It Leaks! – Outback Swags Pioneer Swag Tent – Review

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Up for Review is the Outback Swags Pioneer Swag Tent!

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Price : $ 299.00 $ 349.00

Pioneer swag has the following specs & features:

· Heavy duty and Waterproof 12oz Rip-stop canvas
· 7′ x 3′ floor size, with 31″ head clearance
· PVC vinyl floor with bathtub construction
· 5/16″ Aluminum 3 pole system
· 2 inch egg-crate style foam mattress with washable cover
· Durable fly mesh layer and head flap for ventilation
· Head flap opening for alternative access
· PVC vinyl shoe mat
· 2x guy ropes and 8x pegs
· Four compartment storage pocket
· 11lbs (20lbs including mattress)
· Bonus canvas carry bag

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Chip Bonner says:

Thanks for the honest and thorough review Luke. I hope they look into this. I am interested in something similar but slightly bigger. Awesome job reviewing!!

Omar Dumbrell says:

What a pos.For $300 you could probably buy a good one from Australia and have it sent in the mail.

Msilverhammer says:

Great objective and thorough review!

Please let us know how they respond.

Leyton says:

you stupid American your supposed to weatherproof your swag, you call yourself a gear reviewer but you have no idea about how or even what your products are.

Russell Easters says:

Sorry to hear about your Husky. Animals such as that one become part of the family.
Break away knots-I use them. It’s easier to get hung up than one might consider. A friend of mine got hung up with his as he started down a slippery slope. It was funny at first but got serious real quick. Im glad I was with him to help. Personal preference.
I agree with you about not caring for a neck knife anyway.
I would like to see more of your Mrs in your videos also. She inspires my wife to do more camping. Thank her for that.
Enjoy the Chevy. Lol. Can’t wait to see it.
Thanks for your videos and your “honesty”, it’s refreshing.

Stephen Hill says:

Less of a tent and more of a bivvy.

outhausco says:

That does look like a manufacturing defect as I see that you had already seasoned it. Even after seasoning there may remain the odd hole which can be sealed with wax but those look to be very large and some are in the base which won’t seal with seasoning anyway.

Real shame the company didn’t take the opportunity to do the right thing by you here. I would point out however that a swag is a swag, not a tent. It’s a different mindset. A swag is basically a sleeping system – you roll your sleeping bag and any bits and pieces up in it – so its a bit of a different animal to a tent. The main advantage is the feeling of safety it somehow gives and the sound deadening/light blocking of the heavy canvas gives you a great night’s sleep on top of that awesome mattress. And has it’s heavy canvas it’s very durable and can take some abuse.

You’d usually get in through the top; the front is more of a shooter’s window. If there’s a threat of rain add a tarp to your kit, not so much to keep the swag from leaking, but to protect you when you’re getting in and out. The dome swag is merely an evolution of the traditional flat bedroll, designed to keep the canvas off of you when inside and to allow some water run off. It is important to keep some ventilation going on by cracking open the shooter’s window canvas and opening the foot vent if it has one. I bet that lack of ventilation added to your soggy night.

I know it might not make sense make sense that it’s a fairly large pack for a fairly small set up, but for the initiated it just works!

I hope the company at least send you a replacement. Cheers!

Boy Pazaway says:

“Outback Swag Flood Tent”

zorgrica says:

You need to season the tent

James, Parke says:

The Kodiak canvas one I got is bone dry in gale force wind raining sideways for 3 days. Not one bit of water got in and I stayed dry and warm. The quality is impeccable. If whoever you got your from won’t make you whole, try the kodiak canvas one. I’m a big guy and it works great for me. Sorry you had the bad experience!

marshalt says:

Who the hell is this thing for? It’s way too heavy for backpacking. For car camping, you can spend way less money and get a much more spacious tent and have money left over for a good air mattress. I just don’t see the point.

