*NEW* All You Need To Know: Hilleberg Akto Tent Review

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XXCTPTT3 says:

Fab review Abbie!.Totally inspired me to chose the Akto over other models out there, thank you!

Keef says:

I do love your enthusiasm and of course Bobby – the tent looks great too 🙂

Paul Scott says:

great review, just looking at these on the soulo, do you have any opinion of the soulo ?, have you used a soulo, or camped alongside with the soulo, really like them and the akto, stuck in decesion mode now !!

Rich Allfieldnohit says:

Thanks for the look, I’ve been so close to buying this tent so many times…
ah well, I’m sure you know what I mean.

Paul Stafford Cook says:

Great review, well done.

LiveCheapAndProsper says:

Good review but people should be aware that nylon degrades from sunlight. With reports from long term tourers that their Hilleberg Kerlon 1800 Staika etc) tents degraded within a year of constant use (Akto with Kerlon 1200 won’t be as strong). A canvas swag might be a better solution for some. With a canvas Bikers/Horse Swag weighing in at a heavier 5 kilo’s but lasting a lifetime with the proper care. Horses for courses.

bombingbloke says:

thanx for the review
you are freaking adorable

Orden87 says:

Best review on youtube for the akto so far! The first review where also can see how big it is, when it’s packed.

Sander Schot says:

Hey Abbie,
great review of the Akto! I do have one question for you, and hope that you can help me out. I own a Vango Zenith 100 now and wonder if the Akto is longer, does it fit taller people? According to the websites the difference is only 5 centimeter but to me it seems like it should be more. Thanks for helping me out 🙂

David Gåsén says:

Ugh, your religion is showing…

Mattes says:

Great review and a phantastic tent. Its really enjoyable to see how much you like it. And Bobby fits in there pretty well. 🙂

Dean Cooling says:

Great review and well filmed! Have had a Soulo, Staika and now have a Tarra. Swear by Hilleberg. The only tent I’ve had that I feel could live with them was my Northface VE-25, which misses out on the top spot because it’s a pitch inner first. Keep up the great work, kindest regards,
Dean Cooling
Gwent, Wales.

Boodieman72 says:

I choose a Keron 3 for my tent. For the price difference I decided to go with the Black Label series. It took me 6 months to finally decide on which Hilleberg to get.

lenny harry says:

yup they are light and very expensive, but hilleberg are bad for condensation (hence all the redesigns for ventilation that just look like bad after design add ons…like they tested and went ‘oh no we need more ventilation…ok ok put a vent that you can only access from the outside’…its like a bad joke tbh), difficult to get all round tautness on the outer. went down the hilleberg fetish few years ago and was so disappointed. my 2 penneth is don’t waste your money, hilleberg isnt as good as you would expect for the price.

Nimbus WH says:

All Hilleberg tents are made out of kerlon fabric btw, not Nylon 🙂 otherwise a great review. Finally desided to go for this tent. !

Jas F says:

Great review! and nice dog! thanks

astondriver says:

looks a great tent, but all the reviews seem to be on flat gardens, not in alpine conditions with ground that isn’t even. How to they pitch on that?

Darcy Phillips says:

Great review, concise and to the point

Carl Richardson says:

Thank you for the insight, recently saw your Hadrian’s Wall walk, I was hopping to do it this year in Sep, but due to accident have had to put off until April 2018. Which has worked out as now one of my daughters will join me.

Bobby Neuman says:

very nice video , loved everything about it you do a good job, but you really need to put some lotions on your feet

Mark Brailsford says:

brilliant review Abbey!
I have a Terra nova comp 1 which is not a bad tent ( they used to be made in their factory just down the road from me and now are made in China! ) But I wish I had now bought the Akto as I think it is a far superior tent and is just that bit more roomy…I’m paranoid about leaving stuff in the porch as I’m scared someone will nick it lol!
PS dogs lovely too!

Dougie says:

Great film Abbie, you’re very natural in front of the camera. Quick question for you, if you could choose between the Akto or the Soulo, which would you choose? I appreciate there’s a 600gm weight difference. Thanks. Oh, subbed your channel too.

Threat_Dynamics says:

+Abbie: Thank you for the well done review. It actually helped me make a purchasing decision :-).

Alex Bruxer says:

Hey! Great video Abbie. Just wondering, is this tent good for very hot summer use in your experience? I am afraid of over stuffiness/ condensation.

Tony Rome says:

sorry but you did a terrible review

fizzlebug says:

You are such a lovely and cheery girl, it’s a pleasure to watch your videos 🙂 Great review, no nonsense, def. gonna have to check this tent out. Happy trails!

Outdoor Layne says:

I sold mine after several years of use sepcifically because it really isn’t a 4 season (read: snow) tent. The ends will collapse without much issue. And yes, it is long, but anyone over 5’10” on a 2″ pad will not be able to sit up.

Mikael Andersson says:

I dont get why even heavy tents tend to only have a rating of 3000. I mean, i have a pretty light jackat, cheap too mind you that is 5000. Can someone shed some light on this for me?

My rain jacket has 10k. But a tent in that material would be expensive as hell and probably quite heavy too.

Kalle Salminen says:

Why call it 4 season when it doesn’t handle snow loading and requires lots of pegs to stay up?

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