Kodiak Canvas Tent: Gear Review

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Here is my video review of my Kodiak Canvas Flexbow 8 Person Tent. This is the 10×14 model. I have been using this tent all year and I am extremely happy with the quality, size, and features of this tent. For a full written review please visit the link below where you can learn more and even purchase the tent.

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jack mama says:

I’m not sure it weighs 90 pounds bud

Drew Petrey says:

Chris, again, a great informative video, just watched your coffee video and really liked it as well.  A quick question, I have narrowed down my next family tent to either this one, the Kodiak Canvas 8 deluxe or a Kirkham Springbar.  Do you have any thoughts on this?  Thanks for any advice you can send my way and please keep up the great videos!

smacdiesel says:

Thanks for the review, just tried out my REI kingdom 8 and I hated it.  Will check this one out.  Does it smell like mold/mildew inside?  Thanks again!

Lazysparky says:

Chris, great videos. I got a Deluxe Kodiak Canvas Tent 6041VX 10×14 a year ago and love it. I find using an adjustable painter pole for the awning helps shed water in heavy rain. 

Pavel no says:

Dude youre awesome.

James Harvey says:

I just got the 6 person deluxe and my buddy has the 4 person. I just used it for the first time. We were camping about 8,000 ft and had gust of high wind, the only things left standing the next morning were our tents. All of our tables with all of our camping gear were blown all over the place, I’m guess the winds were 70 mph range, never seen wind blow that hard.
It kept the cold wind out and that was a major plus. It went up in 15 minutes, I’m very impressed with this.
The only two draw backs that I read in the reviews before I bought mine were, one its heavy! Yes heavy! Two when it gets wet from the rain it gets a lot heavier. In the end I’ll take it over any thing else.

sean Fox says:

Cris how much is the tent

Loren P. says:

I have this tent. My only complaint is with the canopy. The canopy is attached to the tent just above the door. It seems like it is sewn onto the tent too low which causes rain water to run towards the tent and then drain off the left and right sides against the tent. My fix to this problem was to dig a hole about six inches deep for each canopy support pole. This seems to work well, but also causes the canopy to sit closer to the ground resulting in less head clearance when standing under it. I also use a telescopic boat hook placed close to the door to push the canopy up higher and also to help prevent rainwater from pooling on the top of the canopy. Look at this video and you can see how the canopy is pitched downhill towards the tent. Also, the newer version of this tent has the mesh vents on each end of the tent. My tent gets pretty hot during the summer, so I wish I had those vents, but I have the same older model that is shown in this video. This tent is very durable! Overall I like the tent, but every time it rains I get frustrated with the rain water pooling on the top of the canopy and then running down the left and right sides of the tent. Usually this causes mud to splatter up onto the canvas of the tent. Kodiak really needs to fix this problem by sewing the canopy up higher onto the roof. Hey, thanks for taking the time to post this video!

ANOINTED10 says:

love your review I will purchase one and have it shipped to the uk.

TheMonkeykun says:

Just bought one these today–one heavy bastard getting it loaded in the car, but I’m excited to get it set up!

Nobody Home says:

$ 600, oo !?!?! You want to buy a custom dryer meat rack ?

Bryce Hilt says:

how many cots can fit in 10×14 kodiak tent?

Lou Savlen says:

Great review. Curious if you had any second thoughts on getting the deluxe awning (6133 model) where you might then have the option to add extended space via the Kodiak screen or wall enclosures?

Brian Collins says:

some people dont like canvas but it’s hard to beat a quality tent like this…

Ian MacKenzie says:

This tent is absolutely amazing! I used this style of tent for 30 years. Coleman made this design years ago. I absolutely loved it until they started making the tent out of cheaper materials and lighter weight. Coleman discontinued the design. I was ecstatic when I saw that this tent model was being made again. Kodiak canvas has taken the design and made it a 1000 times better than the tent Coleman made. It is worth every penny of the price. The quality is beyond my greatest expectations. I would recommend getting the newest model with all the windows. You need good ventilation. And, always remember to store it DRY! This tent will last years when properly taken care of.

BzyBz B5 says:

dows the tent come in smaller size? thanks for sharing

Guildnam Style says:

Me and my wife have been saving up for this tent for a month and are about to buy it. Awesome for me because i am 6 foot 5 lol very excited

Gilles Quenneville says:

Can you tell me where the water drop from the awning when it’s raining ?

RedWhite&Blue 78 says:

That is a very nice tent… It is the tent that I’m planning to get in a few years… I already own 2 nice tents, but they aren’t canvas… Good quality doesn’t come cheap.

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