Ozark Trails 3 Room Cabin Tent Review – Dry Review

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Rick Kania says:

Great vid buddy, can I get one sent to the uk ?.

pixil ? says:

If it passes all of the tests I’m going to ask my dad to by it

Moment in Time says:

Are you camping next to a freeway?

Just An Old Southerner says:

They’re not “draw strings” they’re called guy lines.

ReVerse EliteZ // ViperZ says:


iamwuki says:

How did the wet review go????

Jason Nadeau says:

i had this tent and used it for 5 years. This tent is awesome. we never had an issue with it. it went through rain, sun and wind. Held up to everything.

skull469 says:

I’m gonna try my tomorrow under the rain “I hope everything goes right

Catherine Todd says:

Thanks for this great video! How does it stand up to rain? Where to buy it?

John Junios says:

Wow can I have it please

Wendy Carlson says:

let me guess…first time camper? to many newbie mistakes to make it a good video.

m Cave says:

I would also add an outside floor before setting it down and an inside floor because that material looks like it can rip so easily with any obstacle between shoes..or no shoes inside the tent.

True Ingeel says:

Got a headache watching, too much moving man..next time get someone to hold the camera for you

Charles Jones says:

Set up some pretty big tents in the Service, but man this is about as nice as it gets for anything less than military grade.

patrick Gallagher says:

thank you Andrew our  family  going camping  and we say this  on a  site you  helped  me out a lot and  check  that its  not  a  rip off or something like that THANK YOU SO MUCH

Kevin White says:

im looking at buying this tent and some better stakes to hold it down. do you happen to remember the total number of stakes for this tent including all draw cords thanks!

Ryan Myers says:

any instructions on how to put this tent together its been awhile since i have tried i cant find any manual online

Captn' Morgan says:

Great review Andrew. Can’t wait to see how it stands up against the rain. Been thinking about buying this very tent myself.

Sarah Griffith says:

#1..use a tarp under your tent and learn how to properly use the gangline your gonna injure someone with them ALL the way out…they are made ro ADJUST

ibi nyth says:

Damn.. that’s a big ass tent

Luis Perez says:

you should be a narrator!

Holly K says:

Perfect !

curtinchitwn says:

Thanks for the video.  Just to much moving around.

patrick Gallagher says:

A.K.A Were going to buy one

Jessica Lee says:

Would you recommend this tent for having sex in it? Cause me and my boyfriend are camping this weekend and we’ve been looking for a comfortable, really big spaced tent for sex. Reply as fast as you can. Thank you!

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