The Most Expensive Military Tent in the World Nemo The ALCS 1P SE

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What you are about to see is the most expensive tent used by military forces in the world and without a doubt, the most expensive 1 person tent of all time!

Nemo The ALCS 1P SE (advanced linking combat system)

Link :

Became available 2012 and is still in use today.
Nemo apparently has been working within the military contractor community for over a decade in regards to the development of tents, sleep systems, weapon bags and so on.

This considered to be the most advanced tent ever made for the modern warfighter.

Weight : Almost 9lbs for the system

Features :

Four Season tent made to handle strong winds and snow loading
Made for quick erection…….
Can be adapted to different environments thanks to the available camo covers

Minimum Weight 7 lbs / 3.2 kg
On the Fly Weight N/A
Trail Weight N/A
Floor Dimensions94 x 35 in / 239 x 89 cm
Floor Area23 sq ft / 2.1 sq m
Vestibule Area10.4 sq ft / 2.2 sq m
Interior Height39 in / 99 cm
Number of Doors2
Frame DescriptionEaston Reverse Combi
Packed Size20 x 8 in / 51 x 20 cm
Shell FabricGore-Tex® W/B Shelter Fabric
Vestibule Fabric40D PU Nylon
Fly FabricN/A
Canopy FabricN/A
Floor Fabric70D PU Nylon Taffeta
Color Coyote

Using a recently unveiled, jointly developed, and totally unique GORE-TEX® fabric, NEMO has designed a Berry Compliant, lightweight, linkable, four-season, freestanding, individual shelter system that is waterproof, breathable and flame retardant. Coupled with outstanding signature protection, ALCS™ 1P SE, GORE-TEX® (Advanced Linking Combat Shelter™) gives the Warfighter state of the art performance, concealment, and protection from the elements. Single wall construction combined with minimal componentry and a single connected pole frame allows for significant weight reduction and faster erect and strike. And the innovative linking capability provides a “buddy-team” benefit while still allowing for self-sufficiency in combat environments. An optional ICC™ (Interchangeable Camo Cover™) allows you to adapt your ALCS™ shelter to different operating environments.
I have spoken with Nemo about this tent and they weren’t able to discuss it in very much detail.

What they did state was this;

The ALCS, like many of our military products, was designed with feedback from Special Operations Forces and is still in current use with SOF (Special Operations Forces). The tent was designed to provide full light blocking capabilities as well as the ability to link two shelters together to enable communication. We partnered with Gore to develop fabrics that would meet the requirements of this shelter. The ALCS also has optional covers called the ICC that allow the camo pattern to be changed to meet the current environment.

Covers include : MARPAT Desert, MARPAT Woodland and MultiCam and each is roughly $250 each.

Other camo patterns for the US ARMY are said to be in development for the new US Army patterns

Want to purchase one, good luck! This are very rare. So rare in fact that nemo wouldn’t tell me how many of these have been made. Ever so often you will find these popping up for sale online on auction sites, craigslist and so on. They are only for sale to government agencies and can not be exported to other countries due to the sensitives involving the technology used in the design.

With a little searching, I found one listing for the tent which was sold on ebay a few years back. I also found a listing on gear trade which was sold.

I have used this tent a number of times and I can tell you that it is bad ass but that doesn’t mean that it is worth the cost. Not even close. Yes, it has some cool features but for the average joe, they mean absolutely nothing….but of course, it wasn’t developed for the average joe….

Something to think about.

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Justin Likewise says:

No shit it is expensive for the government. They probably pay too much for everything.

ravener says:

i’ll beat you handily, in norway we used an old tent called the squad tent “lagstelt” made out of canvas. no floor, fits a 12 man team and a multifuel stove (which rocks). the tent probably costs the army a coupple houndred bucks a piece (or did at least, my dad tented in the same model when he was in the army). my team was pretty small, and had some specialty requirements, so we were issued a specialty version of the tent that fits 6 men (sidetelt), but in practice due to how storage and such works was only really used for two or three. at some point i was told that our two man tent was costing the army somewhere between $2000 and $6000 a piece depending on when it was bought (and who you asked).

Corey Woodruff says:

What’s the NSN?

Victor Smith says:

Theres nothing special abkut this tent. Its just a tent bro

EvlMagus says:

I guess these were approved while Obama was in office.

Rinella Per-Ardua says:

“always remember your equipment is made by the lowest bidder” …. well shit

Toon Fuhtrakoon says:

We have been feeding our govt…

Miasma says:

The DoD loves heavy ass gear

Reality Check says:

aka corporate welfare off the public’s back.

faultroy says:

What are you talking about “the tent being awesome. ” The tent is 9 lbs. for a single man’s tent?

I wouldn’t want it because of the weight. For me, it is useless. Of course the tent isn’t really worth $2300..00 The price for the tent is based on the difficulty meeting the Government Procurement Standards. That is where the price is.

henry Sanson says:


Fjaank™ says:

Where is the heli platform?


2,300 doesn’t seem like a lot when you consider that the whole tent is Goretex , plus this is the cost they charge the government. Just because they are the government doesn’t mean they get it for free, if anything maybe a family discount of 10%. Most items such as tents are anywhere from 75-100% mark up. So when broken down to how ever many made the cost of materials, labor, and research is most likely around $1150 ballpark. I agree I wouldn’t buy this personally but I guess it’s just the perks of the job.

Brian Willis says:

Sir, what brand pants are you wearing? I want a pair. Thanks.

Chris Bangs says:

$2,300 and they couldn’t design quieter zippers?

Tobías says:

So much advance tactical shit

Mikey L says:

This is for all those out there saying that this is an over priced POS. It’s not. It has VERY specific material specification for the Spec-ops community.

Nikolai Mhishi says:

It better be missile proof.

COX says:

I could send you the cheaper standard army version of that you can compare the two. Message me back.

Nicolas Nazario says:

The perfect tent for John Cena

Eric Sharp says:

How the views on this video congrats Luke

Ivan nutron says:

C’mon i can’t.


*goes out and buys $50 one man tent from Walmart that does the exact same shit

roger komula says:

Do you have access as member of the Lollypop Guild?

Ryan Gingotta says:

Soooo if I was in here and someone threw me in a lake with me in it no water would get in right…

Don’t judge me

black bean says:

1:45 for price

Mando Mendez says:

That tent is awesome I’m going to start looking around for one. Thanks bud

Ivan nutron says:

Its nothing proof. How does this protect you from wild animals.

Amran Khan says:

What video game is that into music from???

Adam Groves says:

Sounds like someone is raping the tax payer

Ke3per88 says:

Thermally Shielded?

Eugene B says:

when the tax payer pays the bill it can as expensive as they want to charge

ravener says:

“fits 2 people but you will be close” sounds to me like it fits 3 soldiers then.

Cris Zepeda says:

I cant see any tent after 4:46

Underdawgification says:

“advanced tent tech” folks

BigJB 21 says:

Everything cost more in the military world vs the civilian world

MegaSensimila says:

bullet proof with gun turret ?

michael all says:

Tent I was looking at www 7 grand

Carl Olson says:

Need seen it in the army

Justwantahover says:

Just buy the cover and innovate and you have it for considerably less.

Chris Mitchell says:

They made 2 of them,

Todd says:

Published on Aug 20, 2017

Underdawgification says:

The government just wastes money sometimes

myke collins says:

Does that tent block out all interior light?

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