OZTent JET TENT BUNKER review (unbiased)

OZTent JET TENT BUNKER review (unbiased)

Finally reviewed one of my favorite tents of 2017 the Jet Tent Bunker. I point out the Pros and the CON’s

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john clayton says:

Hi Ronny I have a cot tent and I threw a blanket under the mattress solved my problem.

pelleper says:

17 kg, light? Naa…..


Great review Ronny, true and unbiased mate. It’s a bloody shame as the design and speed of access is fantastic but the material as you so rightly point out is lacking some. It would be great if they had a proper Swag canvas overlay fly with proper zips that slipped over the frame and mozzie net. That would keep you warm in gusting winds and also stop the problems you point out. Price would go up but hey, it’s a once in 20 years purchase i am guessing. Cheers mate. ATB Moose.

Mark Leigh says:

How does it compare with the ryebuck?

teddy says:

some reflectix under you (cheaper option) or swap your air matress for a thermarest (dear option). should make you warmer.
nice review

Khorsathedark says:

Great video Ronny

City Gone Bad says:

Did you ever review the Black Wolf Ryebuck swag you had?

Jimny Jolly says:

Hey Ronny. Any leakage or condensation issues with this?

Native Europe says:

Ronny, how come you dont take your dog out with your more often? Laws forbidden domestic dogs on national parks, and other places you go?

Derrick Murphy says:

Grab new jocks Ronny what’s wrong with the old ones?lol.wouldnt be happy with zipper been so flimsy.wouldnt mine trying one all the same but there is a cheaper one out there liked 300 bucks cheaper.good honest review.

paul beswick says:

good job mate

Kevin says:

As Australia stretches thousands of Kilometers between the North and South, we can get snow in summer in Eastern States and very cold sub zero winters as well. It all depends where we choose to travel and when. So it’s kind of difficult to generalise about the Bunker Tent in regards to how it can handle the climate, in countries like Australia. For most of the time, I guess it will be satisfactory. Great review as always. I feel like I’ve owned one for years after watching that.

Dubious says:

With a skirt around the legs the tent would have been useful in colder weather too, but as it is now, not very useful and regarding the zippers, I would wait on the next version

R&R Photography says:

Couldn’t agree with you more. I have one, the older version. It had clips that went over the frame holding the fly down. Agree it’s not good in cold weather. I ended up getting a neg 5 sleeping bag and used my second swag as extra insulation underneath. It does get tedious setting up the bed every night when I did a 4 month road trip but a brilliant tent. I only had one occasion where mine blew away. Damaged the frame and the fly but still use her.
Great video, advise is dead on.

Bjarne Bergum says:

What about the ventilation? Does it trap mutch water from your breath during the night, or will it ventilate it out (in kold weather)

Anto says:


Gary Carlson says:

Does come in a larger heavy duty version. I’m a 197 cm tall and the specs shown say 200cm long, way too short. Plus you didn’t specify a weight capacity. At 150 kilos I need strong equipment.

Kelly Hartnett says:

nice !

Paul Johns says:

Great value excellent hello hello hello from New South Wales Newcastle

Trevor Fidge says:

My single swag on a stretcher works as well and much more comfortable. The only thing is the weight .

ckmaui says:

ditto insulated pad I sleep in a hammock often in below freezing and toasty warm good insulation to many pads are just air and even on regular ground you want insulated 🙂

James Ross says:

Thanks for the great review. $500USD seems a bit steep for me with some of the durability issues mentioned (lightweight screen and zippers and metal hooks). Maybe I will wait for a version 2.

Jason Wooler says:

I’ve looked at these things a few times and always thought, yeah water will pool on top of these things. Should have known there would be a method to their madness.

DRTMaverick says:

Ronny I want to visit you but I have an illegal vehicle in certain senses for Australia- custom bars and bumper, etc. How do I work around that?

Frank says:

Do you actually mention the price of the tent and bag?? This really is part of every good review.

ThroatShredder says:

This tent looks like the biggest piece of shit. For the same price as one of these you can get 4 Kings Double swags that; don’t require any pegging down, they don’t leak or have water randomly pool on top, rip or tear and most importantly you don’t have to buy an extra mattress to be comfortable. The only pro is that it can sit on any terrain.

If it has a chance of leaking when a $180 swag doesn’t, well that’s a definite no from me.

Jottingsfrom says:

Another great video Ronny – I have to Oztrail version and LOVE it! Yes, it is cold in winter, but I got a cold weather sleeping bag and have a closed cell foam mattress as well as the inflatable one.  One thing about the Oztrail – it doesn’t have the little metal clips that rip the mozzy sceen, it has larger plastic ones that don’t cause the problem.
Keep up the good work mate!

Trey Kilgore says:

Hey Ronny, great review. As far as the 10th not being good in cold weather I think I have a solution for your problem. It is the mattress you’re using. Besides overlanding I do a lot of backpacking including hiking the entire Appalachian Trail in 2008. I sleep in a hammock when I backpack which would be similar to your problem with being on a cot were there is no insulation underneath you. If you will get one of the high R-value thermarest such as the NeoAir x-lite, you would be just fine. I’ve been in my hammock using that sleep pad with just a Down top quilt in -5 degree weather. Cheers mate.

TC says:

they should make the midgy mesh zip in so it can be replaceable

Roodog says:

Good review mate. I actually have the same stretcher tent (under the Dune name) which I bought from Anaconda last year. I used it for 9 nights during my ride from Busselton to Hobart in November (did the Black Dog Ride) & couldn’t fault it (apart from the mattress which came with it, as you also found out). Mine cost $200 & highly recommend it as well. May catch up in the Pilbara some time, as it’s pretty much my home (though I live in Perth now).

Rob Pinter says:

Hi Ronny thanks for the review…you were most likely cold due to the sleeping bag and mat were not rated low enough for the temperatures you were in…happened to me lots in the NSW high country, a -10 military bad is really a rating of +5 to be comfortable and -10 is enough to keep you alive. It is always best to take two sleeping bags one for cold and one for hot.
Back to the Jet Bunker….do you have to take out your sleeping gear when packing it away? Also the Drifter bag, what size is it from the Drifter web site?

Maveric Morph says:

No good for the UK then.
Keep up the great work Ronn.

Seekingthrills says:

I must have a back of steel haha, I’ve stopped taking the self inflating mattress on trips and find the bunker more than comfy enough. Got to agree with the zippers though, they can be a pain in the ass! The fly mesh is no where near hardy enough (especially considering the price) I haven’t managed to damage it with a zip yet but it does get damaged when packing up.

Honestly having owned the OzTent version after originally buying OzTrail version I was disappointed with the quality of the Oztent when I set it up, was pretty much on par…. Might give this bad boy a shot next time http://oztrail.com.au/products/product/ultimate-all-weather-stretcher-queen

Adr0gen says:

is that a VL in the scrub?

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