No Bulls**t Vango Banshee 200 tent Review

In this short film i review a Banshee 200 tent which i have used extensively over the last 4 years. Billy gets a tick and we talk about leggie brunettes with big knockers. Great place to camp on the West Pennines


Hutchinsons Adventures says:

There is a guy selling one for £65… do you think thats a bargain?

lysfrommarple says:

I have the old one with only one door. I am only 5’4 and it’s just right for me and the dog. Must be nice having 2 doors. I think mines tougher than the newer ones though. The clips are really strong.

Chris Blyth says:

Most tents are made in china. That’s where the occupancy comes from. Always half what the official gumf says.
Apart from that. Great vid. How do you deal with dog farting in tent that size.? Pray your sense of smell fails?
In regard to tics, wherever there are sheep the risk is high and so is Lyme’s Disease. Be alert.

Guns, Knives, and Beer says:

Gorgeous sunset. Oh no. Ticks? We don’t normally have them in Colorado. In all my years living on the east coast of the U.S. I never had a tick on me. I think they don’t like my smell LOL. I’ve never pictured you to be a tent guy. You always seem to “rough” it. Looks a wee bit small for you. Billy has the right idea, get out of the wind. Love the easy setup.

Daniel Rood says:

Definitely worth having a tick removal tool, make removing the little blighters easy

Liam & the wild child says:

A have the banshee 300 totally agree with you on the size of them am 6ft4 the is me daughter 8 yrs old and a whippet cross all in there and a 110 bergen full kit it’s tight mind must be using dwarfs at quality control were ever the made because the sizeing is all wrong for us ower here .

Thomas Rydings says:

Cracking Video Pal. What sleeping bag is that?

steven dunn says:

Its a tight squeeze with a 13 year old but cracking little tent for one. Great review.

billynightmare says:

wow so many chem trails at the end

obscured021 says:

I have a 300 and im 6 5″ it’s a good size for me and the girl friend but would not share it with another lad unless you like getting cosey, the wind did knock it once and it bent the long pole but it still works fine.

Mantas - Farmer says:

i will buy 🙂

Urban Survivor says:

This is a great review! Looks like you really put this tent to the test.

Mark Bailey says:

Great review Rick 🙂 You can’t beat Vango gear for the money. I think I have an old Micro 1 man in garage somewhere. Good job on getting that tick out mate. It would of been crawling on you in the night. Dirty sheep passing em around!! Have a great weekend mate, all the best, Mark. 🙂

cosgrove notts says:

Only person I’ve seen that doesn’t mess about putting it up

Mark Bennett says:

Awesome Vid Cheers Mate

Michael Russell says:

Counter clockwise to get ticks out without getting infected.

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