REI Kingdom Tent Review

Are you looking for a good family base camp tent that will stand up to storms and last a long time? If so, consider the REI Kingdom 4 or 6. This review shows the features of these tents and points out a couple of their limitations.


griff34 says:

Great review; thanks. I’m leaning toward the Marmot Limestone 6P tent, Frazier. Between the two, which do you prefer for your camping trips?

Tan N says:

I’m torn between the kingdom 6 and basecamp 6

Tactical _ Bushcraft says:

very nice tent. great job on the video. thanks for sharing Frazier

Pola-pola C says:

Hi Mr. Douglas. You always have great videos. I was looking at purchasing a new tent, the Marmot Halo 6 or REI Kingdom 6. I heard that the Halo doesn’t come with net door to keep the bugs out and to let the breeze in. Does the Kingdon 6 come with a net door? Thank you for your help.

Frazier Douglass says:

Thanks for the comments. You can get some good deals on REI sales. Enjoy.

Frazier Douglass says:

Yes, we also use those reservation sites but we frequently don’t plan our trips more than a few weeks ahead. And we also like parks with good security. I look forward to seeing your photos.

Frazier Douglass says:

Chris, We love to camp in Florida during the winter months. But we have found it to be difficult to secure campsites, especially on weekends. And Florida state parks are really tough on hammocks and tying other things to trees. How about the Ocala NF? Please send photos if you can. You can send them by email and I’ll post them.

Chris McLaughlin says:

Thank you, Frazier Douglas, for a great review of this tent. I have found all of your videos extremely helpful and it has inspired me to camp about 90 days this year. REI seems to be an excellent resource as an outfitter and I have found that their return policy is the best that any retailer offers. I do own the KIngdom 6 and the garage and the footprint after thinking that their cost is a small price to pay for the added convenience. The garage gives me a good place to store things outside of the tent to keep the inside clean. Also, I purchased a small propane heater to use on cold mornings and it adds some dramatic comfort to the inside. One other use for the vestibule or the garage is as a privy when a Lugable Loo is added. It is a great convenience. Thank you, Frazier, for all that you do for making camping so enjoyable.

eddydaman2 says:

Thanks for the most detailed review of the REI Kingdom tent. I think if you get the 6 person tent you might want to upgrade to the 8 person. It’s our nature to desire more comfort 🙂 I’m looking to purchase this tent when REI have their next anniversary sale. It’s usually 25% off.

Frazier Douglass says:

Thanks for the comment Chris. Tell us more about your camping trips. Where do you go? What shelter do you use? Do you have any photos?

Roger Lamb says:

Thank you for the review, I think we are going to get the 4 man to car camp in.

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