The Best Overland Ground Tent?! Detailed Review

We’ve had the T3 and T4 Gazelle Hub Tents for over a year! Time for a detailed review! We are not easy on gear, and you definitely want to check out this tent.

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Merquiades Velez says:

Wow that was awesome nice video

fbabdiver says:

no rainfly?

Ben Chavez says:

Cool setup. Shockingly affordable when you consider an RTT or an OZTent as the alternatives.

Two questions:

Can you leave the rain fly attached when you pack it up? Important for deploying in the rain.

The carrying bag seems nice and roomy. Would you say there is enough room in that bag to also store an additional ground tarp?

Pulling taffy Productions says:

Queen bed and how much room ?

Brian Deiwert says:

Great video. Great review. Cool tent. However I’m always torn when I see something like this. I picked up a 10×10 Ozark Trail pop up tent from Walmart that I can unfold in a few minutes and that only cost me $100 or so. I get around 100 square feet and can easily stand up in it. I look this Gazelle and other awesome tents and can never quite figure out what extra performance am I getting for the extra money. IDK maybe it is much more heavy duty as I only use my tent about 6-8 times a year. Maybe I’m just missing something.

Regardless fabulous video and I always love the gear reviews and adventures. A favorite channel that I always look forward to.

Bryan Resch says:

Looks like I night have to check the T4 out. But I am really looking for a 4 season tent to use in snow camping.

Andy Bailey says:

Great review on the tent but where do I get a hat like that?

brad miller says:

Nicely done; not too short, not too long and loads of great info. Thanks…

Natec098 says:

Is that a tire mounted table? Who makes it… Kinda cool

Courtesy Stitch says:

Wait. So you don’t put a 200 pound, mpg killer on your roof? Blasphemy!

Tom Olofsson says:

Loads of useable space

trailspinTV says:

This was such an excellent review video, and so well produced. I’ve been watching for a while, and you’re really upping your game! Wish this video came out before I bought my REI Basecamp 6. It’s a great tent, but when you’re setting it up and breaking it down over a 6 week trip, it wears on you. Thanks for this video! OB#8207 & Benefactor

Jeff Y says:

Nice review. I’m in the same boat that I like the extra flexibility of using the vehicle to explore without having to break down the base camp. The ease of setup and breakdown seems like a major plus. Would never have known about the tent otherwise.

Bill Harvey says:

Makes me rethink getting an ikamper for my 100 series

Khorsathedark says:

Nice review. I’m glad that hunting blind technology is making it into the camping world. Folds too big for my TJ though.

I am interested in that table that hooks to your tire though. What brand is it?

Jeep Jk says:

This guy is so fake.. stupid old drunk.

TC TC says:

Looks like a upgraded more lighted ice fishing shanty. Nice tough

kk tab3 says:

Similar to the shiftpod in overall shape, deploy & pack

David Garcia says:

Thanks for the advice

Deanna Lewis says:

My teenage sisters and I have been breaking in a clam corporation screen shelter for about three years. We started using it as a camping tent by just throwing a tarp on the ground this year. I contacted clam after noticing gazelle put out this tent. They did let me know they have no intention of putting out a camping tent. I am waiting for the day I impulse buy a gazelle tent, the ease of these pop up pole tents makes camping and spending a day at the beach so much easier. Thanks for such an in depth review, a lot of the reviews on this tent are so short.

Steve Szabo says:

Thanks for posting. This was very informative as we are in the market for a new tent for our expanding family. I’m going to have to sign up for Overland Bound soon!

Susan Fudge says:

How much?

C Berkenbile says:

Sweet video about the Gazelle brand tents, personally the T4 is awesome for my needs. You are correct in the assessment of RTT vs. disabled users, let us say the fall (torn meniscus and strained ACL) was not worth the cool factor of having the RTT installed on Ox (2007 Ford Expedition EL 4×4). I wish I was younger LOL, but the kids loved it, until time to run to the head or make a cat-hole, the climb down was not a rush-able event, even inside an annex. So back to 4-6 man ground tents for us. Thanks for this video made me reaffirm my findings and brought up a couple more items to think about with the ground tent. Thank you, Micheal and Corrie!

Carson Keitt says:

I enjoyed the video but I wish people would do a proper review. How does it hold up rain,wind,storms and what not. Show it being used in adverse conditions. Even the manufacturers never do this!

john jacobjinglhymerschmit says:

Looks like the tent I have to have, so I just ordered one. I was ready to pay extra shipping to get it here before the 11th , but you can’t adjust shipping. The tent I have now needs to be cut up into little tiny pieces and sacrificed to the fire gods . Looking forward to using the new one. Thanks for all you do! See you on the trail.

schoocg says:

Fully agree with your philosophy of roof top vs ground tent. To each their own but for me the flexibility of not having to stake your truck to the ground, metaphorically speaking , gives far more freedom.

Butch Greene says:

man…just looking at it, looks like you’d get drenched if it rains…or smother from the humidity.

Cerberus says:

The T4 is a slick piece of kit.

Hardworking American says:

You say we but I only see you .

Brad Deruiter says:

That is a really cool tent the design is cool. I own a kodack canvas tent and really like it.

breathe and squeeze says:

it’s called “camping”. why are people so eager to rename everything these days? it’s like they think they are inventing the stuff.

Lord Dalron says:

Did you know you can just buy an ice fishing tent and have the same results lol

Adam Bleech says:

I take two kids with me on my trips, and strongly considered the t4plus. Sadly, the second room is basically a screen room and even with the supplied coverings I just didn’t see it as weatherproof enough.

Tony Ruiz says:

That’s cool

Matt Ringel says:

Wow! I loved the 360 degree view from inside of the tent. Thanks for a great review. Now I just need iamJake to do a review of his popup tent.

Jesse says:

One question, what do you sleep on? Pad, cot, 5 sleeping bags stacked on top of each other? Yup, I’ve done all 3. Id like to see more info on your sleep system. WOW that setup seems way better than my REI Basecamp 6 that was easily $100 more in 2016 when we got it. Thanks Ob#10926

Mark Leigh says:

Pretty quick setup. Can you get them in OZ and how much do they cost?

Susan Fudge says:

Your height is debatable?

Mike Robbins says:

The tent seems to be very nice and well made. I use hunting blinds made on the same hub design and the work well. I’ll be checking out the Gazelle for sure. Good review

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