Quick Pitch Tent – SLUMIT GOBI 3 – Full Spec Review

Video copyright: MINDWISEMAN “Maverick OutDoors” slumit.co.uk
Versatile quick pitch quality tent.



I might use a tarp most of the time but you cant beat the smell of a tent on a sunny day. It will soon be time to get my bivvy out for some lazy carp fishing days : )

bex bugoutsurvivor says:

Hi Pete Bex here, from bexbugoutsurvivor, just inspired me to air out my slumit cub 2. Just descovered so much easier pitching and stiking with your feet on the inside of the tent whist pulling the flash frame. Also I have just swaped out all the orange cordage for green para cord, but not before spilling a whole mug of coffee all over the bath tub floor and bivvy bag. Mine is ready to go on my vintage frame ruck sooooo easy to transport now over greater distances, Bergen has been retired…Be lucky bud….Bex

Nicholas Fenlon says:

Cracking bit of kit mate, am in the market for a new tent for fixed camps/car camping , so definitely interested in this, if not something similar. Thanks for posting pal, really helpful, all the best. Nick

silverfox says:

Love this tent although i bought the larger one the Grizzly. Having bought many tents over the years these are the best bang for buck on the market. The zip up windows are a nice little added touch. Assembled in less than 10 mins, what’s not to like about this tent.
Great video.

Ken Allen says:

Good review bro, I have always liked the tens ya could stand and walk around in but liking this type more and more because of the convenience of carrying and erecting. Plenty of room to swing a cat for one person in your one anyway. All the best

Bruce Wyness says:

Looks like a great tent but weight is a big problem when I wild camp so I might have to buy the cub version.

John Smith says:

excellent review thanks for posting

James Brown says:

I had just decided to get one of these and was on the verge of ordering, when I scoured the net for a final round of reviews and noticed that the Slumit tents are not fire retardant. I’m not sure how much difference this makes in reality but it must make a little at least. Just knowing this however, I certainly wouldn’t be able to cook in the porch or pitch it anywhere near a fire as I’d be paranoid. Maybe it’s me over-reacting and is just psychological but unfortunately, I’m going to have to think of a plan b. Possibly a Coleman Drake 3. Thanks for the vid though. Quite gutted I won’t experince it for myself.

Foxomatic says:

Nice bit of kit that, cheers Pete.

Navy Davy says:

Another great video from the Master. Cheers Pete.

Dave Spokane Valley WA.USA.

MrNotleo says:

Cheers mate Got fed up this year putting tent up and down whilst touring this year on motorbike. this will do me fine. Been touring for years but need to make life easier . Saw four Irish bikers in France using Cubs. very impressed.

tbreynol says:

Totally agree Pete! Still miss the little babe!!!!!

alan roberts says:

Now then Peter, where have you got to, me old cock sparrow,,,, no vids ,,,, been a while,, hope all is well with you and yours.

Shadow Walker says:

Pete, I’ve been eyeballing your tent in previous vids. Glad you focused in so on it. Thank you. No snails this go round, although I did look for one in your eggs.


Fantastic review, was not expecting that set up to be so fast. British also, perfect and the little add ons like the storage, clever bit of kit that. Cheers Moose. p.s. Pete do you have any plans to make more prepping videos? been a while since i have seen a bug out prep camp or training vid from the gang, Funky, Roach and you of course. Just wondered if you are all as keen as before?

tbreynol says:

After three disasters in Colorado I will never, ever use a tent with fiberglass poles. Aircraft aluminium poles our NO GO!

stephen malcolm essex uk says:

good stuff mate 🙂

Craig Mooring says:

Very tempting; It looks like they thought of everything.

5 stroke wander scotland says:

Awesome tent l want one that size, l need the space how much that cost

Wiltshire Man says:

Nice video Pete,
The tent is certainly fit for purpose especially when your canoe or car camping though perhaps a little on the heavy side for backpacking.
Good review.

Sam Spaun says:

Pete I ordered and receive a 3 in 1 woobie that zips (poncho liner). It seems to be constructed pretty decent. Might take the place of your summer sleeping bag. Not to pricey around 35 dollar American. Just google 3 in 1 woobie.

Joey Gibbs says:

To much mechanic. To much to go wrong..or break ..

JuicyVeganDwarf says:

Cheers for the video mate. Looks good. Did you see my comments / questions on several of your other videos RE the canoe you have been designing? Where is being sold? Thanks mate

SurvivorMetalMan says:

Great review Pete! Nice looking kit!

Croydon Computer Medic says:

Hello, this is my 1st actual comment on a tent on youtube anyway…I wanted to know, I do alot of Sea Fishing, on the coast on hard ground, usually behind the sea defence walls, as there get a little water from the rain etc, is the ground sheet or bathtub as it’s known completely waterproof, Also for the stability of the tent and i have tried and tested many, its now time to invest in something comfortable and of a good size for myself and my fishing gear i carry on my trolley, I can use the trolley of course to add the guide rope to support the base more, and all the other kit i have will weight it down even more. But for the porch area i am trying to figure out how to keep it up and open on a concrete base floor, as there are no fixtures to fit it to on the ground or above. I have used various bivvys, and other cheap tents which sadly lack water repellant and wind coming in or the ground sheet not being attached to the main tent frame structure so gets wet inside a lot from the water or rain. Would you suggest this as a good tent for one with fishing gear to be weighed down to keep it more secure i think maximum wind ratio is usually around 15mph anymore and they close the venue where i fish on the south coast. Might seem a funny question to ask here about this as i know tents are designed for grass, fields, lawns etc but what about if it is concrete areas….Thankyou in advance. Wayne. p.s you never mentioned the windows, are these clearly able to see through for example if i am inside and all zipped up and in and can i see from there to outside clearly or is the material all creased up and you can’t see.

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