The Price is Right – Outdoor Vitals Dominion 2.5 Person Tent

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After many months of testing, it is time for the Outdoor Vitals Dominion 2.5 Person Backpacking Tent review.


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Jake zumberge says:

budget friendly 4 season tent ?? any ideas

Tim Woods says:

Thanks Luke, I now know what tent I want.

Alan Haas says:

What do bears think of the smell of shrimp?

lgwjr white says:

Can you get it in canada ???

Bobo says:

A out and out copy of the MSR Hubba, which is incidentally better in every respect. This tents main down point is it’s flabby. But
Luke is spot on as usual here. As always you get what you pay for.

Chris K says:

The shrimp smell might be fire retardant: We had a batch of hi-viz vests at work that smelled the same – worse when wet. I used to wash mine before wearing, but I guess you want to keep any fire retardance in a tent?

Bernard De Boeck says:

Hi there Luke, if you look at the website of NatureHike you will see that they have 3p tents weighing around 1.8 tot 2.2 kg and it sells around 120€ or 110dollars it seems ok quality. Would like to know your opinion

Larry Kramer says:

I don’t like the looks of it. Kind of lumpy & bumpy.

Msilverhammer says:

Way too heavy for backpacking any great distance.

Maybe a 1 or 2 person model would be better.

TheOutdoorGearReview says:

Not a bad tent at all for the money; what other tents should we get in to review? – Luke

Lew Ashby says:

You should try out the mil-tec 3 person tent but be weary there are 2 version from mil-tec one with that has a dome and another that does not have a dome in the part where you store your gear. You can find it in varusteleka for the cheapest price at 60 euros.
The tent is not for 1 person to carry it since it weighs 4 kgs but you can take out a few things get it down to 3.5 kg or less i have not weighed it and if you are going with another person you can have them carry some of the gear and make it even.

Mason Gotto says:

Hey Luke cool video been watching a ton of your stuff recently, keep up the ” awesome ” work man. Also do you have any videos about what to pack for a over night trip?


Hi I just wanted to give you a heads up you can actually get a better tent than that 4 $44 at Walmart it’s called the Ozark Trail 2-person backpacking tent and it’s bigger than that tent and then they also have one that you can get on Walmart’s website 4 70 bucks which is the same size is that tent and has aluminum poles love the channel keep up the great work

John P3444 says:

I love you Luke, but $200 2 person tent is not budget friendly for my family. Kelty Salida has been a great performer after years of use. It’s 2x lighter. And it’s not red.

John Hogan says:

Interesting option. My closest tent is an Aldi two pole 2 person one. 2.5kg, two vestibules, heavier but more durable materials. Only just enough for two people, whereas this one is bigger and the weight is easily split. I like it.

ItSureIsFullOfStars says:

Luke, you do realize that this is yet another copy/rip-off of the MSR Hubba Hubba NX, don’t you?
I would find it fair to at least mention this, for the Hubba Hubba (NX) invented most of the design features of this tent (the geometry, the vestibule-design, the “raingutter”, the distribution of mesh on the inside etc.Even the fast-and-light-option …) and many tent manufacturers took them and “made’em their own” … This actually comes close to a quite bold rip-off, with the MSR obviously being the better – and more costly – tent (smells gorgeous, has perfect ventilation, is much lighter, …). The price tag alone justifies this Outdoor Vitals tent, as you mentioned. Bottom line – the design and functionality credit goes to MSR. Take care.

Noah Chicoine says:

Yeah, as soon as you mentioned the tent’s weight and showed the size I was like… yeah. Not what I’m looking for. Car camping, sure, AMAZING for that. Still may get this for my small family camping tent.

matt larance says:


that’s all I got to say about that

Star Mountain Outdoors & Bushcraft says:

I have used a very similar tent for the last six years – the REI half dome. It’s been a great tent. Just a hair lighter at 4 lbs. Just now starting to leak after countless nights out. Good to know that there is an option for replacement. It does have the guy lines at the front & back and the Velcro straps for the fly, so I know exactly what you’re talking about. Thank you for your very detailed review.

