We wanted to do a little Review on the Coolest two pole TEEPEE Tent.
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Randolph Hawthorne says:

How do you think it would do in a light snowfall?

our tiny cabin project says:

thanks for the review. we. bought this tent for guests to stay in when we go to our off the grid tiny cabin. Question, how does it fair in the rain? I do have a tarp I can use as a make shift rain fly but I was wondering how it is as is, in the rain?

Christina Boyd says:

Thank you for the review, I got one of these when they first came out. $50 for a 7 person tent, I could not pass that up. Came at the perfict time too. Our Ozark Trail 8 person Instatent just died this year. So I am trying it out this summer at our camp. Bringing seam sealer just in case, but with our tarping system I hope I won’t have to use it. I will let you all know how it fairs in the rain. We usualy get a few good storms when we go. Love how it sets up though. Looks like it will be even easer then the instatent.

Linda Yerman says:

Very COOL !!! Thanks for sharing !!!

Xforme2c xfor says:

Very Helpful! Thanks

lastniceguy1 says:

Man, I had to re-watch it. I thought you said 12 man tent. I’m thinkin how do you get 12 in there, standing up? Tall ones and short ones to fit the TP shape? I guess if they can get em in a phone booth lol

Tom Olofsson says:

I like tee pees

JJIC says:

1st Hillbilly!

Vickie Allen says:

What a cool tent! Putting one up is my least favorite job when camping. Anything to make it quick and easy and I love it. Great review!

Treasured Vintage says:

SWEET! I love it 🙂 There is nothing like sleeping outside! I sleep on my screened in porch year round, even in the PA snowy winters!

W M says:

I like it because you can stand up in it!

mimi taylor says:

i was looking for a tent today and they didn’t have anymore so I HAD TO GET THIS ONE LOL. glad it works. wish you would have done a lil tutorial …..love miss kitty’s voice reminds me of my friend …:)

Forging Freedom Channel says:

I only see Ozark Trail in Walmart. Do you suppose that’s their in-store brand for camping equipment? I buy those tarps by Ozark Trail all the time. The silver ones with the brown backs. They are the most durable tarps we found anywhere for a reasonable price

Bill Claussen says:

Nice!!! Thanks for the review!!!

Woodenarrows says:

I’ve been eying this tent at our local Walmart. My current large tent is a 9’x9’x6’ Dome tent. One question: My existing tent does not have a bathtub floor design and it has a problem with water leakage where the wall and floor seam meet. The walls tend to pull up the seam creating a cutter effect at the bottom which traps water from the side walls and leaks through the seams. This tent looks like it’s also not a bathtub floor design. Do you think this tent could have that same water issue?

ThunderMountain Tactical says:

That is sweet!We may have to get one for sure!

Silvursprings says:

WOW! I am JEALOUS!!!! I want that Teepee tent. Tent camping is my favorite. Didn’t even know they made teepee tents. Thanks y’all

Homeplace Journal says:

Wonder how it holds up in rough weather?

Alexander Perry says:

It’s OK Brother anytime is good with me no hurry y’all just be careful love to u all we’re still gonna send you a video of the little stove just haven’t had the time

Christopher Liguez says:

It Looks Small Outside Yet So Huge Inside, I Love it.

Alexander Perry says:

Hello Miss Kitty and Kevin y’all having fun be careful Love you both Albert said that

soccerjohn17 says:

Everything that I have been able to field test from Ozark trail was a success, they have become a player in the market against the outdoor giants but in some aspects are surpassing the quality and cost point of those big name players, Ozark trail is the way to go for sure especially on a budget, the cast iron at the price point they offer it at was a huge score in my mind

heisenberg067 berg says:

the tent is awesome I will try to find one great video thanks for showing the take down of the tent it was easy like pie , take care my friends

Essential Mountain Homesteading says:

“JUST LIKE A NATIVE AMERICAN TEPEE”  I love you guys, you always make me giggle.

JDK says:

Nice tent! $68 on Amazon…. is it waterproof?

Bobby Sprinkle says:

Mr. Kevin and Miss KItty after you said about that lumber of your Uncle Earl has and what he is doing with it made me think of my grandpa sprinkle and my grandmother to they build several of houses from other house the last house my grandfather built in this county is still standing over 40 years ago i get the picture of the house and post it on your yahoo email soooo it is in my blood to

Danny Panetta says:

for a tee-pee tent it dont look to bad. my only question is how is it in the rain? campin for over 30 yrs and thats my only question. my most expensive tent is a black diamond tent. only reason i got it was because i got it for $150 not $300. i think my first tent like $50 and it lasted from ’82 to ’07! i would still have it if i didnt lone it out! i lost a good buddy when i did that. I LIED!! the most i spent was my kelty typhoon 4- $400 4 season. i forgot it in a rush to get catch my ferry! LOL! good luck with it!

Jennifer says:

This review was so helpful as I’ve been thinking of a gift to get my brother and his girlfriend! They love road trips and have slept in their car to avoid motel fees! Thanks 🙂
I loved Miss Kitty’s shadow with her favorite hat on!

MissouriOldTimer says:

I’m gonna have to watch the old westerns a little closer, I never saw the Indians unzipping their teepee’s. lol

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