Napier BackRoadz SUV Tent Review

In this episode we review the Napier Backroadz SUV Tent. I hook it up to my Jeep JK and go over the features. You can purchase your at:

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WhitetrashTACTICAL says:

What year is that jeep?

Texas Tom says:

You resemble The Legend Chris Kyle.

Gun Enthusiast says:

Pretty cool.

Prepper BugOutBags says:

That’s a pretty cool tent.

Survival On Purpose says:

Very nice setup

MrGhostwolf999 says:


lightwavemikala says:

Really could have used this on our trip to Alberta this summer!

Michael Wilmot says:

Nice review dude thanks

Erik22552 says:

Have you been able to perform a storm test on this piece of equipment yet? Just wondering how it would hold up in high winds and driving rain. And, it is just a 3 season tent right?

H.N says:

Cool bit of gear man. Since I am a knife freak, I have to know what was clipped to your pocke, haha.

Mule TeamSixtySix says:

Hey +HighDesertPioneer and +Rebel Soulutions might be a nice add

william cameron says:

caution do not run engine while hanging out in tent ! lol

briargoatkilla says:

I been considering one of them SUV tents. I’ll check out Napier.

Joseph Gadow says:

Will the one in your Video fit on my Toy. Yaris Hatchback?

CavemanPlayz says:

i love your vids but bad aduio

Opal Preston Shirley says:

Great looking system. All that room for a good size family and no humping it in. Thanks. ATB

WitherTux says:

And you can use the Jeep’s air conditioning and heater in there. Pretty cool!

opichocal says:

I love camping in my cheap walmart tent. What did this cost?

Jarhead6 says:

Very Cool bro! I go camping with the family all the time! 

Think Harder says:

Hi there, one sugestion, get a remote microphone when doing a review wed love to hear your voice , not having to raise the volume to the max in order to enjoy this , thanks

Ballerfollar28 says:

my cousin ran [25 meters to his S U V. the bear was close to his tent. if he would of had this he would of had no hassle at all

Outlander Bushcraft says:

looks pretty good plenty of room in there .atb martin

Survive the outdoors STO says:


punknhead23 says:

Thinking on this more for my teardrop. Wonder if it would attach at galley or even on the side.

Jack Preedy says:

and you can turn on the car to heat up the tent

Shaun DuVall says:

Dude, I see the SC tag or what I can see of it!

Self Sustained Simple Life says:

the exact tent i was looking at. thumbs up on the video.

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