Tentsile UNA One Person Tree Tent! New for March 2018! First look and Review!!!

Tentsile UNA One Person Tree Tent! First look and Review!!!

Just so everyone knows. The company Tentsile has very good customer service! I poked a little fun at Tentsile because I didn’t get a response to the questions I asked. In all fairness the person I was contacting stays extremely busy and is not apart of their support team.

You can checkout all of Tentsile’s Tree Tents here: https://www.tentsile.com/

Photos of the UNA Tree Tent: https://www.tentsileimagelibrary.com/una

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Southern Adventures says:

A quick update everyone! Tentsile has replied in the comments below. The official name is Una the Latin word for one. Not U.N.A. I also just left their website and they have what looks to be a great Camp Out planned. Check it out if you live close to California! https://www.tentsile.com/products/tentsile-american-summer-camp-2017

Gear-Report.com says:

A few things:
1) How tall are you? I’ve had the UNA since mid January and will post our review soon. Sadly, at 6’4″ it is a bit small for me.
2) Here is our review of the new Tentsile Stealth: https://gear-report.com/tentsile-stealth-tree-tent-review
3) Alex told me that the fly on the production model would have 2 loops to bungee the long span up to a tree branch. We got snow right after we set up the UNA and we had not used the loop (directions weren’t ready yet when ours shipped and there is only one loop on our pre-production model)… so the fly collapsed against the tent. Had we used the loop I think the snow would have slid right off instead of collecting.

Baitcaster says:

Interesting, never seen one before..

7 Kids and a Husband says:

Heard about that tent before , seems AWESOME
I sure left u a like and I wish u a awesome week ❤️

Arbitrary Exploration says:

Love that you do not have to sleep on the ground. Such an interesting concept!

bone'syard says:

Sweet that’s gotta keep them skeeters off

karen4you says:

That would be nice in the summer.

R D says:

I wouldn’t sleep. Be afraid I get tanked from underneath.

tfre3927 says:

Dial down the horrendous music…

AOK Foraging and Adventures says:

Very cool tent. What’s the weight capacity?

Canadian Drone Hub says:

Nice review  and demo well done

Bama girl Amy says:

Cool tent

Steve John says:

How tall are you if I can ask?

Anthony Mazuchowski says:

Thank you for the review I am a active hiker with my scout troop and I was looking into this tent for my hiking activity. I was wondering would you recommend this tent for hiking?

Josh Breslin says:

Great review but what is with the awful music?

Danny Cypher says:

i thought you pulled out a violin first of all

fktrc rjyljh says:

Can you write the dimensions of the base ( hammock ) ?

Big Boy Bushcraft says:

I’d be interested to see what you think after a night or two in it.

MyCryForHelp says:

hey buddy! nice tent

Jakudah Symba says:

I like on how you can see that you’re significantly pulling those trees in!!

Travis McP says:

Looks super comfy!

rocktruckrob says:

I’ve only seen this in advertising pamphlets….nice… supporting from James Cox live….cheers # iamacreator….be safe be kind

Tentsile Ltd says:

Nice review, thank you! Just wanted to chime in here and apologise if we had been slow in replying to any of your requests! We are usually well on top of our customer service and we should have sent you out a PDF Manual prior to review! The Name is UNA (una) – single word – means “one” in latin! Glad you got it up easy enough! Keep those great reviews coming!

BilLVeR Καθημερινές αποδράσεις says:

Nice video friend..I have subscribed to your channel… if you want to visit and you can subscribe to my channel

A Horrible Gamer says:

How well it works in the rain or a rain storm? Do you need an under quilt like a hammock?


Nice review.

Kenny Davenport says:

Very nice, I’ve never seen a Tree Tent before. I wouldn’t mind learning more about them.

TR Was Here says:

What a nightmare in sound. Godawful music files, if one insists they are necessary, should be recorded the same or lower DB level as one’s narration.

Gabi Fodorras says:

Hello. like and subscribe done.. please subsc=sribe back…

Frazier Douglass says:

Interesting..Have you slept in it? Does it hold heat or is it drafty like a hammock? What are the advantages over a tent? I can think of a couple.

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