Sub $100 Affordable Tent Review – KELTY

There are a TON of $75-$100 Tents on the market…some are GREAT…others NOT SO MUCH. I can honestly say this Tent is by far one of the best Sub $100 Tents I’ve ever used….Sadly KELTY discontinued this tent shortly after I filmed this video LOL, but all they did is make a few upgrades to the tent, change the color, and change the name to “OUTBACK.”

Links for the upgraded version of this tent but still $74.99 is below along with some other Kelty Tents that are great bang for your buck…and maybe a few other things you may want to take a look at.

***Upgraded Version of The Tent:

****4 Person Version:

****6 Person Version:

****Next Quality Up in Kelty Tent:

****Front Entrance Version:

*****AWARD WINNING Kelty Tent:

****Higher Quality Kelty Tent:

____Trustworthy Quality Sleeping Bags:____

****Only $54.99 and one of my Favorites, WARM/ Super Comfortable/ and LOW PRICE:

****Giant Version of the above:

___Trustworthy QUALITY Sleeping Pads(VERY IMPORTANT)___

*****Not Cheap…but you get what you pay for:

*****Large Super Luxury Version of the one above… MY PERSONAL Favorite Sleeping Pad! :

____BACKPACKS by Kelty:____

*****-Not too big and not too Small, but good quality:

*****-Larger Kelty Backpacks:

*****-Tactical Kelty Backpack:


Grant Beard says:

I love how laid back and relaxed this vid is. Keep up the great content!

Ryan Kauffman says:

Rain testing with a hose would be cool. Tent reviews in general are always good, better to see stuff before buying.

MANNY~EmberDim says:

Thanks for the review, Andrew!

Jerry Johnson II says:

Awesome review Andrew an that is affordable tent an reliable one that anybody can by.

Josh Presley says:

Testing the UCO candle lantern to reduce condensation in tents and maybe up the warmth slightly?

TSG says:

5:08 My wife and I had a trip to the Sierras one year and it was during a “mild” time of year. Temps in the 50s at night and dry weather predicted. Welp, you know what happened. It rained for 3 days during the day and we had clear 27degeree nights. So all we had was ice most of the time. Miserable. We had a rainfly and we just had enough to keep warm at night. Having our dog it the tent with us was a plus for warmth. Lesson? Bring your dog camping! and have a rainfly. 😉

Kevin Noll says:

Check out canvas cutter bed rolls. I’m going to end up getting one in the future. No need for a tent. Would make a good review video.

GY6outdoors says:

Thank for watching, let me know future review Ideas…Please if you’re interested in this tent or Products I review. Use the Amazon LINKS in the description, it provides us with a very small kickback of what you potentially buy and helps fund future videos.

DeltaGaming says:

Great video!

captain Tattertot says:

Review the cheap survival shovel on amazon

Craig M says:

Looks similar to my Eureka XT2 (I think). Vestibule and door similar with same problem with water dripping in when trying to get out in the morning.

Travis Goad says:

How about the best multi-tool or the best Axe

Nicholas Feeley says:

Have ‘ya looked into the tent-like hammocks?
Much more comfortable to sleep in if you’re not on the ground.

Michael Lee says:

I want you to review sai firearms…

The Clueless Geologist says:

Hobbits have really big feet in comparison to body size. Good video tho

D Soaring Eagle Productions says:

Flashlight review please, small, big, all in between both in physical size and lumens involved. Obviously backpacking you don’t want a big light in size, but one that has serious lumens power is probably beneficial. Also headlamps as well. As for the hose test, most definitely!

Gold Daddy says:

Man, I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoy your content. And your joke about reigning your kids in and adult innuendos just had me cracking up! Love the humor in your videos.

Edit: holly crap. You put a ton of links in the description! Trusted your opinions and reviews on firearms for years. No reason to stop now. This is gonna make doing my homework a lot easier. Thanks!

jeramy arpan says:

Similar to the REI dome tents, but half the price.

Middenforge says:

Easy entry D…door. Really good videos, appreciate that you actually go through each part of the product rather than gloss certain over parts. Keep up the great work!!

Gabriel Ribeiro says:

Quem ai e br ?

John Standfell says:

GY6 Andrew build a primitive shelter in one of you’re video’s using just what nature provides!! Keep up the great work a fan in Texas

Chris Z. says:

What pants are those?

Vic Dalzell says:

Another great video……………………

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