Rooftop Tent Initial Review – CVT (Cascadia Vehicle Tents) Mt. Rainier – on a Toyota Tacoma

This is a quick first impression and review on this 3+ person rooftop tent by CVT.

I plan to provide a more comprehensive use-based experience review further down the road.

Feel free to leave comments or questions.

Thanks for watching!

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David Seminatore says:

How heavy is it, if mounted on the roof or shell would it make the truck unstable

Robert Cgraggen- NW SELF RELIANCE & OUTDOORS says:

Please tell me you did a install video too? I’m thinking I might just go that route as well since I sold the jeep camp trailer. Did you buy from a local dealer or direct from CVT? Also have you snagged the anexx on the Crazy Beaver or no worries? What is your plan for interior heat? Love, love, love your set setup and dam that tent looks rugged AH. Great video as always 🙂

MyBushyBeard says:

Great info! Cheers!

NYZ Outdoors says:

YO BUD!!!!! its been a while. I liked the video. Ive looked at these things quite a few times now. hahaha “new toy”….. New toys are fun!!!!

That things looks really well made. Looks awesome!

Little bit of a bummer with the holes for bugs to come in. Im sure you can figure out a way to fix the issues. Looking forward to seeing it in action.

Later bro!

Mr. Cade says:


Steven Lee says:

잘 봤습니다. 영어 구수하게 하시네요

Joe Middleton says:

Great video. Is your truck a short bed or long bed? Do you think it would make any difference?

john lopes says:

thats a long way from your ez up n truck bed tent! lol looks very roomy and pretty easy set up

James Miller says:

That’s an awesome setup love that new Tacoma what tires are you running on it

D D says:

Great looking RTT! I see you have the kb voodoo bars, any reason you installed 3 instead of 2 crossbars? Thanks

Nathaniel Rodriguez says:

Nice review. How much does it weigh?


That’s an awesome tent!

Ali A says:

Awesome video dude!

mark scott says:

You have gone to full glamping mode….jealous… still camping alone in my Nemo dagger, keep the videos coming, you do great job…

Angela Santa Cruz says:

You always have banging music!!

James Simpson says:

Little tip you can put a little buddy heater in the annex at night and the heat will rise up into your tent and make you nice and toasty

Mentes Livres says:

Dude, mosquitoes will find a way in, definitely spend some time thinking about those entry points.

RedWhite&Blue 78 says:

Sweet tent… Great review… Looks like it’s made of good quality materials. Can’t wait to see it in one of your upcoming videos. It’s a little heavy, but will help with the rear end of your truck on dirt roads. Thanks for sharing, take care.

blairbushproject says:

You can use aluminum foil to block the bug entries. Or pieces of emergency blanket. Or just Saran Wrap. Paper would work if you were zero waste lol from one taco to another.

Richard Jones says:

Just a beautiful RTT. The Annex is icing on the cake. Perhaps you could install four Electric Linear Actuators to raise the platform enough to take the sag out of the annex. RV leveling blocks or wedges could be used to level your truck during camping. In gusting winds that approach from the sides, it could be possible to rock the tent enough to make it uncomfortable to sleep. RV stabilizers could be used to limit chassis movement. I think you would only need two on the rear of the truck. All in all, a fantastic tent.

Newer Account says:

I rewound it and looked again but didn’t hear what the tent is actually supposed to sit on ? A van roof????

EMAN C says:

Is the Taco lifted ? What are the wheels specs ?

Obscure Terrain says:

That looks like a super cool tent! I feel like I could live in it haha!

Pinetree Line Outdoors says:

Looks like a cool addition to your arsenal of camping gear brother! Thanks

Cesar Lopez says:

That thing is awesome, I would get one but first I think I need a truck lol! For the holes I would honestly just stuff spare clothes in them, duct tape might work too but then you might have to deal with a sticky mess in the summer.

I drive a little 2-door Honda Civic that I take on most trips and let me tell you, it is a struggle but the faces people make when they see me rolling into some of these rougher areas are hilarious! Some logging roads out there are in terrible condition especially for a little car like mine but occasionally its small size actually comes in handy. Nevertheless I really am hoping to get a truck eventually, whenever my dad let’s me borrow his truck I realize how much better it is.

BTW, I never thanked you for the spicy ramen! You definitely weren’t playing it up for the camera when you made that video. I haven’t been able to finish a bowl in a sitting but it turns out my mom loves them hahaha.

Thanks again and I’m looking forward to your next video. Take care Edward.

insaynbcr says:

Just shove some Bounce dryer sheets in the holes. Skeeters don’t like Bounce, so they won’t bother trying to find a way past the dryer sheets.

My Korean DreamS says:

Wow stunning tent and great review my friend! Have a nice day and best wishes…

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