Tent Vs Bivy – What’s the Best Shelter for You?

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Big Agnes CopperSpur UL2 – http://amzn.to/2yOhHJc

ZPacks Duplex – http://www.zpacks.com/shelter/duplex.shtml

OR Molecule Bivy – http://amzn.to/2yPVPxb

Black Diamond Spotlight Bivy – http://amzn.to/2invkJ7

EE Recon Bivy – https://enlightenedequipment.com/recon/

ZPacks 8.5 X 11 Tarp – http://www.zpacks.com/shelter/tarps.shtml

AZT Section Gear List – https://darwinonthetrail.com/2017/09/22/darwins-2017-azt-section-hike/

AT Gear List – https://darwinonthetrail.com/2016/05/03/darwins-2016-at-gear-list/

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TakStar Shotgun Mic – http://amzn.to/2kMsAnM

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cripledpotato says:

I’m quite partial to the burrito wrap method. You lay out a tarp on the ground lay down on it and roll. Keeps you nice and toasty and, as long as the tarp is long enough, completely dry.

Ride Alongside says:

Great video Darwin!
I use the Escape Bivvy from SOL since I bikepack and backpack in the dry southwest. This bivvy proved to be very durable and inexpensive, so I compared it with the Lite version to see if I could shed some weight. Here is my quick comparison video of them:

Antisocial Native says:

I’m a Bivy user right now but I’ve been interested in Tarp… I don’t like tents.

Footprint of a Photographer says:

henassey hammock all the way! if you got no trees, use your walking sticks to make it more like a bivy/tent.

shorea27 says:

I like the privacy of a tent especially if you happen to camp where there are other people.

UcanbeGOD says:


GreenJeepAdventures says:

I combo a military bivy with a tarp. I sleep cold, and the bivy adds an extra layer to keep me warm.

tony torres says:

Talk about shitting in The wild..a bucket ..tarp..wipes..toilet paper you could carry a day supply in a bucket

Lucas Currah says:

I’ll stick with my bin bag thanks

Steven LeBlanc says:

Hammock on the AT. considering a tarp and a bug net on any trail without trees 100% of the time (already have a massive tarp for the hammock)

Anthony Morris says:

i have used all three ,bivy ,tarp and tent but the best piece was my 5 in 1 shelter /raincoat/groundsheet /cover /bivy

Michel lamontagne says:

I camped in a bivy sack for a week in the Grand Canyon and there was nowhere for my sweat to go but to soak my sleeping bag.

Jannie Kirsten says:

Awesome, thanks. Just a small thing: interest is “piqued”, not “perked”.

Anonymity says:

I’ve used a bivy for the last 10 years and it started because I don’t like sharing a tent but now I find it simple and fast and I usually hang a tarp to make a pavilion where I spend my time in inclement weather and simply sleep in my bivy

Joe Trickett says:

hey, what are the thin gloves you are wearing? thanks

Art Fix says:

If you sleep on the ground in a simple envelope bivy sack, without a tarp, you might look like a buritto to a bear. If a Grizz starts checking you out in the middle of the night just try getting out of the bivy and up off the ground. It’s a challenge! In contrast it has been noted that a tent often acts as a psychological barrier to bears and they usually move on. No bears? I’ll do a bivy in good weather.

jake says:

porta SWAG

Tulsa Fox says:

Bivy, were originally used by shepherds

Ethan Vannata says:

Take a hammock!!!

tony torres says:

Tents absorb water..

Jason says:

cant fuck in a bivy. case closed

Fraser Chapman says:

Really a bivvy is any small tent or temporary shelter – what you are talking about are bivvy bags.

Ryan Trusty says:

After watching your video the primary difference between the bivy sack and the tent is the amount of space your get and the protection you get from the weather. I am considering getting a bivy sack is because I am not claustrophobic and I will use this with a tarp and so I think I will be protected from the weather. The simplicity is also a great bonus for me. The video mentioned a tent because you can move and spread out, but I do not think I will be moving that much. Thanks for the video.

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