REI Passage • 2 Person – 3 Season Tent • Field Review & Setup

Krik of Black Owl Outdoors reviews and sets up the REI Passage 2 Tent. The Passage 2, is a 2 person, 3 season tent that is affordable and reliable.


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BikerDude1953 says:

I just took back my REI Half Dome tent , which had a bright yellow rain fly, which isn’t any good for stealth camping. They gave me a 100% refund and I got this tent, which would be great for stealth camping. Thanks for the review. 

Biker Casper says:

 I have the Euerka Apex2 now and going to buy the Euerka Down Range 2 person 3 season tent. I use the MRS Groundhog stakes.   Campmor has the Euerka Down Range 2 for $289.94

Benjamin Dover says:

Black owl outdoors, has penguin in logo. Promising.

Matt says:

Good video good sound… bunch of babies complaining here.. geez


As with any new tent a week or several days before you use it SOAK it with water/ Garden hose it down let it dry so it will settle the fabric .That way when it rains you will not have to worry about sagging or leaks. i always do this to my new outdoor gear even packs and sleeping gear.

Erin Howarth says:

I bought this tent and I love it. I had some trouble following the set up instructions, and this video helped. I still need to know how to install the guy lines and the footprint. I don’t think six stakes are enough. I think I need to buy some more.

Andy Stegner says:

Great review and thank you. I ended up buying this tent after watching your video and reading some reviews. Look forward to more videos including gear reviews!


I have one just like this, its worth every dime/went thru a 6hr heavey down pour no leaks/and the wind didnt do nothing to the stitching

mrmusdtard2 says:

Really good video ,thankyou

J Wilson says:

Yours is the best video on set up of this tent, thanks. I just bought it on sale at REI.

Adrian Joseph says:

Because there are only 6 stakes (and I don’t like messing with guy lines anyways) I just get the stakes in that outer loop of the tent’s pole strap then attach the fly to the stake and that brings the bottom edge of the fly away from the tent. How you set it up in the video, if you didn’t actually use the guy lines and it rained the ends of the tent will get a little wet. Ask me how I know 😉

jonnbruin says:

Thanks for the video and helpful instructions, gonna be using it this weekend on my first trip with the gf!

Dr.Kutulu says:

Come on man…on camera mic… Get a lavalier mic, and put the camera on a tripod. I can’t even hear you.

All of that good work, wasted.

Will Montague says:

hey, im not a turtle.

Texonite says:

Dude, you should really relax more 😉

shcmoly says:

Own it. Love it. Headroom is tight, but it is a tent not a hotel room. One important point you forgot is the minimalist shelter option: fly, footprint, poles, NO tent. Footprint is required for that. 2 grommets: inner – tighter pitch, outer – looser pitch.

mbarigian says:

Great vid thanks! REI should be paying you because this video just sold another Passage 2!

rootchino says:

Wouldn’t you want the rain fly in the top of the bag, incase of a sudden rainshower? No one wants to soak their shelter with-in the first 5mins. Setting up the rain fly first you can easily setup a tent under it in the middle of a downpour and be totally dry.

Steven Seay says:

This is probably the best setup video I’ve seen for this tent.

Mark Frost says:

watch out for bigfoot. dont you know about paul paulides missing people 411?

Zach England says:

Whoever shot this video is a moron…I’m dying here. Hey Zack Snyder, hold the camera still for fucks sake…

Joseph Hopper says:

I cant get past the army hat. like why where a part of the uniform. Especially if you are not a vet.

gravityprone says:

Thanks for the great review.  I happened upon it, and was interested, sense there weren’t really any reviews when I bought mine.  I chuckled at the fly and peg struggle as it also happened to me.  I have only used mine on one outing in NM, and never in the rain.  Have you been rained on yet, and if so how did the floor seams hold up?  Its a worry of mine.  Thanks again.

