Worlds First Coverless Roof Top Tent ⛺️ | The iKamper X-Cover | FULL REVIEW

Time to drive into the World’s First Coverless Roof Top Tent…The iKamper X-Cover.
Take a look at iKamper @
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As many of you know RTT’s (Roof Top Tents) are becoming more and more popular with off-road overland driving. Though they are expensive investments, they add an incredible ease of set up and versatility when it comes to sleeping on the go. Let’s see what the iKamper X-Cover has done to add to this overland lifestyle.

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Brandon Belveal says:

Here we go!! #IsupportGY6outdoorsPatreon!

Tony Ojeda says:

Do it!!

jeff galbraith says:

my wife weighs 275 lbs will she be able to climb that ladder ?

Spurteer says:

Wow the view looks great, what state is the canyon in?

Steel Punisher 69 says:

Very impressive my friend! ! Quality normally isn’t cheap. I usually don’t mind more cost for things that work and will last. And those views were priceless.

Laine Halsey says:

Were you in Wyoming perhaps.

MANNY~EmberDim says:

Thanks, Andrew!

eKo Shadow says:

Do the annex video

Nicolas Rebollar says:

Great quality review video thank you! Keep them coming please

Anthony D ParaGringo says:

I’m pre-ordered. Thanks Andrew!

Dominic says:

Yes, please do a future review and any reviews on this product and the things it comes with! greatly enjoy your content brother!

Jesse Gunderson says:

Andrew, buddy of mine is in the market for the iKamper but he’s being a wuss about the price tag. Get those guys to offer your viewers a dang discount so I can convince my buddy to buy the damn thing!

Thomas Valenti says:

Plz do the anex room

Michael Keith says:

Andrew that was a kick ass review. Will definitely look into one of these. Would be very interested for sure on the additions and a year follow-up. Love that view too!!!

Galamoth66 says:

Dude i want that now.looks so badass

GY6outdoors says:

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LRN Overland says:

Wow, this is one of the best tent reviews out there! I have ordered the tent and cant wait.
But you missed one thing i think should have been in this review, and that is showing a close procedure of how to fully close it..

Oh and by the way. Ikamper is korean made, so quality should be one of the best out there. Koreans are perfectionists and extremely engaged in quality..

Keith Hansen says:

Great, inclusive, and honest review.

The Bohemian Hunting Club says:

Awesome review, those are cool!

joshpandh says:

Hey keep these vids up, they are really high quality and thought out plus you articulate well and don’t have alot of nonsense like other reviews. I appreciate the time and effort. You should definitely do the attachment video. I’d definitely would modify it to properly secure it down and not rely on a zipper.

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