Ozark Trail 10 Person Instant Tent Review

This is a review of the Ozark Trail 10 person instant tent. We spent three nights camping at Jordan Lake and it rained every night we were there and had no issues with the tent leaking.


Vincent Won says:

Hi I was wondering if the tent was staked down through the tarp? it seems tarp is bigger than the bottom of the tent and i was wondering how it was staked down. Thank you.

Cora C says:

Thank you so much for your review video. I was unsure if the above tent was a good buy for my family, your video was able to clarify all of my doubts abut the tent, I will purchase the Ozark tent for my family. Thanks again.

Clar Wikk says:

did it come with the rain cover? stakes? thanks!

AssemblyBandit says:

Nice review. I have a Coleman 6 person instant tent that I take to Jordan Lake but getting a larger tent is always in the back of mind.

Crazy prayingmantis says:

Not a good idea to put a tarp under your tent, it will trap water under your tent, you need something that will allow water to pass through it e.g shade cloth.

Alfredo Morales says:

I just buy the same tent from Wal-Mart. com and I can wait to go camping


This chinese shit under Sun resist only one month.
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Have a nice day.

Janah says:

Can it be used in winter snow and cold weather and heavy winds ? can it be possible to use a wood burner inside if i cut a hole for the smoke pipe someplace ?

Mz Kay says:

would love to know the names and possibly where to purchase these tents

Rhonda Marie Rose says:

I just bought this tent and it’s pretty nice. But there is no way it’s 10 feet wide.

Heather Houtman says:

Thanks! Have you been overall happy with your tent still? We just purchased the smaller model of this!

Eric McDowell says:

It might help to put slits in your tarp so as to not allow the rain water to puddle between tent floor and tarp. By doing this water won’t seep into your tent.

Greg Thomas says:

if you sprayed then you can’t say it wont leak….

Eric McDowell says:

How does this tent fair in the winter?


Check out this video on YouTube:

sdraper2011 says:

Nice review, I’m shopping for a tent and this helps me. Thanks!

Heather Houtman says:

Can I ask why you put another tarp on top? Was the rainfly not enough?

Anna J says:

Big country, I have a question. When u bought the tent at Walmart does it come the way the pic shows it? Cause I saw reviews with pics and it looked different, also in the official video, please answer

Joanne Lapent says:

Just purchased this tent, glad to see your review, it helped make my decision. Thanks!

Julie Moore says:

I was looking at this tent at Wal-mart today. I was on the fence about it till your video. Thank you for helping me make my decision. I do believe it will be the best $179.00 I will spend.

gamermatt71 says:

BigCountryChannel: I just came across your review. Looks like a nice tent. Have a general suggestion for you as far as your ground cover goes. Try making it smaller than your tent floor. Two reasons:

1. Puddles that collect on your ground cover outside your tent can attract mosquitos.
2. Water that collects on your ground cover can make its way under your tent. Usually it’s not a problem but if you have a hole in your floor you don’t know about the water will come in through the floor.

Juan Rivera says:

My eight man ozark did a great job in the rain and nice and roomy for two. I also used water seal which I highly recommend to all who purcahse any kind of tent.

Abby Rose Behrens says:

i have a question…think we will be able to squeeze an actual queen mattress in this tent? not an air mattress and actual one?

Charles Pero says:

For the record, I have this exact tent and on Sunday, July 23nd CST, my son, daughter and I slept in this model tent through a severe rain and thunderstorm in Texas. The storm came from a Northern direction traveling South over Lake Cooper in Cooper Texas and included torrential rains and 65mph winds. (see my Instagram post @CharlesPero). We survived the storm with zero leaks. This was our first usage of the tent and we never weather sealed the tent from the factory. We staked both the tent and rainfly per the directions and it worked like a charm. Great product….!!!Charles Pero Lavon, TX

Brooke Long says:

Thanks for the review. What size tarp did you use to lay under your tent?

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