The TRUTH about ROOF-TOP TENT Camping – (watch before you buy, pros and cons) Tacoma Overland

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Rooftop tent camping is cool. Roof Top Tents are fun. Roof-top tents automatically turn you into a professional overlander / camper! Not really, but there are some clear benefits to owning and using a rooftop tent for camping. There are also a good amount of cons. Rooftop tents aren’t for everyone, but hopefully this video will help you decided if they’d be a good fit for you and your camping needs.

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Eddie Ruiz says:

What are the Pros and Cons of having a Top tent on Camper Shell vs the Brackets you have it on. I feel that having the camper shell gives you more space even if it does sit higher. What Recommendations would you guys give me???

Shrike says:

So where was the truth in this Vid ???

ryan11885 says:

Where do I look for a roof tent?

Cal B says:

Thanks mate!

Alessandro Terracciano says:

i’m really indecided between CVT and FREESPIRIT the bigger size of both since we’re three of us…talking about material and price which one you think will be best ?

1angry5 says:

Good job on the video mate.
It’s nice to see a young man speaking articulate and to the point. Your build on the Taco looks pretty nice.
What I hear in your objective review is a slight need trying to convince yourself of the pros in owning a RTT.
It’s all good. There are a ton of different ways to do this thing people call “Overlanding”.
 Back when I was your age we loaded up the Land Cruiser and called it an “Expedition”. We’d research routes with paper maps, read any literature we could find or buy then strike out. We’d prepare the best we could with self reliance as a priority.
No YouTube in those days with countless videos of trail conditions and what one might expect to find.
Today I myself use YT on a daily basis. It’s a great resource.
The main point I’m trying to make is It’s awesome to see young people get out there and learn what kit works for them. How to be efficient in the bush with the vehicle and gear they choose.
I’ve been passionate about backcountry 4X4 travel since 1979 after acquiring my very first real Utility vehicle. A 1977 Toyota Land Cruiser.
That truck single handedly changed my life and took me to many remote places in the desert southwest.
No matter if you use a RTT or a Ground Tent, just get out there! Nothing like sleeping out under the stars in an Isolated place on this vast planet to realize life is really good.
I can tell you love your truck and the places you can see in it. May you enjoy a lifetime of memories behind the wheel of well built 4X4.


Roosmarijn says:

Get a yoga mat and let your dog enter the tent via the hood

Joe Hanika says:

Do you have a video of the pulley system? I thought, if I get one, I am going to try to rig something up.

Matt Ward says:

So 9/10 times the Rooftop is better, but if you camping a lot bring a tent in case?

Eduardo Deffanti says:

Thinking about your dog, why don’t you build sort of a ramp? rigid or some sort of fabric…. Just a thought! Nice videos!

Michael says:

thanks, informative

Alex kruysman says:

Do you have a video of how you mounted it to your truck bed cover

Jason Jawes says:

Appreciate your honest account of this! Def leaning towards getting one!

Mike Carney says:

Is that the Tacoma short bed?

Maxine McClurd says:

OMG a G for that thing?For a thousand I can get a outfitters tent with a wood stove! That also wouldn’t stop a north GA kitten much less a bear,lol.Critters don’t worry me.

T. F. says:

Wouldn’t have one myself. If I someplace with bears, I do not want a canvas wall. If I have to go during the night, I do not want to have to climb down a ladder, then up again, besides I’m too damn old and stiff to climb ladders. I finally got an extended top van, 7′ headroom, to convert to a camper. When I finish I will be able to leave the driver seat and go, or get up and go. I will be able to have a heater, and to cook and eat inside. But that’s just me, if someone else wants one, more power to them. Personally, if I were going that route, I’d just make an off-road camping trailer. But I don’t like trailers either.

Colby Smith says:

What beer was that?

René says:

Good video. Good info. Thanx.

Matt Taylor says:

Great review on RTT’s. Definitely a good video for someone to watch that is looking at possibly buying one. You hit all the main points, for both pros and cons. Keep up the good work!

Maggot King says:

so they’re tiny and expensive. hmmm. ill just pull my little trailer behind me and pop my tent up on it with a matress and pillows ;p. Then im set.

MUF DVR says:

Wait. Did dude say there were hummingbirds so it might be loud?

KingBird Pro. says:

70% yay 30% nay. If you dont want to wast much life… or awkward camera eye dodging features.

Tom says:

I find my roof tent crocodile, snake and feral pig resistant which is great in Australia.

Eddie Pham says:

Quality video. thank you for your time!