I love lamp says:

I have this tent and I love it.  The first time I brought it out, it rained HARD!  I stayed absolutely dry. No leaks.  I’ve used it in the snow as well with no problems.  It’s light weight and I LOVE the fact that it has to doors (probably my favorite feature!).  It is small.  Two large people would have a bit of trouble if you wanted to keep your bags inside the tent. I am 6’1 and had no problems with length.  I was actually able to sleep with my bag at my feet… With the rain fly up, you have a nice little area underneath the rain fly and right outside of your door where you can keep your shoes (if their wet) or whatever.  I found this really useful. I used it on some sand dunes at the beach one time and it was windy as fuck.  I filled some plastic grocery bags with sand and tied the rain fly to them and had absolutely no problems with the wind, while my friends tents were getting flipped right and left.  I think the low profile helped with that. 

Lee Kraemer says:

GREAT REVIEW!!! I wish more people took the time to do this with tents. I am headed cross country, and I think you have sold me. What does is weigh?

Randy Jordan says:

You should do a review on the mountain Mage Apollo tent , seen it on amazon a couple days ago.

paulsir1500 says:


Tony Rome says:

did I see a seem in that tub floor?

Ron Murphy says:

I wish you would have shown all of the inside.  Any corner storage pockets?  And what are all the dimensions?

io says:

U should put the pegs in at a 45 degree angle

Michael Crawford says:

Great video! Looks like a nice place to rest my head. Question, can I use my Jetboil Flash in this? It’s the red plaid one. Thanks!

Mit Chell says:

Putting the stakes at an angle could help.

Ed Caspersen says:

Good video, thanks for sharing.

عبدالرحمن الحيدري says:

Thank you bro 🙂

ralph_libinski says:

Put the poles through the fly grommets as well as those of the tent body. That way, when you cinch down the fly, it’ll better tension it against the poles and increase structural integrity.

James Brennan says:

I think it’s important to point out that NO TENT is waterproof under particularly fowl conditions. If the rain is continuous over an extended period and you’re on the move daily, your tent will get wet, inside and out. Breaking camp in the rain and setting up in the rain guarantees against water tightness. The best way to remain comfortable and dry is to have a small, super-light, waterproof bivy sack to pitch inside your tent. The best, but most expensive bivy for this purpose at $250, is the “Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy” which is ABSOLUTELY waterproof, top, bottom, and throughout, and made of breathable “gortex” material. So even if your main protective tent is awash in rain water, you’ll still be warm, dry, and able to get a good night’s sleep inside the bivy. I got caught in the remnants of a hurricane coming in off the Pacific Ocean while walking south down the Cassiar Road (Route 37) in remote western British Columbia. It rained HARD and the wind blew HARD for 8 straight days and nights. Being able to pitch the bivy inside the tent saved me. I was able to sleep dry and comfortable for the whole 8 days as I walked 15 miles each day. I would never go camping anywhere overnight without my bivy as backup. And if the weather is particularly pleasant, you can forget the tent and just pitch the bivy. It can accommodate a sleeping bag and an inflatable pad, and has no-see-um mosquito protection. And it even has a little anti-claustrophobic headroom for sitting up on elbows. And if worse comes to worst, the whole thing zips up snug and tight. I use it in combo with the “REI Pasage 2” tent under review in this video. It’s a fast, simple, full-featured tent (but just a might heavy by a pound or so), and when used in conjunction with the “OR Alpine Bivy” (or it’s gortex equivalent) it’s an unbeatable combo.

Opal Preston Shirley says:

Great video. Good over all tent, light weight and affordable. Thanks. atb

Neversink Outdoors says:

Nice review. We have this exact tent, and in our experience having two vestibules (and entrances) is quite important. We end up using only one vestibule for entering and exiting, and we leave our shoes in that vestibule (particularly nice when it’s raining and the ground is wet). We leave our large backpacks in the other vestibule (that’s where having a second entrance is useful too, since we don’t need to go into the tent to retrieve our gear). If you only had one vestibule and stored all your gear in it, you would not have much room left to come in and out, and you certainly wouldn’t have room to take on or take off your shoes. Of course some tents have enormous vestibules.

nathanael woodward says:

the inner tent pole eye loop is for when the tent stretches over time buddy you mite want to start out using the one you put your steaks through so you have that option later on, keep camping bro

ankhatum says:

this really looks like the half dome

Vencarter says:

Great video! Unfortunately its no longer $160 its now $349 🙁 But great vid!

TheGoatMumbler says:

I hope you’re not allergic to poison ivy.

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