Post Thru Hike – ZPacks Duplex Tent

This is a review of the ZPacks Duplex tent that I used on my Appalachian Trail thru hike. The tent was amazing the entire length of the trail, I truly can’t say enough good things about how well it performed.


Jameson Williams says:

Hey Will, love your videos — this one too! I’m thinking about picking up one of these tents. This review mentions that the mesh in the corners that holds the tarp to the bathtub floor is a potential weak point. Did you encounter any issues with this? Or take any special precautions to avoid issues? Can this be avoided by pitching technique? Thanks!

Ross Nicholson says:

Wow, dude, $500 for a nice tent, but heavy poles! Ouch. Gossamer gear full carbon is the way to go. Otherwise, nice review.
You can’t set this up inside a shelter, which I did a lot on the AT in section hikes, less than cool with lots of people of course, Rainbow, but losing 10 oz! Sweet.

David Michael Colorez says:

Thank you for the info, I plan to do a thru hike on the Ice Age Trail on May 20th this year! To raise funds for our veterans, which I am a Vietnam vet. for Heal Warrior Heart a non-profit Foundation.

lucille12 says:

I just bought this tent and I’m super excited to get it! what stakes did you use for yours?

David Stillman says:


TheKillzone1511 says:

Will it fit a 6 foot 2 person comfortably?

T. G. says:

It appears that although lite in weight it does not roll up very tight thus taking up a lot of space.. Any thoughts appreciated..

TheHutDweller says:

I am looking at this tent. Do yo think it is necessary to ask for  1.43oz CF for the floor? Did you have anything poke through your floor and do you use any kind of ground tarp? Also did you have hail?


Hej Redbeard, great review. Saw the earlier one with reference to the Echo II. I was really torn between the two, as I was potentially looking at a tent, that could be used as a tarp or even a hammock shelter.

Due to the weight saving with the Duplex, I can also get a tarp, if I want to use my hammock.

I am just starting trekking again after a long break due to illness. I am British, living in Vietnam and will be ordering the duplex to do the Pennine Way back in the UK, in a month. Only 270miles, over 2-3 weeks but I can’t wait to get started. Hope your friends at ZPacks, can get me the tent and Arc Zip Pack on time. 

I really appreciate your reviews, very concise with great info and honest! Happy hiking:) Andrew.

Gone Ballistic says:

Thanks for the great review! would like to see you in there to see how you fit, I’m 6’5″ and considering one of these for motorcycle camping due to the weight and small pack size. I loved how well you covered the features of the tent, and especially how well it held up to what was clearly some pretty good thrashing over 7 months, with probably daily up/downs.

thanks again!

David Stillman says:


Steve Keys says:

Hi Will,

Thank you for your review on the Duplex! I assume your Duplex is made out of the .51 oz cuben fiber. Did you have to do any repairs to it on the trail? How well did the floor hold up or do you use a ground sheet?

Cisco8484 says:

Do you still recommend using a ground cloth?

Sharpies Adventures says:

I’m 6’5. Could I fit comfortably?

José Oliveras says:

My usual complaint is the time it takes to get it back in the sack. Is this one simple?

Hamilton Whaley says:

Redbeard, did you ever have a time on the AT where you wished you had a freestanding tent instead of a trekking pole/ guy line tent? thanks

HappyFunJenn says:

These are all fantastic videos Red. For a couple decades I’ve been doing day hikes and have finally found the courage to start my multi day solo hikes. Thank you for the wealth of info.

Pavel D says:

there are two details that give me pause about an otherwise seemingly excellent product and so I’d like to ask about them. The first idea is that while it is a positive attribute most of the time to have such a spacious tent, did you find at all or fairly often, it a periodic problem to find enough space between trees etc due to the large size?

I used to do a lot of cycling and stealth camping and 90% of the time a two man tent’s space was marvelous to have – while 10% of the time it was a real pain. I’m going to try getting back to hiking and live close to the AT (in NC) but have no idea how easy it is to find a lot of wide pitching space on the trail, so I wonder between the one and two man tents, which is a better fit specific to the AT.

Secondly; I wonder about the choice of door opening. Do you like the bug netting to be unzipped like that so that it is on the floor?

Thanks for the review. It is really nice to have a review like your’s, done after a lot of real-world experience.

cw127cw says:

Super great review. Nice work!

I think this tent might be good for adventure riding/camping trips in Canada. No winter camping needed but all other seasons. Hey any idea who might sell this tent to be able to ship to Canada or even better in Canada?

link2derek says:

Cool tent, but $600+ seems a bit steep for any one piece of gear. Why so much?

Santiago Draco says:

The bathtub floors will be lower when you are in the tent. They are much higher in this video than in actual use if you have gear against the sides. Other than that observation they do come up at a reasonable height to protect from ground water.

Nick Bunton says:

Great video thanks, when you say you feel the material has deteriorated a little, but then I guess you used it daily for 7 months right? If so that’s a lot of use to someone like myself who would use this tent for odd weekends on wild camps and a few weeks backpacking. You also mention you are 6ft tall, would you sleep two of you in there comfortably for a night or two?

Dan Luna says:

The great thing about tents like this is that they’re light weight. The bad thing is if you want to leave it set up at your camp site, and go on a hike, you can’t take your polls.

Strutter says:

nice review. I’m 6′ 2″ so hopefully it fits me too.

Eystein Askevold says:

Hey Will Do you know if Zpacks sends to europe/Norway? I really want the duplex tent as a 3 season option for me and my dog.

Louis Lee says:

Do people even work these days? 7 months on the trail?

Philip Buckley says:

interesting review…am looking forward to using this tent…on the trail, this year…

G Nap says:

is this warmer than your HMG echo2?

kappy0405 says:

It looks like a better version of the Lunar Duo by Six Moon Designs.

kgsupremacy says:

Hello, may I know the dimensions of the tent bathtub floor when laid out flat in the surface? Thanks in advance!

Dara ohuiginn says:

I have this tent and also love it. The Zpacks guys rock at support and now you can even get a stand alone version. You can even get a retrofit on your tent to a stand alone. I have used it in various situations and rain was not an issue. Well worth the money especially with the service and warranty support available.

Matthew Maag says:

Hey dude, just wondering how well this tent deals with storms and maybe a small amount of snow? Was considering getting a tarptent for their stormworthiness, but the weight of the duplex is hard to pass up.

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