The1Jebrim says:

Why not just sleep in the truck? It’d be warmer, comfier, and way more convenient.

joe smith says:

roof top tents !!! but they are always on the custom made backs of trucks!!! lol Im wondering if this roof top tent is too heavy to mount to my 4 runner !? I already realized the stock crossbars are crap and too low and wide to mount ours . So Im looking at the LFD ruggedized crossbars but ! aRE THE STOCK RAILS EVEN STRONG ENOUGH TO HOLD THE TENT AND THEN 2 ADULTS IN IT !!?? aNY TIPS APPRECIATED !!! tHANKS Really looking forward to using it ! I have the Tuff stuff Delta , which is the cheapest one they have and seems pretty sweet!

joe smith says:

Tell us about the setup used to mount it !! As that has to be a custom deal right ?

greenspiraldragon says:

I see some benefits. But it just seems odd on top of the vehicle. Is the vehicle roof designed to support that?

davy savery says:

Of you were to be worried about larger animals just put it on the roof, I spent 2 weeks in the Okavango and animals are weary of a big sillhoutte so we weren’t affected by them, even though animals did roam in-between them. Like elephants, hippo, leopads

Mr C says:

can you smash in one tho

Derick B says:

get a overland trailer setup thats the way to go

greenspiraldragon says:

Interesting concept. I’m just not paying that much for a tent of any kind.

Katherine Puckett says:

Are those rock sliders under your cab or just regular nerf bars?

Rodrigo Rodrich says:

Nice. Greetings from Peru.

Alan Weiman says:

After installing a roof top tent, could you have room for something else, like a surf board?

Josh K says:

Pro/Con: Sleeps cooler in the summer. Sleeps cooler in cold weather both because the air that is allowed to circulate under the tent.
After a few years, I am considering one. Have slept in a couple now and they’re decent, but I really feel LLOD is absolutely right. Bring a ground tent as a backup. They take up very little space and weight and are better in different circumstances.

R.R. Hughes says:

Why do you call it a roof top tent if it’s not on your roof?

davy savery says:

You missed a positive; you can’t be crushed by largers animals like you can if you sleep on the ground

William James Rapp says:

I can see the PROS of a ROOF TENT SYSTEM if you have a JEEP or 4RUNNER TYPE VEHICLES — but being an avid truck owner my whole adult life as well as owning 2 Jeep Gran Cherokees — I PREFER — TRUCK BED TENTS instead of ROOF TENTS — Very easy to set up and take down and far less expensive and gets you off the ground and the bed walls give you wind protection = warmth. You can PACK YOUR GEAR AND YOUR TENT and STILL have space for cooking and such. ALSO — If you have a TRUCK you can utilizes LADDER RACKS — Racks construction workers use and you can load A LOT MORE WEIGHT if you want to set you TENT ATOP the LADDER RACKS — THEY WILL NOT BREAK ON YOU . _ I have even used the LADDER RACKS to drape a TARP over them and I have used that as a make shift tent and still have the safety and security of the truck bed walls . OR BETTER YET A CAMP SHELL FOR YOUR TRUCK — I lived in a NISSAN TRUCK WITH A CAMPER SHELL FOR A YEAR AND A HALF STRAIGHT — WORKS GREAT FROM WIND RAIN SNOW — KEEPS YOU DRY AND WARMER AND BETTER PROTECTION FROM CRITTERS.

THE LADDER RACKS I HAVE ARE — — they are EASY to self install and can hold as much as 800 POUNDS OF GEAR. I no longer have the camper shell but they are maybe $1000 But made of FIBERGLASS — Can have sliding side windows for ventilation and light and keep out the elements very very well and stand up to hard winds and hard rains – snow – hail – and they can be locked to help secure your property.

Nicholas Christophorou says:

It’s all fun and laugh until… BEAR!!!

Yea i know the answer… shotgun…

Hersh Johnson says:

Maybe I missed these two cons… Middle of the night pee for my girl. She’s gotta climb down the ladder. NOT GOOD! And an un-level car makes for a un-level tent which makes my girl rolling out the door in the middle of the night. NOT GOOD!!! Can ya see who likes the RRT and who doesn’t?

Edy the Coyote says:

I’ll never get the roof top tent. You can find a nice used pop up trailer for the price. Sleep six, heater, sink water tank, fridge, FOR THE SAME PRICE. Makes absolutely no sense. I live in Colorado too. Elk hunt in the Autumn/winter. I’ve got a higher suspension on the pop up (not much cost or work) and I have taken it in rough country. Great video as usual though. See you on the trail

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