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For those of you who are considering buying a tent, today we are going over some of the considerations that should be made before you make your purchase.

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Isle of Wight Bushcraft says:

I recently bought a vango mirage 200 just for myself. It’s reasonably priced, weighs in at a fairly hefty 2.9 kilos, but man I spent a couple of really rough nights in it, gale force winds with torrential rain, I was quite worried, but that tent stood up to it and some. A great tent. I managed about 12 ks a day, I had 23 kilos on my back.

Mark Thompson says:

Did not really get anything out of this..
thanks for answering the common sense questions.

Richard Bucker says:

weight may also correlate to the setup time and complexity.

Mia Boatwright says:

thank you for all of the information

Ernie Walker says:

great video. learned a lot. thanks

sara sammon says:

Do you have a canvas tent ?

Jeff Tuttle says:

There are some 4 season tents that can pretty much do it all. example Hilleberg Staika . ( two person) Yes I know it is expensive, you get what you pay for. The very last thing you want to happen is to get to where you are going and you are miserable because your tent fells. Trust me, it has happened to me. This tent will handle anything mother nature can throw at it. If this tent won’t, then you don’t need to be outside! ATB, Jeff

The nuker says:

put to but spelling err

amonster8mymother says:

Thanks Luke I was expecting to see some tents in this video, but nope. hahaha!

Dominique Valencia says:

What would be the best tent for a hot and humid climate and also a very rainy place

AZ Claimjumper says:

CUSTOMER SERVICE. You said nothing about customer service.

Sadly, I spent $500 for a Black Diamond Storm Track 4-season tent & then was unable to get replacement parts; the quick disconnect clips that secure the fly to the tent are not even available. Same thing for the clips that secure the tent to the poles; if you break a clip you are SOL, no clips are available.

IF I could do things over, I’d buy an MSR tent because they have OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE & replacement parts.

Dan cockerham says:

Have you ever tested any of Cabela’s Alaskan Guide tents? I need a dependable base camp tent that will accommodate 2-4 people in harsh winter conditions. I’ve watched several videos regarding this line of tents, to include elements of heavy downpour, snow, and high winds, and the reviews seem to be quite positive. I enjoy your videos and thanks for any feedback!

Luii The_Great says:

Whats a good 3 season tent for 2 people with space. I’m tall as well. 6’0

Curtis Muller says:

I’m doing kayak camping so one or two pounds isn’t that important. Wasn’t sure until I watched your video what was the best way to go. Anyway my choice is Kelty Trail Ridge 3 Tent because of the size, ventilation, ease of using the rain fly, price etc.
Many thanks for the video,

Michael Ian Rhind says:

What about the Vango Force 10 Classic??

Sallie Morrill says:

hey Luke this was a great video for me. thank you for taking time to explain the differences as to why you purchase a particular tent. great video sir.

oscar davila says:

Can you give advice on a medium price tent (car camping) for the beach? Good for high winds 30-50 mph and rain.my camping trips usually end in disaster i.e. Broken tent and wet.

amonster8mymother says:

Those dogs are kissing. thank you luke.

Johan says:

Great video! Another important aspect when you choose a tent is that it really doesn’t matter how often you are going to use it. It depends on where you are going to use it! For example think more extreme mountaineering. That’s a more extreme example I know, but are you going to use it in an area where you are more exposed to the elements or not. I hike a lot in the Swedish mountains and if you have the wrong tent there it will break. That’s my opinion on tents

Colin Danahy says:

Where do you mainly purchase your tents from? Have you ever been dissapointed by a tent?

john smith says:

Tents make or break your pack weight.. I’m stuck carrying a Kelty trail ridge 4 cause we got 2 young kids and a wife widths back problems.. Has the largest vestibules out of the 4 person tents I’ve seen to help actually get 4 people in a 4 person tent and still have sheltered room for gear.. Stupid thing is 11lbs with upgraded stakes.. Is there anything else out there that is lighter? I looked at the tn4.. 4.5 lbs lighter but much less gear storage and slightly smaller footprint.. If you had to take an extended trip with a full family what would you recommend.. I’m over carrying this boat anchor. I’m up to 60-70% pack worthy ratio cause I’m forced to carry the bulk of the gear.. I need to shave weight everywhere I can. We mostly bivouac hiking in 5-20 miles, setting up a good base camp and making day hikes from camp.. I’m carrying a mil type pack do to the weight and load. If I can shave a little I can save even more by changing packs. Any recommendations would help.

Simple Thoughts says:

Thank you very much for your advise!


Soooo the moral of the story is Get your self a girl if you’re single and a four season tent eh.

stealth Andy says:

camping 101 . thanks for showing us all . ATB

Jonathan Wygal says:

Dude doesnt know what hes talking about. MSR tents are the only tents youll ever need, no matter the location or condition.

A Keeper Of Odd Knowledge says:

So… a 4 season tent is only comfortable to use in winter, wouldn’t’t that make it a one season tent?

Anyway, great and informative video as always, Luke. Thanks for sharing!

amonster8mymother says:

Hi Luke, I’m still looking at tents even though I spend most of my time under a tarp, sometimes the tarp is a bit fragile for the heavier weather in the shoulder months. 🙂

steher says:

Im looking for a lightweight tent. I dont camp in snow so a 3 season tent would be for me. Im looking at the REI Quarter dome 2 right now. Can you do a video explaining fabric? I dont understand the specs in regards to denier ripstop grades. The QD is more expensive but other tents have a higher denier thickness. Im not sure what is good or what I should be getting. Thanks, great video.

colnel autumn says:

I was in the boy scouts for a few years and besides sleeping with tent buddies I enjoyed the tent camping stuff however it’s been awhile since then and I’ve been “camping” in the RV or travel trailers since then but I’d like to get back to tent camping is there any tips besides the ones in the video you can give me

Elias Galvan says:

Why is there such a drastic difference from a 3 season to a 4 season? I know it must have something to do with temperature/precipitation, but is winter WORSE than summer in your opinion?

Lance Dooley says:

whats the best military and thermal blocking tent available? i dont give a crap about price like everyone here is. im preparing a full SHTF and multi-situational use.

Patrick Fealy says:

what do you think about the vegitato tent?

omar maldonado says:

For a beginner what is the average price range you suggest?

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