Special Forces Bivy Bag and Ionosphere Tent Review from the Rhino

Check out these tents at http://www.proforceequipment.com/product.php?brand=snugpak


2Kdrive says:

Where is the part with water and from plus 2 water 14 mm to minus -5 snow and windy chili frostlayer at 04:00 O’clock, with you in the whole show !? Say What ! Life plusminus!

StuntmanMike1978 says:

If I learned one thing from this video: it’s definitely a one man tent

David whittington says:

Just to say, having used similar bivi bags like the SF for many years, you can improve the bag by taping down a Mylar survival blanket inside it. There will by more noise when using these items together, but I found it to be much warmer when hiking in the winter.. And I could still get it in the stuff sack….

shaun thompson says:

thanks for the review Mr president just got the ionosphere great little tent cheers again atb


Ok, I will bite. What makes it “Special Forces” bivy?

curlywolfone says:


Ms Tz says:

I want to meet up with a whole bunch of you around Tennessee, lol.

2Timothy3:1-3:5 says:

was the beginning supposed to be funny? It was mildly disturbing.

T. T. Pope2 says:

Excuse my Naivete, but what makes a sack a “bivy” sack? I don’t have time to watch each one, to find out.

rmj2n says:

Snugpak has great design and concepts BUT I’ve had several quality issues with their products. I have a jungle sleeping bag and Endurance pack and both have ripped at the zipper seams. For the price I wouldn’t expect these problems. I’ve spent less money on less known brands and haven’t had any problems. It’s marketed for the military so that’s the setting I’ve been using it in. There’s more Snugpak gear out there that I’ve considered buying but I don’t think it’s worth the risk right now. Just my experience with this brand. If quality was guranteed I may use Snugpak exclusively but until then I’m looking at other options.

Reality Survival & Prepping says:

A little over exposure in this one… 🙂

andrea a says:

Lol. Putin

paul w says:

second one is like Jack Wolfskin gossamer. Trouble is if you are confined to this in bad weather you will be climbing the walls due to the inability to move around – you will be horizontal.

Philip Buckley says:

on the bivy can one use in the rain and how about condensation…

Faye Dennis says:

Great review nice that u showed how they pack up

j lin says:

That tent is old I have it got it 82 at B And I. Store. 14 bucks. First tent one of the fue thing got to day. Last used it in 2010. Got bigger opening. In sky blue. Black. Blue. 2 lb with poles. Good tent. Boy scouts did a snow trip 3 ft snow nice worm all night old Rambo bag.

dylan graser says:

Awesome dude

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