be waterproof? You need to spend $2300 to get something decent with advanced communication and waterproofing included.

NarsandOrin says:

way would you go camping with a $25 tent

Pappy says:

so , not water proof , weighs 3 lbs , crappy color , fiberglass poles , living in Florida this will not work for me… i’m gonna pass thanks .
edit : even if the weather is perfect when you leave , it doesn’t always stay that way right ?

A Serious Salamander says:

I’m not sure if any tent would claim to be “waterproof”. The material itself is water repellent, but not waterproof. They all say this in the paperwork that comes with the tent.

BackyardExploration says:

I just used this tent on a 10 day motorcycle camping trip in Colorado. Yup, the condensation was insane. Also it flaps around in the wind, I had to use earplugs to block out the flapping sound. It rained every single day I was in colorado.. one night I just set up my sleeping bag under an overhanging rock and laid the tent fabric over my gear to keep dry

e harris says:

No need to bash ozark .. go buy a million $$ tint hope u get your $$ s worth

Frank Martinez says:

Human tent condom

jumbosilverette says:

Okay, so it’s not a good tent, but maybe it makes a good water collection device. 😉

Victor Varsanyi says:

I bought this tent too, it’s a piece of junk, the front pole broke the second time I set it up. Too bad I didn’t see this first.

taylor sheldon says:

Bass pro hiker biker tent is much better and only $5 more

BillyJoe1305 says:

I used one of their more traditionally shaped tents for a few years and still have it somewhere. I think it was called a scout tent, it wasn’t garbage. That’s a big difference in quality.

IneptOrange says:

The Linus Tech Tips of tents.

Greg Lewis says:

Good advice for anyone new to anything!
$25 is a fair price. Anyone who’d consider only spending that amount on a shelter for anything other than a lawn should.

Bill Pii says:

so it’s a tent for your kid to play in the front yard? Check

e harris says:

2:09 it’s a fuckin condo

michael o'mahony says:

Company says it’s not waterproof still feels the need to make a 15 minute video about how it’s not waterproof

Mitchell Lippolt says:

Why not make a video about using tape on the tent to see if it improves the quality of a 25 dollar tent

terry Hunt says:

I have two eureka tents that was waterproof from factory.

Dave jarosiewicz says:

Nice video, I almost bought one.. I’m a subscriber now.

Mowen McGuire says:

I bought an Ozark tent from Walmart, i went to the hardware store bought some water repellent, seam sealer, and a 12′ X !2′ sheet of plastic. Works great in the summer and winter.
I would not go as far as to say not to buy anything from Ozark, these tents are weekend toys, kids sleeping out in the back yard and your weekend drive in park sort of thing, depends on the purpose. My setup, with a Bivy works perfectly fine as a lightweight,waterproof windproof emergency shelter for short fishing trips. When headed into the bush, I use my professional mountaineering tent.

joey grieco says:

You know for like 5ish dollars you could waterproof it

trigun890 says:

what do you expect from a $25 fucking tent!?!?!

ergot57 says:

Yeah, well, anyone buying an Ozark Mountain knows to buy the blue or gray oversized plastic tarp too. I do and get good service from them that way for next to nothing. Didn’t mind cutting a hole in the side of one for the AC at all. LOL.

David Hagler says:

I kinda respect Ozark’s customer service at least tells you it’s not meant for weather, BUT the packaging should say that at least… sheesh

lakaumbucha says:

Hey there buddy.

Wildman Bushcraft and survival says:


Ryan G says:

I’ve enjoyed a few of your videos. However, they are a little drawn out and you repeat yourself a lot. I think they would be much better if you cut the fluff out.

Abyssic1 says:

i think a few more inches of beard would suit you well ^^

e harris says:

25$ tint with a 10$ tarp camping on a budget

SAViNGLiVE5 says:

You say ozark weird.

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