REVIEWS: 10 Best Backpacking Tents 2017 & 2018 !

✪ No#1 Choice: ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2-Person Tent –

✪ Updated choice list: If your are serious to buy a lightweight backpacking tent, you should definitely check these ….

⚓ Yodo Lightweight 2 Person Camping Backpacking Tent With Carry Bag –

⚓ Yodo Upgraded 3-Season 1,2,4 Person Waterproof Tent for Camping Backpacking –

⚓ Winterial 3 Person Tent, Easy Setup Lightweight Camping and Backpacking 3 Season Tent, Compact –

⚓ Bryce 2P Two Person Ultralight Tent –

⚓ Mountaintop Waterproof 2 Person Camping Tent Backpacking Tents –

You might be looking to best tent for backpack, yes you are at right place, here in this video I presented 10 best backpacking tents that are lightweight, easy to set up and waterproof !

It is really very important to have a good tents with you while traveling. For easy carrying, we always need a backpacking tent. Here in this video I have listed some best backpacking tents which includes 1 person tents, 2 person tents, easy to carry on backpack tents, lightweight tents.


Pattabhi Madhavaram says:

Tent weight is one of the most important criteria for backpackers. it would’ve been great if you mentioned it for each tent.

Luke Beckstrom says:

I think you need to research the definition of backpacking.

1954 FA Cup says:

Why are you afraid of giving prices? Bad sign that pal.

bob cummings says:

6kg backpacking tent lol fuck off

HerrFinsternis says:

You arw showing two different tents under the name skyrocket 2 dome.

Which doesn’t have two vestibules/inner doors.

What an awefull video.

NoBody says:

I gave you a thumbs down because you forgot to put the weight on some of the tents. Weight is very important when you’re backpacking.

wildsilverh says:

The first tent weighs 6.6kg??? Who the fuck wants to carry that.

Kevin Guzda says:

Yeah not a good list at all, these are not backpacking tents and probably are some of the worst choices you could make, is this a practical joke of some sort?

swaffizzyTV says:

Who the hell starts with 1 and goes to 10?

Ken McLeod says:

Lol, try again…

Soca Lper says:

Tent #7 is perfect for outdoor camping…. as opposed to indoor camping?!?

Sancho Lōw Era says:

Crappy Ass Way To Make A “Backpacking” Tent Review When 1, They Are Too Big 2, You Only Reviewed Three Of Them.

ian-cyclingaroundtheworld says:

Weights, how heavy man, lightweight info dude!

OldskoolnoobNL Lauwke says:

A shitty list if you ask me. Don’t know any of he tents but I’m not interested in any of them. “Perfect tent for outdoor camping”? wtf. Camping is always outdoors, and what does “perfect mean? weight is hardly ever mentioned.

Tito Taufik says:

Stupid review

Chitza says:

I like your choices in tents. Some really good options and great info. However, your title is misleading. Most of these I would not consider functional for backpacking. Weight and pack size are too big for most backpackers I know.

Tyson Hook says:

This can’t be a top 10 backpacking tent list, without a single mention of Eureka tents. I was a scout for 9 years did a ton of camping and used lots of tents over the years and Eureka are the best I’ve ever seen and used. And they’ve got a tent that fits any purpose you can think of.

billwill.julz says:

Olpro’s website claims the Abberley has a much larger pack size at 60cm x 20cm x 20cm.

Cody McCall says:

asus rt-n66u n900 is a wireless router not a tent.

DistortedFocus says:

Are you seriously not even going to show us how much they weigh? Have you even been backpacking?

ascar77uk says:

most of these tents folk have never heard of where is the big agnes tents MSR tents or any of the proper back packing tents that pack smalll are light and actually work as a back packing tent . Your idea of backpacking is way out

rlklar says:

Winterial tent is great for outdoor camping. Who the hell indoor camps with a tent?

YourBuyingGuide says:

Check the updated list of top backpacking tents:

# I admit my mistake choosing right backpacking tents in this video, I hope you can choose the right one by going through my article.

nuvo says:

“perfect for outdoor camping” sorry, I’m looking for a tent to camp inside my livingroom

hdhomeo says:

Thank you ! Your review helped me choosing right product.

billwill.julz says:

We got a little lazy around #4, huh?

serpantseed08 says:

They’re more ideal for a quick car camping get away. But for hiking/backpacking, maybe, if you’re only hiking half a mile lol

Flippski W. says:

Did you seriously put a Router name in the second example?

Subie Camp Life says:

I love you for the links!

YZ250Yamaha969 says:


John Beenfield says:


Jeri Atrix says:

Great “backpacking” tents if you have a mule to haul them.



Paul Revere says:

I measure things by the old standard USA not metric dolt!

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