Winter Camping in a Tent w/ Snugpak Cave & Sleeping Mats

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Brent Forseth says:

Great tent. I own one. Worth every penny. I can also confirm it stays very cool in the summer months even with the fly on do to the mesh doors being on both sides which creates great airflow.

Ray Stebbins says:

great review thanks for showing it in the snow

Rafael Ramos da Costa says:

could you tie two of them togheter on using the ’round’ zipper?

Haggard Wilderness says:

Very nicely done!! Check out my outdoor videos. Thanks and keep it up!

Rodrigo Melotto says:

So its a four person tent but only fits 2?

Cory Boyd says:

Is there enough room for an Army cot?

steve wilkerson says:

That’s really nice, I’ve been wanting one of these for some time now.

Sean Ross says:

I want one

Audun Gillerdalen says:

Good review. Man People forget to open mote ventililation in the winter so good that you talked about that.

Matthew Horton says:

“Vestibules” x1000….seriously, where’s the info about its winter weather performance….?

Robert Young says:

Thank you for a great review. How warm is the air mattress that you have to inflate yourself. I would think it wouldn’t provide much insulation from the snow.

Fyrst Waffen says:

Nice tent, thanks for sharing

Rudy O says:

I have the snugpak lightspeed, sleeping pad.
Awesome piece of gear.
I liked the tent.
Thank you for sharing….

David Dirom says:

$671 Canadian includes shipping. Think I will give it a miss no matter how good it is

Raymond McLemore says:

Gotta disagree with you on one point Ben.  Its not light weight but packs small and would be a great backpacking tent. Just remember its good for 3+ people, so ideally you split the parts between the team, or have the other two people carry more of the food and gear, and just you carry the tent.  Thats what i do with my son and our Scorpion 3. Thanks for another great review.

the thinker says:

good uk products

The UnDead Hiker says:

just bought myself one!! Thanks Ben always good reviews!

No Name says:

Vestibuels or vegetables

ministercreek says:

The entire tent body is mesh????

Bobby Rex says:


Fyrst Waffen says:

Thanks Tony…you have already completed the tests and answered almost all my questions about the tent and sleeping pads… job well done

Lucas Mercier says:

Ur narration is great


Great review.

Kurd Phoenix says:

And you finally have ur glasses off thats a good thing man

Harry Mills says:

A lot like my Walrus VeloDome, which is a 3-season tent, but I’ve camped in the snow with it. I think your tent, proper, has a bigger footprint, until you add on the VeloDome’s larger front vestibule, where I can easily set up a full-size camp chair and sit comfortably, while I take off my boots, and the footprint is close to the same, I think. The VeloDome has more of a square vestibule. but without the fly (and its front-and-back vestibules), the VeloDome seems significantly smaller than your 3-man. If you’ve got it well-ventilated, it doesn’t take much more than a gas lantern to knock the chill off.

Mike Davis says:

Very nice tent and great vlog

Rick Kephart says:

Sounds like a great tent

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