Product Review : Kamp Rite – The Original Tent Cot

Sean gives us a review of his Kamp-Rite tent cot.
And we get to see how easy and fast it is to set camp with this product.
As well as his thoughts after his first night sleeping in it.


rummerlinelmo says:

Will it stand up to heavy duty tub thumpin?

Emery Richard says:

Now that would be a Hell of a job to put-up in or after a rain, having to roll around on the ground like that, not very practical.

twinstar9 says:

You have to lay down on the ground to assemble it -Bah.

Frank Artieta says:

We have a couple of kamp rite oversize tent cots ! Also have a self inflating matress in each one ! They are heavy and awkward to carry ! Other than being like a 4 x 8 sheet of 3/4 inch plywood to carry !! With that said !! You can actually sleep in comfort ! Considering it`s weight and size , It is just about the best you can do as far as being really able to get good rest ! It will make you never want to sleep on ths cold hard ground again !

gamer noob says:

anybody willing to donate 1 of these to a person who is soon to be homeless and is ill .doubtful but maybe u never know .

Keegs White says:

all these idiots complaining about having to get a little dirty, you really dont expect to get a little dirty while camping? that is what i love most about being out somewhere is the unknown adventure.. id love to get one of these

Sean-Paul Thornton says:

they should make a skirt. ….it would be light and hold temperature underneath better

MI Timberwookie says:

Nice way to stay up off the ground. The rain fly looks like a good fit too.

Sam Baker says:

That was only 5 degrees Centigrade thats not too bad

StrawberryKisses says:

Omg that is cool, but sadly I won’t be able to take that on the Greyhound!

dcijams says:

coming back at you. letting you know, I pulled the plastic plugs out of all the leg supports, and slide plastic round 6-1/2″ rods into each hole. cause the inner legs folded in on me, a few weeks ago.. I found all the legs are hollow pipes.

Γιωργος Νικαςmax says:

Μοιαζει με φερετρο,νομιζεις οτι μεσα υπαρχει πτωμα ετοιμο για το νεκροτομειο,μονο τα ροδακια λειπουν απο το ραντζο για να το παρει το ασθενοφορο.Απαισιο εμφανισιακα και μπελαλιδικο στο στησιμο.

Dwight E Howell says:

I think it’s a good idea but you need fold down legs on the ends or somebody is going to cause it to tilt by trying to go in or out the ends. What’s the weight limit on this thing?

Banjo Cricket USA says:

“Very spacious”… LOL

Leslie Hunt says:

Thank you!

dcijams says:

I travel with mine, all the time, It fits nicely in my cargo trailer

101southsideboy says:

the problem  I have is the cost I can buy a   tent and cot for less

BurtBartlow says:

Very nice.

Inspired Wilderness Mentoring says:

Nice. Its ******* higher? 2:50 ? believe I am hearing wrong, lol. But anyways I wouldn’t mind one of these, lol. 🙂

Digger Noises says:

These camp beds go up a lot faster if you flip them up on their side to set them up.

Henry Meguess says:

I am thinking I might be able to set that up in my PU bed and put a canopy over head using my ladder racks

Linda Muvic says:

That is so cool,.

dennisjs says:

For use in tight camping spots or on mushy or uneven ground I sit my tent cot in the bed of my truck the oversize will just fit so anywhere I can park I can camp

chris2crazzy says:

I set mine up out on my balcony….great to hide out from the wife

cameraflyer says:

Why didn’t you use the collapsible poles to prop up the top?

hathganus says:

I have an oversize tent cot, and it is roomy! But I had problems with a pole and tried to contact Kamp Rite and never received a response from them after multiple tries. I gave up and rigged it back together. Great product with no support from manufacture for parts.

Jeff Pauly says:

My only concerns is 1- Cold air that would come underneath, and 2- durability. But I like the concept and will look at more reviews.

Travis Anderson says:

how does it do in the rain?

SouthPaw Bushcraft says:

I have always wondered how well these work.

Jesusandbible says:

I like the way the bars stick up allowing a tarp to be put over it too, or even a tent fly

vldvdima says:

that’s cool???!!!! ХУЙНЯ ПОЛНАЯ!

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