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Redverz Tent — Series II Expedition Review The Redverz Series II Expedition Tent was designed by motorcyclists for motorcyclists. The Redverz Tent is one of the only tents in the world that is designed to safely secure the rider, all their gear AND their motorcycle. The hoop-design tent is an easy 3-pole design that goes up in less than 10 minutes and creates waterproof shelter with the double wall construction. Unlike most tents that use a separate rain fly to provide waterproofing, the exterior of the tent is waterproof, and the sleeping chamber hangs from the inside of the tent when set up. This allows the rider to set up the tent quickly and have access to dry shelter at the same time, even in heavy rains and wind. Once constructed, the Redverz Expedition Tent is tall enough for a 6’4″ person to stand up inside and the sleeping area is large enough to accommodate a queen size air mattress. 2 additional vestibules allow for all gear to be zipped safely away and out of sight to prying eyes. For pack-ability, the 3 alu tent poles are 21″ long, and can be packed in the provided tent stuff sack or strapped down separately for packing into panniers or saddlebags. When Kevin Muggleton, 10 year National Geographic photographer / videographer, developed this tent, it truly seems he has thought of everything the all-world motorcycle adventure tourer or weekend warrior could need in a packable, lightweight and spacious tent design.


stephen M says:

So big and bulky better to just buy a motorbike cover then buy a vango 2 man tent ??? Cut the weight down by half …

core10metal says:

This is my go-to tent. I almost sent it back when I saw the size. I thought def overkill. Thank goodness I didn’t. Best tent I have owned. It’s amazing quality, goes up quick, and is amazing during rain. All my gear fits under tent, queen size mattress in sleep quarters. Love it!

RevZilla says:

I said the same thing. My VFR800 looks great in the tent, but isn’t the best bike for getting to the camp ground! -CK


This is my dream tent for dual sport touring.  Now if I can only scrape up the money…  Wonder if the BMW R1150GS ADV with panniers will fit in it?

RevZilla says:

Then lean it the other way! (Or use the center stand) -CK

Crazylalalalala says:

thats a good point. if they have it for two people they should have made enough space for two bikes. not everyone like to two up.

and it should be pretty easy to do its just extra length of nylon.

maybe it is really meant for a fat man.

SimmanGodz says:

Holy shit. Mind blown.

Thomas Horner says:

should work for my sportster.

Crazylalalalala says:

oh nice, Thank you

RevZilla says:

You should be able to navigate directly the product page by means of the link above in the video caption. -CK

Frank Sagstuen says:

Ship to Norway ?

RevZilla says:

I’ve got the 2007 Anniversary Edition with ABS. She is a Red/White/Blue beauty! Planning a trip to Tail of the Dragon later in the summer. Hopefully will be honing in some of my riding ability as well. -CK

RevZilla says:

You could easily fit two smaller bikes in here if you stagger parking. The “Mechanics bay” area can double as the space for the second bike. -CK

Z EP P EL IN says:


Alan Stands Alone says:

Would have been nice to mention one of the top most needed information for bikers….What is the weight?

Player 2 says:

Hey, this product isn’t on your website yet. I see a redverz bag, and poles. No tent. My 2012 tiger 800 might like this!

Mark Shunatona says:

I do not currently have an ADV type bike but i can see this as useful with any motorcycle endeavor. the garage area seems large enough for a Road King as long as you lean it away from the tent portion of course!!  🙂  This along with a couple of Big Agnes Helinox chairs and you could travel all over pretty comfortably.  

Gugun Gumilar says:

ship to indonesia?

TheReapersSon says:

Forgot to mention, mine’s a red ’98; it appears to be one of the first ones produced in the production year, too. I’m a big fan of the shade of red Honda chose for the model year 🙂

Razorfin8Offical says:

“experienced tent setter upper” alright Anthony, is that your official term?

John Russell says:

fit a zx14r?

Larry Barker says:

is it made for a poor person

RevZilla says:

+darmie rudisill Doubtful. 

TheReapersSon says:

Hey man, cool to hear you own an Interceptor. What year is yours?

Just finished a 1500+ mile round trip across WA and OR over the last couple days. Found some new ways to unlock some riding ability I previously wasn’t able to hone-in. Truly a fantastic machine, even with it’s higher curb weight.

mabutoo says:

I like the idea, but I was always told not to park my bike in a position of lean where it could fall on you while you slept.

Phill Swanson says:

such an awesome tent! Now to get a bike worthy of it so I can justify buying this.

RevZilla says:

It would have to be a pretty large animal, but you have a point there. You are able to store the bike width-wise or length-wise, so you could actually store it perpendicular to the sleeping section to prevent any worst-case scenarios from playing out.

Apologies for dismissing Murphy. He tends to come up at the most inconvenient times … -CK

TS50ER says:

I wonder how this tent stands up to a very windy night?

TheReapersSon says:

2007…. good choice! They fixed the VTEC snatchiness after ’06, I believe.

navythomas8 says:

Been very happy with mine!

SimmanGodz says:

Its…its like a little house.

mabutoo says:

You are underestimating the power of the wind in some places or just murphy’s law. What if the bike gets bumped by an animal? No reason to be dismissive.

RevZilla says:

Improved, not fixed. I still took off the flapper valve, disabled the pair, and removed the snorkel. Combine that with a PCIII and a LeoVince and NOOOWW the VTEC feels like it should 🙂 -CK

josetapia26 says:

this tent is the best. i have a serious issue with leaving my bike out in the open and this product solved all of that. Now i can fully enjoy nature ro the fullest without worrying if my bike is ok

Phill Swanson says:

Got to get me a Super Tenere and head to Alaska!

boarder989 says:

That’s awesome I’ll be looking into getting that!

Z EP P EL IN says:

also known as a tent

darmie rudisill says:

Will it fit a Goldwing?

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