Brian Spencer says:

Thanks for the warning flag. It obviously not built for a 250 lb 76 year old

Deep South New Zealand says:

what a piece of crap

IamETOH says:


Michael Weber says:

Hey Luke, have you had a chance to review any of the Kodiak Canvas tents? I’ve seen several reviews on YouTube about them, but your tent reviews are incredibly thorough. Any chance in one of these in the future?

created4design says:

case closed on this tent in my book. An unresponsive company is a dead company as far as i’m concerned. Even if they respond after seeing this video, we all now know its only because of possible loss in sales BECAUSE of this video and that is just a shame. Take note all.

christopher friess says:

I am starting to put together a minutemen pack, what tent would you use?

Billy Blaze says:

love your style bro, you do a fantastic job

Derek Sinclair says:

Good review. The rain issue was the one that concerned me. Holes notwithstanding I think there is a design flaw or just an inability of the correct design to deal with heavy rain.

Peter Thomson says:

May be a manufacturing error as you suggest -but you need to “proof swags before you use them. Canvas waterproofing works by the material swelling or expanding with water exposure and this process may take a few runs before the swelling and closure of the gaps is fully completed. This needs to be done before use in real life situations. Swags are different to tents by virtue of the material they use. I have three of them…all have proven to be waterproof in the field. Their big advantage in my view is their warmth and wind protection in harsh conditions. They are so much warmer than a tent..even a “warm” tent. Again..this is because of the canvas. But canvas has to be proofed before use.

Rodney Fontaine says:

Thanks for the review. You probably saved more than a few some major money with this review.

nate reim says:

20lb 1 person tent that leaks? No thanks I’ll just recline the car seat.

david lau says:

Should soak it wet and set it dry before use.

Big Al Cervantes says:

Great review Luke, your vids are the bomb. Luke do me a favor, im a beach drive in car camper, im thinking about purchasing one of the double tent cots made by camp right. Can you review the camp cots out on the market?

Pack Mule says:


Oxxnarr D'flame says:

From the first time you showed it I never understood the why of the design.

Jakudah Symba says:

Watch Ronny Dahl channel, Dude is from Australia and did a video on the Swag tents… because of the material you have to in a sense season it a couple times of getting it wet and drying it so the material seals itself, therefore becoming waterproof…

Keith says:

OK Heres the rules, A) 300 bucks; B) 20 lbs of gear; C) Most profound waste possible…..Luke nailed it!!!

Mark Smith says:

How long have you waited so far about the holes in the tent. Being canvas they should reinforce all the way around every hole with a rubberized fiber. Like a gasket every where they have a seam.i know they have the material I have friends that work at Boeing. Building wings and tails with material they do it to great waterproof jackets. Just open a good one up everywhere there is a seam they have a rubberized seam almost like a peace of vinyl tape sewed in with the seam.

Alberta Bushcrafter says:

Those were some big holes, but I think the tent design is also at fault. Any tent I’ve ever used that doesn’t have a fly that reaches to the ground has been prone to leaks in driving rain – even when I’ve spent hours sealing the seams. Even a zipper flap won’t stop a good storm and on that tent the zipper flap is no substitute for a good fly.

Evgeny Petrov says:

Tent wich is 10 kg.?!? Interesting people are australians……:) I use tent that weight 1,2 kg. or special winter edition russian hammock – 2 kg. Or just sleeping on the ground with sleeping bag at -20C 🙂

Bill Penning says:

Great review Luke. Thanks for telling it how it is.

SouthPaw Bushcraft says:

For that kind of money, I wouldn’t buy one to find out if it was full of holes like yours. Just terrible quality control.

Ok Can'tbelieveit says:

I had a swag that was similarly built but was a double. I’m a well built guy at six foot and spreading I could sit up. Had a single as well. The differences is it was good old fashioned heavy canvas that I conditioned by soaking and drying repeatedly. Ive seen the rip stop canvas and I wasn’t impressed. Went with the canvas. Never leaked a drop. HOWEVER canvas takes a lot of maintenance. Must be maintained and dried thoroughly after each wet. And it’s heavy. No problem for me as it was always carried in a vehicle. Great mattress though.

40belowful says:

its like they forgot to “seam” seal the stitching.

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