Smittybilt Roof Top Tent Long Term Review

After spending over 100 nights in our Smittybilt roof top tent, it’s finally time for a long term review. If you’ve had questions on whether or not a roof top tent is for you, then hopefully this video will answer some questions. Thanks for watching and subscribing!

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CaptainBobAdventures says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing!

1armedguy says:

Great review not a bad unit to sleep in etc, so is the tent worth its price tag ?

Eric Frederich says:

Great review… thanks. I’m looking at getting a roof-top tent, but I think I may put mine on a small trailer as opposed to the roof of my vehicle. Pros and cons each way.

Zdenek Stuchlik says:

Great video lots of good info. I just got this tent. Can you still close up the tent with the additional memory foam matress and the camping matts you added to the already existing matress and sleeping bags you keep inside? Thank you!

Kevin Burdick says:

You have had that tent on your car the whole time and have been living in my house while you wait for your boat to get painted. I am not going with that sob story again. You are sleeping outside tonight mister. 🙂

Fl3x says:

Great video. You’ve convinced me. Thanks.

GeorgiaBill says:

Nice video, I watched it a couple of times before buying a Smittybilt last month and am still watching it. I haven’t been able to efficiently remove/replace the cover. The velcro keeps attaching and I go from side to side to to disengage it. It’s encouraging that someone else mentions that process. Thanks.

The Walmart pad under the mattress looks like a good idea. I haven’t found it on their online site yet. Do you have a link? It sounds like you just went to an actual Walmart, and I’ll try that.


Rhys Harder says:

Nice Review! I have the same RTT and noticed one thing, at 1:44 I see you removing straps from undeneath the PCV cover. If I am not mistaken those straps are supposed to go overtop of the PCV cover. At least thats how I have mine set up and other people with the same tent seem to do it the same way. Don’t want your cover to fly off on the Highway!

Dave's Randoms - Toyota Trucks & Travel says:

Excellent review!!

Mr says:

Thanks but i just like sleeping in the back of my Subaru Outback but i’m alone and don’t need much space and i’m afraid of ladder climbing bears

Dave Worthen says:

Great review. Where do I find out what kind of rack is needed for this? And will it fit my Senata Sedan or not? Thanks!

Clayton Moss says:

You got my like after the bear comment hahahhaah

theislandpackrat says:

How hard to mount on the dingy davits ? Would it be out of reach of great whites?

Steve Vanosdall says:

A few comments:
1) Based on the background, especially when you’re driving around(street signs), I’m pretty sure we’re more-or-less neighbors.
2) Those little rings on the inside of the tent – you probably got some bungees with the tent. They go between those rings and pull the sides in when you drop the tent down. So you don’t have to tuck the sides if you do that. You are still hosed on the top, though.
3) On the bottom of the travel cover (where the two velcro straps are) there is a round piece that should slide into the groove on the base of the tent. It sometimes interferes with unfolding if you leave it installed (and sometimes doesn’t) but it leaves that travel cover hanging off the tent, and makes putting it on vastly easier.

My RTT is a Tepui Kukenam, from before Smittybilt started doing them, but it’s more or less the same thing. It’s also sitting on a trailer (of the off-road variety, and behind a Jeep, so it’ll get anywhere – probably further – than an Explorer will) so I don’t have some of the pains that are really associated with height. I also never have it out more than a week, so haven’t bothered with the comfort things. But very good review. 🙂

Relic Ryan says:

Love the review video. I’m looking at getting a rtt soon. Then I started watching all your videos starting from episode 1. I’m hooked. You guys are living the dream. Hope it never ends. Good luck and safe travels! Cheers!

Michael Gehring says:

Thanks for the tips and honest review.

TheWerewolfe says:

I am getting one too. My brothers call me crazy for buying one. Since we do go camping a lot but we are always moving around. Sleeping on the ground is ok but I do like being comfortable. The convenient way of having a tent/ shade at the same time.

Dr. Hector Duran Cirugia Plastica Merida says:

Without doubt the best review I ever seen. Thanks for your honest review

Jon Forrest says:

I would think that some kind of add-on to make the folded-up tent more aerodynamic would improve the gas mileage problem. I’m thinking of something like what truckers use. I don’t know how it would attach to the roof of the car, though.

Jttv says:

0:11 where is that? It is beautiful

Tim L says:

So with the added memory foam, pads under the mattress. And keeping the sleeping bags in there it still closes without an issue? I’m looking at getting one and everyone seems to be adding more padding but I don’t want to to store the extra mattress pad in the vehicle. Thanks for the info.

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