Robert Edwards says:

Luke keep up the great content! That’s all

coydog outdoors says:

i wish someone would sell an affordable pack tipi thats easy to carry and light weight with no flooring if any one knows of any let me know

Candlewood_ Betta says:

Luke, What do you think about The Eureka Midori 2? There’s not many reviews on it and it’s only $100.00

mobiltec says:

Too much money for that thing.

Henrik Palmgren says:

Shrimp, lol! So does it smell like fresh shrimp or shrimp that has been out in the sun for a few days? BIG difference!

Butch Hill says:

That is not a budget tent if its over 100 dollars. Under a 100 it would be. Review a Coleman, that is more of a budget tent.

George Wamser says:

Luke…you rigged up your own guylines on the fly…right?

Jack Flash says:

I bet you were good in school writing critical essays !!!

Jason Vanstone says:

Awesome vid as usual. I would also put the NorthFace Stormtrek 2 3 person in the same class.

FoxHole Outdoors says:

I feel like the difference between the natural break down and a defect is that the defect refers to a mistake made by the manufacturer that lead the failure in the product, where as natural break down is something that no one can really help.

the good guy says:

Could you do some rabbit or squirrel cooking?

Bernard De Boeck says:

Hi there Luke, if you look at the website of NatureHike you will see that they have 3p tents weighing around 1.8 tot 2.2 kg and it sells around 120€ or 110dollars it seems ok quality. Would like to know your opinion. Keep up the good work, yours Bernard

Douglas Hoffart says:

Luke, I don’t own that tent, but I do smell shrimp. Is that bad? Informative video, as always!

Rmarvids says:

I received this tent and set it up in my basement as the weather was bad. I noticed no shrimp odor at all. I agree that it’s a bit heavy and bulky but for the car camping or short hiking/camping I do, it’s a great tent for the money. I am considering just sewing a loop onto the rainfly to increase ventilation. Noticed a comment below that suggested tarp clips. That sounds like a great idea too. I don’t like to be cramped so I really appreciate the size of this tent. Good review Luke!

Captain Candycorn says:

Hey luke, ever think of checking out the Alps Mountaineering Lynx? Best seller on amazon and under 100 bucks but better quality than Coleman and the lower end stuff, so it is very appealing to the majority of new guys such as myself. I just picked one up and am gonna test it out this weekend, but from what I can tell so far I love it.

Pigeon416 says:

Shrimp smell !!!! Keep a bar of Irish Spring soap in the tent, when using and storing the tent. Works for my smelly feet smell.

Charles Cupp says:

I’d like to see your review of the 4 person Coleman Sundome tent. The Amazon link is At less than $64 but with over 2200 4.5 star reviews, they simply have to be a worthy review. It would be great to see the pros and cons of this tent as compared fairly to some of the more expensive tents.

Walter Taggart says:

have the tent no shrimp odor and with ground sheet weighs 5.5 lbs…

Nikademuz says:

Thanks for the review Luke. Appreciated brother.

Dakine says:

They can cut weight by using 15d instead of 20d

Benton Addison says:

Eureka Apex 2XT in similar price point with high quality, more guyouts, better vents, and lighter. I’m not sure its still in production, however. Mine was able to handle severe snow and rainstorms even though its 3 season. I did also special order aluminum poles to make mine even lighter.

A Jolly Hiker says:

Better / cheaper / not as roomy / no smell —-> Kelty Grand Mesa 2 ($120 @ 4 lb 10 oz) or the Kelty Salida 2 Tent ($125 @ 3 lb 14 oz). Prices are from Amazon this morning.

frank punisher says:

LUKE!!…I love all ur vids, but now that summers on the way. please do another kayak video. Maybe an overnighter kayak camping vid.

MakeDoAndMend1 says:

What is a YKK zip. My 4 man Tent was purchased from either Aldi or Lidl for £28 in the UK over 10years ago and gets used every year all weather’s. Best buy I have ever made. Not sure who manufactured it. George.

Bernard De Boeck says:

Hi there Luke, if you look at the website of NatureHike you will see that they have 3p tents weighing around 1.8 tot 2.2 kg and it sells around 120€ or 110dollars it seems ok quality. Would like to know your opinion. Keep up the good work, yours Bernard

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