Tepui vs. Yakima Tent Review


raaj peeps says:

Great video content. Thanks Guys. Much appreciation for you taking the time out to answer questions about pros and cons.

Shane Greene says:

Thanks for the video. I have Tepui Autana Ruggedized Tent: 3-Person and just ordered a sick truck rack for my Tacoma from Randy! Gotta wait a few weeks for it, but going to love my new setup. Thank you for sharing the rack maker. Stoked!!

Spencer Arnold says:

Tried both, Yakima is not nearly as burly. Try them in the PNW – huge negative for Yakima.

Dan Morgan says:

Great review RC. What brand bed racks are those?

Dima Stavila says:

I personally have tepui and I love it

Tony Miles says:

On the white Tacoma, what are you using to mount that Bontrager bicycle pump to the rack? QuickFist?

cody roberts says:

The Tepui definitely has a heavier fabric. I own the Kukenam 3 and it performs excellent in terrible weather. In addition customer service from Tepui is excellent . I wouldn’t even consider the Yakima unless is was sub $1000.

Fight Back says:

Ahhh. Umm. Uhh. Ah ah um.

Robert Schroeder says:

Very good video, you put a lot of thought into it. I may not choose either of these tents, but I will look for the features covered here.

marilyn hourican says:

Thank you. This was very informative!

Greg Johnson says:

Where can I get the rack that the tent is mounted to. Let me know at tygre37@yahoo.com

David says:

Why do you mount these tents over the truck bed? If you mounted them over the cab on a roof rack, the truck bed could be covered with a topper giving you lots of dry storage for gear or another shelter.

Eman WacaGator says:

Very good review. Thanks…

Taka Yama says:

Excellent review RC. Thanks

Thoeun Kong says:

Good review

Roger Floyd says:

Good review. Well done.

Vinny Ha says:

the rack… where can i find them…??? very nice rack

Kev Sims says:

Damn nice review. Very nice, efficient camera use and dialogue. Fair and honest comparison and i learned some things besides what I’d buy. Thank you

Larry Burke says:

Tuff Stuff brand. Exactly the same as the Tepui for less than $1,000.
The Yakima is garbage. Same material as a hiking tent. Seriously, it is crap.

KingOfBratz says:

What truck racks are those?

Mike Keator says:

Very through. Thank you.

Mark Weber says:

Fantastic info! Thanks

65roadliner says:

F–k me, I wouldn’t want to fart in the Yakima in case the sides  blew apart. Just shelve it  and man up to an Aussie made one. Simple.

iRoniK diMension says:

Yakima is one of the lowest grade RTT on the market.  Yakima RTT doesn’t even come close in comparison to the Tepui.  Yakima RTT is only sold to amateur campers who do not research the RTT market.  Every person I met that had one wish they bought a higher end RTT.   If you camp 1 or 2 times a year then this may work out for you.  Do your research on RTT’s.  Main concern about RTT’s is the density of the fabrics, zippers, screens and hardware used and the quality of the product.  How well the RTT will hold up in increment weather such as high winds, heavy rainfalls.  Prices for higher graded RTT’s are well worth the money invested if you camp on a regular basis.  If you want to research go the RTT manufactures websites, call the RTT company, they will answer all questions you may have.  There are many great RTT manufacturers in the market, Yakima just isn’t one of them.

Rob Fern says:

get da fuck out of here. Tepui is a lot better than Yakima. The only thing going for Yakima is the locking mechanism which eventually will be available for Tepui.

eagleclaw says:

Where did you buy the racks.

Raptor Rob says:

Great review. I’m also trying to decide between soft shell fold open or hard shell pop up, to go on top of my ARE cap on my Raptor. I’ve got a bed rug, so very comfortable but at 5.5 feet its to short to sleep.

Ford Prefect says:

All that velcro on the cover will be pain in the ass when it gets covered with crap…think of any velcro you’ve had in the past..the Tepui cover has velcro corners and a Very Easy to use zipper system…the Tepui holds my wool blanket,sleeping bag and two pillows when folded..the mattress is excellent and the Yakima’s is thinner..The Rails are installed by you ,either way you want and they are a different length because the tent isnt square in size..These units can be installed to open out in any direction…My Tepui is only 93lbs..I install it by myself and Im 63…5 minutes to open my first time..
I think this guy was paid by Yakima for his review..I looked at both and the quality,weight,thoughtfulness,and versatility of the Tepui is far superior to the Yakima…I Love my Tepui and I wasn’t paid a cent for my opinion..

Road Warrior Car Racks says:

Have dealt with both and Tepui is definitely a nicer, longer lasting, more thought out tent. Lots of customers complain of leaks on the Yakima canopy. Yakima upgraded recently by spraying the tents with water repellant. Tepui’s can also be mounted other ways than shown here.

Plott Hounds says:

nice set ups, I am curious as to what cargo rail/rack you guys have installed in both of those truck beds. Could you tell me the brand of those? Thank you!

terraXR says:

Nice video. Are the zippers for the Yakima’s cover on all four corners? I hear you about convenience but the Tepui’s cover looks like it will handle driving in the rain better. Most of us who have camping experience already know how to deal with zippers for sleeping bags so as you point out, using a finger to close the zipper should do the trick. I’m often out in Moab or elsewhere in the southwest where the summer monsoons can cause you to think about how to handle rain.

Dima Stavila says:

Tepui the best Yakima cheap product

Matt Combs says:

Yakima canopy material is lesser quality and the ladder requires you to push buttons on every rung to open and close. Yakima’s seams leak hence the need for a rainfly. Their cover is not as nice, the corner zippers allow water in and the velcro seal around the base wears out. Traded up for a Tepui and couldn’t be happier.

puma51921 says:

I’m trying to like these but I can’t see any advantage to these tents over a ground tent . 2 to 3 grand for a tiny tent.

Tim Schoffelman says:

Thank you for the review. If you don’t mind, can you say what kind of bed rack you’re using to support the RTT?

zdollerbill1 says:

Hey thanks for review what brand of rails did You use on both trucks? They look nice.

Josh Gonzalez says:

Are you having any leak issues with the Yakima?

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