Snugpak Bunker Tent Review

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Robert Owens says:

Do they make one that takes a wood stove?


How do you know when you put the inner in which side goes to the back and which side goes to the front?

Joe Jcm says:

Hey Ben how do I send you an e-mail ? not sure what PM is ?

Admiral Preparedness says:

The color code is not very good if you are color blind.

Duffelbag Drag says:


Jason Smith says:

Ordering it tonight!

zulu says:

So, now that I’ve had a chance to use it more than once or twice for a few days at a time, I will say it’s an awesome tent and incredibly well made and easy to use. However, it is in no way a two person tent!! I’m 5’11” and 185 lbs and there was really only enough room for me and my pack…and that was kind of pushin’ the envelope. As I stated earlier though, it’s an awesome tent!!! You will not be disappointed owning it!!

Orlando Guevara says:

How would you describe the space? Looking to get this for 2 people

Ash says:

can you attach the tub already so deploying and storing its always there? seems a hassle if they need to be separated.

Orlando Guevara says:

Wish it wasn’t so expensive but I love the design of it so I’ll probably still end up getting it

nathanael woodward says:

yeah cool vid, which of snugpak tents aren’t fly first

Richard Bart says:

Morning Ben. Where is the best bang for my buck when purchasing Snugpak products, in particular the SJ 6 or SJ 9 jacket?Any retailers that carry Snugpak in your immediate area?
Cheers/ RJ ( met you in the woods)

Jack Yenkel says:

Looking for used seek outside tent for a hot tent I have wood stove

KBABIN941 says:

These videos are really in tents!

martin goyles says:

I was looking for a four season tent, and they tend to be very expensive. They’re heavy too weighing in at 7 to 10lbs. I don’t know why so many have bright colors where people can see you from miles away.

Jason Smith says:

Very happy with it, can’t wait to test it out.

Zarko Krisak says:

Muslim da skorpion 2 .3 je Puno komlikovan za razliku/SALIDA 2/!!!!

Luis Thillet says:

Love it. I just ordered it yesterday on Amazon after watching this vid…Im excited

shadowdance4666 says:

I didn’t really get good view of the top of tent and the pole geometry. Either your camera or camera work leaves something to be desired

Mark Hall says:

A very informative video without any unnecessary showmanship thank you

11thWarrior says:

One design improvement I’d like to see in this tent is to put the poles under the fly, not on top. In a heavy rain, water can pool where the poles cross, causing the fly to leak and that’s never fun for anyone.

Christopher Cutugno says:

Not to sound ignorant, but why is this tent any better than an all weather, self contained (floor attached) tent I can buy at Target for $50-$100?

Cal Fornia says:

Noting to do with this You Tuber, but I found Snugpak to be Chinese defective trash.

God :-O says:


TexasScout Noneofyourbusiness says:

That looks like an exceptional foul weather tent. I am wondering what your suggestion would be for camping in South Texas where nighttime temperatures can exceed 90° and humidity’s in the 90 to 80% range. That can’t

Artsartisan says:

Several years ago, I owned a North-face “Sierra” A Frame Expedition Tent. It was a beautiful Tent which North-face no longer manufactures. I understand the next highet grade was a tent used by Sir Edmund Hillary. It was identical to the Sierra except that it had an opening in the floor in which to have a stove.

I purchased the Snugpack Pack Bunker recently. I wanted a small four season tent and look forward to using it. I think I will be happy with the Snugpack but honestly, the Sierra North-Face was a beautiful tent.

No exaggeration, I’ve set that tent up easily on evenings under dark sky when there was a new moon – a bare minimum of lighting. I think I could have set that tent up blindfolded! And it looked beautiful as well!

Kevin Lapp says:

Have one of these and I love it.  Recommend anyone purchashing a snugpak for the first time taking it out in their back yard and practice with it a few time so you get used to the system. Once you have it down it only takes a couple of minutes to get the fly up. One trick, take some orange (or whatever other color you like) and mark one corner of the inner tent and outer fly (on the inside) save a couple of minutes lining it up during set up.

Jack Yenkel says:

Let see some of your seek outside tents

Patrick Alaggio says:

Excellent review. Thank you.

Patrice Lacroix says:

Hey says the Canadian !
It’s being a while since you post, but i have a question …why the price variation on the different model like the scorpion 3 or 2 as well for the bunker is it in the quality or fabric, wheat, i don’t naught i’m on the market for a 4 season, and still looking Hellyberg to expensive so may be you could enlighten me, or other product.
Pat from montreal
P.S. Sqeeze my french ok ciao

MrKeymosabe says:

this tent sucks:
#1 It should have a one piece bathtub floor welded on to it.
#2 the 2 doors should have a screen door beyond that you can leave open for
bug free nights.
#3 it should have a fly that drapes over it with a snow flap all around
that can be sealed against wind.
That would make it a double layer winter fortress.
My tent is on alibaba for about $120.00

Brian Cerny says:

lol. how many tents have you used???

kennybigmac81 says:

can you leave the two parts attached? it seems like it would be a pain to do that every time.

Steven Wilgus says:

I watched your video, liked what I saw both product and what your points were: as a direct result of your review, I bought this tent.

Lando Benino says:

what the bag type dude

TexasScout Noneofyourbusiness says:

That tent would not be suitable for camping in this environment where it rarely gets below 30°

jeff schnablegger says:

Used my new snugpack bunker tent last weekend. Set it up, 20 mins later it began to Rain buckets all day(go figure) and night. Pretty much confined inside tent for the weekend. Not a drop got inside. Best tent i ever bought

Brian Cerny says:

This tent looks like a huge pain in the ass. Good gosh. “That’s the snug pack bunker and it only takes 4 days to set up guys!”

Phantasmos says:

Once interior is set, does any light from inside out?

Andrew Sheehan says:

Where you able to use this tent in any extreme conditions? Im looking for a good winter tent. Thanks Ben!

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