Tepui Kukenam Sky Rooftop Tent | Petite Stephy

Here is my review of the Tepui Kukenam Sky rooftop tent.

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Benjamin Gadberry says:

You’re awesome 🙂 THUMBS UP and subscribed! I have a Tepui tent also, but I’m curious about your lift kit in your Impreza––what did you get? Did you install Forrester Springs? How much lift did you get?

Stephy comuaction says:

Maudites bibittes, c’est la seule chose que j’aime pas du camping! Très drôle les bloopers!!!

Jonathan McArthur says:

I have the same Subaru and the same tent! I was wondering about the lift on your car. Is there any chance you have more information regarding the car mods? Thanks a lot for the great video, it really helped me decide on the Kukenam vs. the Ayer.

bart keune says:

just a stupid question, how much does the fuel economy drop with the tent on top ?

Nicole Provost says:

J’ADORE CA petite Stephy. , amusant, professionnel et ADORABLE !! Félicitation!!

Erick Correa says:

Wow,siriously thath was a hughe bumble Bee.

Levi Y says:

Thanks for posting this! Question I am trying to figure out, I want to purchase a roof tent and mount it over the bed of my truck. Does the ladder allow you to adjust it shorter/higher as needed for level ground? I do not want to mount it just above the bed of my truck but have a big incline on one side if the ladder can not be made shorter. Any help would be appreciated!

Nothing Originall says:

This is so me!! Lol I would act the same way if a bug got in my tent

Nick Nardone says:

How did you capture such crystal clear narration audio?? Sounds great!!

Red Spain says:

We love the tent. I believe it’s one of the most unique outdoor Gadgets that’s been made in quite some time . We have a Subaru XV crosstrek we were thinking about getting a teardrop camper but instead we are going to purchase the rooftop tent for the vehicle, it looks much funner than sleeping on the ground. PS Julie I told my wife I feel in love with your personality never lose it stay happy . Thanks for the video .

Dino Reyes says:

I noticed you’re using the roof rack from subaru. I thought there’s a weight limit of less than 176 lbs.

Miryam Bougie-Lauzon says:

HAHAHA!!!J’avais jamais vu le vidéo au complet avec les bloopers!! LMAO!!

Crickett Hoffman says:

If I can haul two 75 lb kayaks on top of a Mini Cooper, I should be able to haul this.

EriCo Academy says:

What is the loading capacity of the roof rack? Which brand did you purchase?

Rosy JulieBC says:

That is so cool! I’ve never seen anything like this. I must tell my sister about this. She goes camping several times per year and she hates waking up on roots and lumpy ground (at some point in every trip, her air mattress always deflates during the night). Keep up the great videos. Can’t wait for the next one 🙂

sp0rtbilly77 says:

Nice car lift!

Mimi Kess says:

Nice one, cutie!!!! 😀

Jerry Lee says:

Have you found a way to lock the kukenam to your car?

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