Lanmodo Automatic Car Tent‎ Winter Test and Review

Lanmodo Automatic Car Tent‎ Testing and Review
I would not recommend this item.


Benjamim Rivera says:

Thanks for the review, definitely I will not buy this product.

Remberto Ahumada says:

Excelent video… looks like theres nothing recommended… I was about two of those… but now thanks to your nice review I wont.

Rodolfo Prata says:

Thanks for the video AwkwardHamster!

Hopefully Lanmodo will improve its stability and structure for snow+wind – and give it you for a new video review =)

張兆瑋 says:

The suction damages the roof with a concave shape…

lanmodo says:

Thank you for the review , it is clear and hard working , we can see , and thanks for the suggestion , But there are some tips that when install Lanmodo car tent , better not put the car tent directly on the groud because the suction cup got dirty and it will not work so well , from the videos i can see you did it everytime before install on the car . also if there is too much dust on the car surface, better to clean it , then can make the suction cup work better . second need to adjust the 4 windproof ropes to make it tight , so can make the car tent stable on the car , from the video , the ropes not so tight yet . Thank you for test for snow , that is really helpful for us , we will continue improving our product ,if you have any question, free to contact us

黒嵜潤一郎 says:

Hi, thank you for the good user review.

Now it’s 6 months later, do you recommend this product to others? I am in Tokyo and have no worry about snow. Only sun heat is the problem.

Batara Siregar says:

thank you for your review..

مصطفي ارجمندی says:

Hi, how much money you have paid to buy

Tarique Khan says:

Hi to all any one planning to buy please see this video regarding size deviation 185 cm instead of 220 cm

Jordan Le says:

Thank you for your honest review. I almost get my self buy this product,but after watched your video. No more. Thank you. Another falsed product with good advertisement .

Mihaiu Cristi Ionut says:

Also the suction cup must have few drops of water between the roof the car and the tent you dont need to be genius. One thing i dont like at this tent its to much space between the tent and the roof car and i must argue with you @Hamster but your mistake was very simple: the strings had to be a BIT MORE tight, in this way you could see how strong it is for the wind..

Allien Tech Global Solutions says:

From what i can see, you made a mistake by placing the suction on the floor, which got dirt stuck to it, that’s where you got it all wrong!, also for your car size, you would have gone for the 4.8 metre which stretched further and has more firmness to its use.. personally i believe this is a great tech, not perfect, but for the first time that someone thought of actually implementing such an idea, that deserves an accolades.

i am not paid for this but i appreciate good tech when i see one, the concept and reason for this product is solid. please if you want to buy first consider the size of your car. alot of customers are happy with their purchase, don’t use your bad review on a great product. i will take it that you were not probably well informed before buying it, if you were, you would’ve gone for the 4.8 and applied caution about the suction which is where the magic of stability is.

buy this product it is a good product.

Yasser Aljanady says:

I purchased it after these all fake promotions but it’s bull shit it’s not practical and not work properly from 1st use suction very weak and open easily also the skeleton from weak materials and start brocken I want to refund my money

Redneck Nation says:

Even our cars are spoiled!

Michael Corrado says:

Seems to be some shills in the comment section. Anyways some things to add. Confused that they went for a plastic hook for the door handles with no coating. Some door handles come painted, and those hooks are bound to slide around. As you mentioned theres no support structure perpendicular to the length of the car. And I feel like the most noticeable mistake made by them is the theft protection. If people are constantly cutting bike locks/chains, they are most certainly going to be able to cut the one steel string that this product has. Honestly just seems like an over priced sun shade. Thanks for the review.

bigdaddykurt says:

so check out Isaiah’s Reviews same car, same product different outcome.

Lon.TV says:

Great review! Definitely doesn’t live up to the marketing.

pomonabill220 says:

Doesn’t protect the front hood or the rear of the car! What’s the point then?!?! For $200, it’s a waste!

Songwut Morkjaroenpong says:

That good! I almost buy it.

Daffney Lee says:

Thank you thank you!!! This review was much needed!!!

kenny play says:

Who has used this??

Mickey Kozlowski says:

I do some research on this lanmodo car umbrella. They said “Hail Proof” and “Wind Proof”. I think they say whatever they need to say to sale them. See this video

Formula Firebird says:

no shaker on this model?

David Aresti says:

I think if it was 2 or 3 suction cups instead of 1 will made a huge difference. I really wanted to buy one of these us here where i leave we have too much sun… Hopefully they will improve in the near future

Tzuoh Shuenn Seng says:

Hi there, AwkwardHamster. Just want to check with you, in your video, you did mention you cleaned the surface of the car prior to installing the Lanmodo onto your car. I do not want to assume, because you did not specifically mention whether or not you cleaned the suction cups prior to installing. As can be seen, at 5-minute mark, you did not clean the suction cup after placing it on the ground. Just so you know, I do not work for Lanmodo or anything like that, I’m another of their potential customer. Just that if I were to commit, it’d be over 300 dollars as I do not reside in the States; and you review is the most useful I come across so far. Definitely would appreciate it if you can do another test (it’s ok if you don’t make a video of it, but just testing again and sharing your result using words is good enough), with clean cup and the suggestion by lanmodo to adjust the windproof strap so that they are tight. Thank you.

Solo Tra la folla says:

Nice video..

Kicc Lee says:

Thank you for sharing this really useful and practical video. You help me a lot saving me lots of money. I think you did a good job even Lanmodo is trying to mislead that it’s your wrong operation. I think your did everything right about the installation and it’s really their product issue. The tent doesn’t live up to its exaggerated marketing. Keep doing something good like this!

constantine1972 says:

Definitely not worth the hassle

Danny Livshitz says:

Nice review man! Thanks for sharing – definitely needs some further improvements (not as they advertise.

Jude Hall says:

Musician peer Congress donate liberal preserve hall drunk curriculum flesh.

Christian Bailey says:

Thank you for your review! You just saved me $300.

Scott MacNab says:

dude you have a garage…

Russell Ingram says:

Worse video i’ve ever seen. You represent the 5% of dumb.. I have one and it’s awesome……………….

roger sowers says:

It’s supposed to have automatic snow shaker, did you have that turned on too?

Christopher Vee says:

Are these the same company? Slight variations in the product (remote and attachment points)

sabdorc says:

Good review! I just think this product isn’t worth the stress… I mean, this could give me a bad day…

learnonvideo2018 says:

I have one of this and I live in a tropical country, I got this on sale for around $200. No regrets for me. The key here is ensuring the straps are tight enough to the point where the straps are pulling the cover down already, never let them danggling around to secure the tent. This will ensure that it can survive on rough rainy season and windy days.

Definitely the suction cup will lose its grip, but because the straps are tight enough it will just slightly move but will not tumble and scratch any part of the roof.

What i do, before I remove the straps, I re-clamp the suction cup again so when I remove the straps and its windy, the wind will not carry it with it… as its back in position…

I’d say this is very practical if you leave your car outside and your garage has either another car in it or being used for something else…

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