Wenzel Klondike Tent Review (Part 1) 1080P

There were only a couple of video reviews for this tent, so I felt like making my own since my camera shoots in 1080p. At the time this video was shot I had not yet camped in this tent, only set it up in my yard. My first impressions of the tent were good though, in my opinion, this tent is not as huge as some make it sound in their reviews on Amazon. I apologize that the video(s) ran a bit long. Hopefully my review helps you make your determination in whether or not this tent is for you.

*FYI, I was going to make another video when I was camping in this but ended up being way too busy. The tent held up well but did leak with heavy rain. The leaking wasn’t horrible, we stayed dry… but there were puddles near the corners of the big sleeping area, and also some next to the big zip up flaps of the screen room. I would recommend using some seam sealer and ensuring you’re on the levelest spot possible, this may have contributed to the leaking as my site was not very level.*

Also, please do not leave me comments telling me how to “properly” set up and tighten down a tent. While I am not some outdoor freak who camps constantly, I do know what I am doing. I am well aware of the concept of making everything tightened down and running the guide wires. This tent still has the waviness issue on one side that everyone who posts pictures has. This can NOT be corrected by pulling ANY part of the tent tighter. So unless you own this tent yourself, and can demonstrate that waviness in a video and then corrected in another, do not tell me I’m not pulling it tight enough. You can tighten the floor as much as you want, but this has zero affect on the top, where the waviness occurs. In addition to this, I already mentioned in the video annotations that the collapsing pole no longer happened after re positioning it and running the guide wires, so you do not need to tell me to do that. Thank you.

Video recorded with a Nikon Coolpix S8200


Terry Burgess says:

nice tent!


those people on the reviews had to be talking about a 3 Bedroom Klondike.

Castorios says:

Hi Sir, the inside door zipper when opened is at the bottom @7:17, this means that you must open, unzip, the entire top part in a circular fashion in order to get in ?? (you can’t simply squeeze yourself trough a lower unzipped section ?)

meowzer40156580 says:

Great review. I bought the grandview which looks similar. The 1 question I have for you. We’re you able to get it back in the storage bag it came in once you took it out? I have not set mine up yet and was just curious. My last tent I had used a mesh sports ball holder and was wondering if I need to use that or a bigger holder.

jmax461 says:

Hi Ace,
Had a quick question. Does the screened in area have a floor? Thanks!


raerae6569 says:

Did you ever stop to think that when the statement was made that the tent would not fit on a standard campsite that was a bit of humor about the size of the tent. You just took it literal when you didn’t see the humor in it. 

Baoweezzy says:

wow we dont get backyards like that here in california

ShadesOfMyEternity says:

I would NOT recommend this tent. One of the steel porch rods buckled at the bend the second time we set it up. We had no choice but to try and make it work even tho it was now a 90 deg bend,not a 45 deg. The rainfly over the porch pooled water so porch collapsed repeatedly. The fiberglass tent poles across the top of the cabin didnt stay domed and made loose S shapes. The porch walls dont zip on top so when we dumped the water from the top it poured in the side of the porch. NOT GOOD FOR RAIN!

PT Takhar says:

That was awesome! Thanks

Joshua Sabourin says:

Well…sort of. The vent is fairly small, and vented downward, so even a small 5,000BTU AC unit would likely be wider than the vent. …so you would be wasting some of that cold air, unless you also used a small tarp or something to taper it to the vent. Also, the tent is all mesh at the top. So you would obviously want the rain fly on. I have no doubt you’d stay cool, but the tent definitely isn’t going to “hold” the cool air and the ac unit would be running a lot.

John Lindsey says:

Thank you, Joshua for the more than excellent review. I just bought one and did not know it was this big.

backcheck31 says:

Great review!  Thank you!

lorenzo rodriguez says:

the rear vent at the bottom. is it screened? couldnt tell.

TotalGoodness says:

I wonder how waterproof these tents really are? The hydroscopic amount is ignored by many reviews, although I found some info here http://TheCompleteCamper.com

Emo666Cali says:

Dies laughing maybe there on turtle beach!!

Quest4Truth says:

if they would of added an extra door on the side of the tent this would be the perfect tent for me but I hate having just one door especially when u got the screen porch! looks like its going to be the coleman weather master for 6 for me

lorenzo rodriguez says:

im looking at this tent in amazon. thats how i found your video

TheWhiels says:

Thumbs up for Michigan!

Joshua Sabourin says:

The main sleeping area is divided by a round door that zips shut. The secondary sleeping area is the screened in porch. So you can either use it as a screened in porch/storage area, or zip up with sides and use it for more sleeping room. Around the 7min mark shows the oval door that can separate the two sides.

Manuel Beaumont says:

I have used this tent on numerous occasions for 2 years now. It seems to hold up pretty well. At the lake last spring we had a bad storm moving in. The tent did buckle at times with the strong winds. I brought some extra rope with me and used it to anchor the sides to a couple of trees and it was fine. Make sure the rainfly is on properly because it will make a huge difference. I missed a slot and the rainfly almost flew off. I saw where I saw where I went wrong and fixed it. No more issues after that. Really is a good tent. I hope to use a couple of more years.

Joshua Sabourin says:

I am going camping next month. This will be my second time camping in this tent. I will likely make a short video just to show it with some gear inside and how it looks on our site. We’ll be camping at Harrisville State Park in Michigan right on Lake Huron.

sonya faye Hill says:

what covers the top of the tent Joshua Is it always exposed like that?

Joshua Sabourin says:

FYI, I ended up not making another video when I went camping. I was just way too busy. The tent held up well but did leak with heavy rain. The leaking wasn’t horrible, we stayed dry… but there were puddles near the corners of the big sleeping area, and also some next to the big zip up flaps of the screen room. I would recommend using some seam sealer and ensuring you’re on the levelest spot possible, this may have contributed to the leaking as my site was not very level.

Joshua Sabourin says:

Well the reviews by “multiple” people were made on the actual product page on Amazon. So it was for this tent, they are evidently just not used to a “family” tent.

Joshua Sabourin says:

Yes, the screened in porch area does have a floor. The walls also zip up so the area can be used as another sleeping area.

You Don't Know Me says:

My question is..if you put a window ac unit to the vent would it work?

Joshua Sabourin says:

Well we don’t get to camp a lot. We usually do one trip in the summer for 3 or 4 nights. So I have still only “used” this tent once. I would still recommend it though. I would just check the weather before heading out, really strong winds or heavy rain is a bit much for it. I just recommend a very level spot and to set it up over a tarp. For the price/size it is a great value and I do not regret the purchase.

azimmey says:

Thanks, nice tent

Loressa Williams says:

I got me a tent like this mainly for my little one to play in during the summer or summer camping I used to have one bigger got it was tossed by my dad by mistake

T says:

Love the Tent. As for size in my opinion it’s huge. Ive Never seen a tent this size before. Hopefully I’ll have enough room at the campsite to put this up this upcoming weekend.

andrewesquivel says:

I was under the assumption that the main area had a separator to create 2 separate rooms. is this not the case?

Joanna Smith says:

It is super small tent compared to the Ozark Trail 3 room tent. I bought a Wenzel tent just this last week, now I have to return it tanks to roof leak. Not too sure about their products quality.

Joshua Sabourin says:

Yep, the rear vent has a screen. It also zips shut, from the outside. I ended up having to shut mine when it was raining as the rain was bouncing off of the ground and into the tent through the vent,

Maxwell Maher says:

I bought one of these a couple weeks ago. It was great in fair weather but it buckled at fiberglass/metal union when windy. I’ve owned and setup many tents but don’t remember having this problem with any others.

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