This is one tent I don’t regret buying,it is an absolute bomb proof shelter!!
I put it to the test and it gets two thumbs up from me 👍👍.


Anna Rammel says:

That is an awesome tent and really great review 🙂

Richard Reality says:

Awesome review, it does look cool!

wildphil64 says:

I was looking at this tent awhile back. It’s the flectarn pattern that does it for me. Nice vid atb phil

GICT says:

just wounder full one


That tent is really cool, dropping a like, thank you for sharing.

Cargo 619 says:

and now I wanna go camping

Danny's Corner says:

gave sub ty

Doomsday Girl says:

Knowing its 100 would you recommend it or keep shopping around? Rain wise how do you think it would hold up? And lastly weight is it easy to carry in a pack? Great video as always my friend!!

British Bob says:

Had it 2 minutes, cross fibre glass rod has split!

Jason Helmandollar says:

That’s a pretty sleek and roomy tent man. Actually like that tent and I’m not much of a tent person.

Sara Sue says:

This was interesting

Rob Adventures says:

Looks like a good tent tent to have, thanks for sharing! Always liked flektar cammo.

Jungle Jay Adventures says:


Beerbelliedtravelers says:

That’s a nice little tent. Looks like flectarn camo

StevieJoes says:

nice great review my friend

greenbaywacky says:

subbed ya from the Cargo 619 chat – I do crazy clean cracked funny videos

Tennessee Gem says:

Great looking tent and great review. By the way I’m subscribed 328. Lol. Thanks for subbing to my channel.

abanzo Chavez says:

awesome review my brother always enjoy your videos

Bill Kabakos says:

you shoud not put a wrap under the tent i collects rain water find out the hard waay 😛

Spirit Forest says:

Very nice! I like all the windows to look out and you can sit up. Good find. Probably really good in the wind when you climb those peaks with the three poles. Time to setup? I look forward to seeing it in action.

Naldi Vlogs says:


Phoenixvanlife says:

Great 1 man bugout tent! 5lbs it’s worth keeping in my vehicle for other emergency uses.

Kal's Treks and Trails says:

Awesome video

RᎧck٤astwòód Ꭷutdòórs says:

$100 is damn good. I think my MSR Hubba Hubba was $400. Though it works great I hated dropping that much at once. This looks like a not too bad option for those looking for a single person tent.

Faith Abounds at Melody Acres says:

Hey I like that! Compact but roomy. Must make setup and packing it a breeze. Great review! Thanks for stopping by.

little bit of this and a little bit of dat says:

YOU..have been nominated 4 Egg Roulette…. have fun with that lol….. I’m still cleaning it up… shower time for me, much love!! LMBO

Albion Camping says:

hello from sub 329  😉

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