Ozark Trail 10-Person Instant Tent Review

My review of the Ozark Trail 10-Person Instant Cabin Tent sold through Walmart. I have to say, for the money, you get quite a decent tent. This tent is marketed to folks like me, parents who quickly need to set up a tent, and maybe someone who doesn’t want to monkey around putting it together. It fits this bill nicely, and as advertised, sets up in the amount of time they claim.


ML J says:

The divider is perfect for my teenage kids to have some privacy while we all get to stay in the same tent.

Kessia Wright says:

The divider is good if you want to change in privacy. You will save the floor by putting a foot print (tarp) under the tent and putting a rug or something else inside. I use foam puzzle pieces.

2000SkyView says:

the design looks like it has changed for this tent, not the same as what is pictured on the Walmart website.

Dal V says:

The room divider doesn’t necessarily mean privacy for sex. It’s handy for changing or couple just wanting sleep privacy

denise collins says:

This is the tent for us! I love the video because it cleared some questions I had about the size. I have 4 kids and with fiancé makes 6. It is plenty of room for us. Thank you!

DayCare62 says:

what about set up…easy? difficult? one person? two? .need any extra equipment for secure set up? ..seriously thinking of buying one…

cristy638 says:

does an actual window a.c. unit fit there

free speech is no more fascism is alive and well 2 says:

How big is your backyard???

Marcel says:

I love tents! they make or break your trip! Coleman tents are the bomb! great video! Also found this Top 5 Amazon tent blog. from the hammock to the 10 PERSON TENT! https://top5campingtents.blogspot.ca/

Janah says:

Can it be used in snow and cold temptratures or will you die ? can a wood burning stove be used inside if you cut out a hole for the smoke pipe ?

Charles Pero says:

For the record, I have this exact tent and on Sunday, July 23nd CST, my son, daughter and I slept in this model tent through a severe rain and thunderstorm in Texas. The storm came from a Northern direction traveling South over Lake Cooper in Cooper Texas and included torrential rains and 65mph winds. (see my Instagram post @CharlesPero). We survived the storm with zero leaks. This was our first usage of the tent and we never weather sealed the tent from the factory. We staked both the tent and rainfly per the directions and it worked like a charm. Great product….!!!Charles PeroLavon, TX

Rhonda Marie Rose says:

i like the double zipper since I lock my tent when I go out and about. Also at night when I’m sleeping. I use a luggage lock

The Addicted Prepper says:

How’s the tent now? Did you ever test it in the rain?

Zero Breeze says:

Nice video!

Big Army Man Gaming says:

I’m looking at tents for scouts and I’m thinking about this one

Robyn Bair says:

The double zipper is a safety feature in case a child gets stuck inside (single zipper is zipped too high) so they can get out.

lance bartlett says:

Ha ha. Not a 15-20mph wind. Try 3 or 4.

Sasa says:

Thanks for the video!

SXS Trails says:

i think that pocket you werent sure of is the media pocket… and it mounts in the center of the ceiling

damacknificent151 says:

Is this the same as Sam’s club members mark? 159.00

Visa Facilitied says:

Pull both of the zippers to the bottom right corner and only use the “top” one to zip and unzip….complaint solved.

dragonrider385 says:

the small net hangs from the top I would guess.

B Jean says:

Love this tent. On my first camping trip ever I experienced a terrible wind/rain storm and it held up very well. I had it facing the water (won’t do that again. Lol) and I didn’t even have the guylines down. My tent was the only one standing by morning!

jessie justus says:

Did tou happen to use this ecer during a rainstorm? If so how hard was the wind and rain and how did it hold up? Thank you

FDR says:

Hi Adam I just purchased this tent today. I got it set up well in my basement but folding it up after taking it down is hard. How do I get it folded up so it fits in the bag? Thanx.

James Harvey says:

My goodness is this man married to someone, God bless that woman.

jessie Muñiz says:

me and my family are going camping this weekend and we just bought this tent and we were wondering if the tent needs to be nailed down with the mallet or not

James Taylor says:

i thought the whole point of the video was to show set-up and you didn’t do that! I was most intersted in seeing how a so called instant tent pops up. oh well.

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