This Futuristic Vehicle Protection Device Stops Falling Bricks! Lanmodo Car Tent Review! Crown Rick

This Futuristic Car Protection Device Protects from Elements & Falling Bricks! Lanmodo Car Tent Review
Check out the Lanmodo Car Tent!
Buy here on Amazon!:

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CrownVicMick says:

Hey Rick your voice is starting to sound like “Top Cat”,all you need now is Officer Dibble to turn up. Love it .

leticia heredia says:

Yesterday was my birthday

Luke Harris says:

are you going to put the light bar from the last video on the movie car?

Dan Bowles says:

Great vids dude

Glenda Hue says:

I want handcuffs

Mae Davis says:


Kalvin The Blue says:

Rick, I sent you an Instagram DM

McCoy Eastham says:


Maria Galindo says:

Knife giveaway

Dennis Dew says:

I would like to get one of those for my Crown Vic. I will ask Santa for one.

Desmond Sawyer says:

I need that thing it’s raining right now

SLAYIN B says:

i subscribed and love watching your videos #shoutout #crownrickisthebest

LosRioDelMar says:

Shit we need these on our units and povs when the rain season comes it’ll save on hail damage

martin robillard says:

t s getting worst and worst

Social Outcast says:

Must be from the Umbrella Corporation?

Ashley Lemus says:

You should act like a police and stop them and go to their car and give them 100 dollar bill like if you agree

Multi Man says:

I watch from Turkey good jobs guys

luciano rochelle says:

en argentina eso se puede vender bien

Laurentino Reyes says:


ian styles says:

Crown Rick Auto
whats up with the lack of videos

British Gaming - Lyo-7505 says:

I saw the police tase my neighbor for fighting with a child and punching him so he got tased

fikes bikes says:


ТИХОН НОВОКУЗНЕЦКИЙ TB says: Подпишись на мой канал будет много прикольных ролики и песни

North Face says:

Walkie talkie hand held speak er plz crown

Mcrmykillr says:

I do #cuffs right and anyway you make great videos like the Crown Vic Complations. Keep up the good work man.

Jonathan garica says:


Jayson playz says:

# handcuffs hope you find a biscuit

Laurentino Reyes says:


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