Top 10 Best Tents For Camping 2017

Top 10 Best Tents For Camping 2017

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1. Coleman Air Valdes Tent 22:31
Amazon link:

2. Coleman Instant Cabin 10/8/6/4 18:20
Amazon link:

3. Sunrise EX 4, 6 and 8 Series 16:40
Amazon link:

4. Mountainsmith Conifer 5+ 15:32
Amazon link:

5. Cinch tent 10:29
Amazon link:

6. Polycotton Insulated 6-person Tent 09:27
Amazon link:

7. Midori 4 and 6 Tents 08:07
Amazon link:

8. Coleman Pop Up Tent 05:36
Amazon link:

9. Flying Tent 03:34
Amazon link:

10. Coleman Drake tent 0:14
Amazon link:

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Norman Smith says:

ha ha ha when onot your back the einge tent makes him look like a ninja turtle. lol

Top 10 Zone says:

Please let us know what types of product top 10 list you want to see in our next
video. It will inspire us to create new video based on your choice.

Michael Ogden says:

Need a tent

Bill Atkinson says:

How you decided on your top 10 is a mystery. Way too many Coleman tents on the list almost all of them with fibreglass poles (a known problem in tents) and most of them with only partial fly sheets (again a known problem in heavier rain). Your number one with the Valdez has the air technology DOES NOT mention at all that the “poles” will explode and fail when the tent is left in hotter weather. Very poor list.

time4grace says:

There is a House tents now at KMart and Kotula’s. Looks like a real house at a distance and not a tent but it is tent.

Eric Graham Campbell says:

my tent has 10.000th for a mm water pruff and has the nano affect

Janiece Jaye Genovese says:

Just found out from Coleman the Valdes 6 XL is only available in Europe.

John Fiona says:

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Juliet Nasike says:

I love no.6

ActionAffection65 says:


richieboy09 says:

i love that bit of music right at the end! @ 27:40

Justin McNeil says:

its weird how this has the exact same music as the tent video on the canadian tire website

WantOldYoutube Back says:

The Cinch looks amazeballs and the Galiano is a guest house. Wow

Marc Clemente says:

These are very cool tents

daddyos50 says:

you neglected to mention Cabela’s Alaskan guide tent, W T F!! NOW that is a tent!!

Alexandru Amoq says:


Dave Counts says:

They got it right with the Galiano Nice Tent!

Mark Heinze says:

great video! I got all fired up about the air valdes until I realized you can’t get it in the US …and that it costs about $1000 USD. =/

Robert Watson says:

I judge tents by their ability to withstand a Louisiana torrential thunderstorm downpour. Can and does the tent keep water from entering the tent from underneath? Does it leak anywhere? I’ve yet to find one that meets these criteria as all of them leak in hard rain and water gets in from underneath. Are there any that pass this test? I think not.

my thien Tran says:

Amazing video with the useful imformation. When a family members or a large number of friends are going to camp, it is better to bring one family tent which will contain all the members and it saves time of camping or setup many small tents. So, family tent is more comfortable and it is the best choice for a group are going to camp. So, how to Purchase the Best Family Tent for Camping, you can see it here

Milo Carter says:

list the prices for the tents too

Allan Johansen says:

Keep up the good work Germans !

Ioan Balatici says:

best tent this year is Zempire TXL Polycoton

Pam Frantz says:


Specialfamilyoccasions says:

Really like number 6. Love camping but not great at “roughing it”. So this looks like next best thing to Glamping

Kelly Sankale says:

the first looks like the best tent ever

jan ivar markussen says:

did you test any of these? or are you just compiling commercials


Amazing video. Thanks for putting that together.

RedWhite&Blue 78 says:

These tents average at best… Not trying to be negative but Mountain Smith is ok, Eureka is almost ok… if you can find the brands at Walmart, they may not be quality… If you are camping only 1 or 2 times a year then I get it… Check out Big Agnes big house 4 or 6… Kelty makes quality tents for budget… Look for sales and you can get a great tent for a little more than a Coleman.

Veggamattic says:

What do all these tents have in common? They all use totally douchey music in the video.

Chuck Littleton says:

” Top 10 Best Tents For Camping 2017 ” It should be —10 Tents for CAR CAMPING. Everyone has different ideas of Best.

White Man says:

How ignorant is it that the Cinch tent isn’t for sale, you can purchase on the come, so if you need a tent now or this summer, then forget about it!

Hatch a Holiday says:

We love our Colman 6 Person Instant Up Tent – easy to put up and take down and tall people ( like us) can stand up in it.

melissa griffin says:

You could say this video was pretty IN TENTS!

YU LAN RAO says:

We are a specialized tent company in shenzhen china, pls contact me for detailed information.

Paul Kohler says:

After being a loyal Coleman Customer for over 50 years, they screwed with me over the Warranty on a new Tent  !

Kelly Roberts says:

most of these tents are very basic, moderate tents.  REI, Big Agnes, Hilleburg, and marmot all make much better tents.  But if you are just car camping 1-2 times a year all these tents will work.  Be advised that most are not rain/high wind worthy.

Flea Balzary says:



very nice

kleive tuazon says:

I have a galiano pop up tent and it didn’t do so well… When me and my sister woke up, everything was wet, the walls of the tent were wet inside from the rain.

Eric Graham Campbell says:

and the skin of the tent can breathe

Paul Kohler says:

Don’t Buy Coleman – will not honor warranty on inferior poles .  Terrible  !

683dxwww 683 says:

My brother got me a tent from Western Australia about 15 years ago . You take it out of the bag pull a rope at the top of the tent its up in about 30 seconds they are called Black stump tents . Strangle the pop up tents you see these days seem very similar in design .

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