Revisit: Coleman Hooligan 2 Backpacking Tent REVIEW

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Ali Hegazi says:

just to be clear.. this tent has close able windows right? I just have to make sure I can jerk off in private


Great to see how it compares to your original review affter some real time use .

Scott Reiboldt says:

GREAT Review ! Thanks ! 

BobElgin says:

I just bought the tent from Amazon for 44.00. What is the dimension of the bag with tent inside? I have a ATV Trunk it will be going in.

gammatnt says:

how u clean the rain cover? can you put it in the washer? Great video buddy.

Niles Hughes says:

Nice Review. Thx

fatboyjunkie09 says:

Hey appreciate the review, would you have a link to a two person three season tent that you WOULD say was good? IE not as heavy but still as strong against the weather?

Dawn E says:

Great video update. Q: Does it need a tarp underneath? Also, everywhere I camp has sandy soil about an inch down, then it turns to a mixture of soil, sand and rocks. Any suggestions or tweaks I could to with the Hooligan 2 to help make it less likely for the stakes to pull out? Thanks

Steve Girard says:

Will it work for winter camping

Crazy Harry the Muppet says:

Do you still recommend this tent? I’m looking for a good tent for a beginner camper.

The Whatsit says:

Would you think it’s something a guy could use in late October in upper Minnesota?

Fuse911 says:

Excellent review! Thank you very much! You touched on all the major concerns.

Alpha says:

Thank you for the review.

MidTnOutdoors says:

I agree with you review 100%. I love this tent as far car or weekend camping. Not a Backpacking tent at all.

genocalypse says:

This was my favorite tent I ever owned. I go camping several times a year, backpacking into the woods 2 or 3 miles and setting up for the weekend up to a week. Had my first one for 6 years before I put a hole in the bottom because I didn’t put a tarp down and a root I didn’t see poked through. Would definitely recommend.

the missing Linc New Zealand says:

thanks mate, i watched your video and i have just purchased one. you were very informative, thanks again, from New Zealand

Waterboxer says:

Wanted this tent for the longest time but now that I own a vanagon westfalia no tnt isneed because it has a pop top built in.

moneymagnetelizabeth says:

First tent I purchased or assembled, easy and fits nicely in a 15L sack that you can purchase separately. I attach the sack to the exterior of my back pack and the poles inside the back pack. No problem. Highly recommend this tent! Fits nicely on my back!

Wyrd Blogger says:

It looks like a good bicycle camping tent?

chris wilson says:

at night without the rain fly, can you see the stars easily? I am looking at this tent or the stansport “starlight” 2 person, but there r no reviews of the ” starlight” tent. in its description it says that it would be good for stargazing but it’s a two pole design and about the same price.

twitchster77 says:

Just picked up a couple of these for a trip me and my dad are taking next week :D. Thanks for the videos on this tent!!

Timothy Pham says:

is there a zipper to cover the mesh in side the tent to prevent windy getting in?

Aventador94 says:

Hi im considering buying this tent but im wondering what the maximum temperature that would be comfortable with the cover on in the summer would be be? And how much ventilation there is with the cover on during the summer?

The Opinionator says:

good info

Eric Meeks says:

Hi. Great review. 2 questions..
1) if I ditched the stuff sack and steel stakes then stuffed the tent + rain fly + aluminum tri-lobe stakes + poles directly into my lightweight pack, would it be light enough for backpacking? What ably when splitting the weight between 2 packs?
2) can you recommend another 2 person tent that is comparable in price, but is lighter?

Joe Smith says:

Nice beard you got goin’

lucia says:

hi! I just purchase this tent, how can I use it in smooth floor, where there is no soil to nail the stakes ? or in the beach?

Matthew Stifler says:

I see you still haven’t stopped using that creepy music. Shame. Good re-review though. I had the hooligan 3 which I loved, but have a bad habit of selling and buying different things. May buy this for those “car camping” weekend getaways.

Waterboxer says:

Wanted this tent for the longest time but now that I own a vanagon westfalia no tnt isneed because it has a pop top built in.

Welder Nate says:

Coleman founded in my hometown. 🙂

Bobby Harper says:

Great view of the tent st up. It would work fine for me. In summer I intend to use a hammock tarp instead of the rain fly.

OutWithMyGear says:

Glad I could help, fuseman911 🙂

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