Worth the Cost? – Hilleberg Nammatj 2 – Real World Review

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You all have seen the Hilleberg Nammatj 2 being used throughout the years here with The Outdoor Gear Review and today it is time for the review.

The Question : Is It Worth The Cost?

Link : http://us.hilleberg.com/EN/tent/black-label-tents/nammatj-2/

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tfre3927 says:

My mate has this tent. I have the Tarra and the Enan. Hilleberg tents are amazing. Love products that are ‘set and forget’.

Albert Virtanen says:


I’m about to upgrade my Fjällräven Abisko Shape to Nammatj 2 GT. The only concern I really have is the package size. What are your thoughts on using a compress stuff sack with the tent to save some space in your back bag?

Andrew Turner says:

Great review I really enjoyed this thanks for making all these videos.

Phil Ward says:

$800 for a tent that lasts 20 years…

You didn’t mention the cordage they use and brag about it that you can get s full footprint of the same material as the bathtub floor

Finn Green says:


Why was this tent not used during this passed snow storm you camped out in?

Was it just to try other tents?

Max Flight says:

Fuck me …if you are going to review it,​ please pitch it properly!

Danny Mason says:

Hilleberg make the best tents in the world full stop!

George Canvin says:

Double not deble.

Roger Hensler says:

You can also run a double pole set for more rigidity.

mogelzmo says:

This tent is basicly for the persons that cant exept falier in a tent thats the aspeckt thats worth the cash and that asow makes it so expensive if your tent fails in sertent situations it can be over so better have one that doesnt.

TheOutdoorGearReview says:

One of the best 4 season tents on the market…
the type of tent that will take whatever you throw at….but for the price, you better be throwing some major at it.
Not a tent for everyone but for those who want to explore the wilder side of winter, it is a fantastic purchase.
– Luke

Ben Finny says:

Good video, work on the audio !!!!!!

Michael Sargeant says:

Have you ever done a review on the hilleberg saitaris. Just came to some unexpected money. Bought one in green as my grown up son wants to winter camp. Have a snugpak cave at the moment. Stay safe and God bless, with love from the UK

Oliver Berresford says:

I got a Hilleberg Soulo after much fretting about how much it cost even second hand. That lasted until I used it first time in winter snow camping in wind. Awesome tent worth every cent, so well made and designed easy to put up. So well made, you won’t regret the purchase. Nice review.

J Crews says:

I agree. The only time I knock someone for having the absolute best when it comes to price tags, is when they buy it and then complain about being broke or behind on their actual priorities, bills, payments, etc etc..  If youre living within your means and can afford a $800 tent or an $80k bmw, then by all means go for it.  But that’s where the issue lies with that. So many people are worried about impressing others now that they will sacrifice a comfortable life while not being rich, to get a, “haha look at me and what I own or drive” moment in whilst being in debt or struggling to survive paycheck to paycheck and look like a fool instead of the rich snob theyre impersonating.  But all that’s beside the point, great and honest review!

Andrew Jackson says:

I think I’ll probably get their Nallo 2GT tent not that I need a 4 season tent in Australia, I’d probably get the mesh inner for our summers because in winter it does still get pretty cold and some places it snows here also.But unless you can recommend something else that can with stand strong winds with good ventilation with a huge vestibule that’s small enough to tie to the back of a bike …..


I want one in green but I will take red if the price is right. Love that tent and love your videos with this tent. It truly is a “FORTRESS”

Jerry Lee says:

How much did you get this tent used for? And have you had any issues with condensation?

thatcrazydutchguy says:

Can you review the mountain hardware trango?

Tony Bevel says:

Great review and very thorough. This will be my next tent. Thanks for the best outdoor reviews on YouTube, Keep them coming

parkerlewiscl says:

What would be your go-to ultralight 3 season backpacking tent?

qeull says:

I got sick of tents that could not stand up to the extreme winds we get in the aussie high country in both summer and winter. It can snow anytime if conditions are right. We had a near disaster one winter when our tent crapped itself. Never again. Had many brands, then I got hold of one of these and never looked back. Most of my friends have these as well, and for one reason, you can depend on them. We are not brand junkies. All good to slag people off for buying them, but who cares. I went without other stuff to get one of these. If people want to spend their hard earned on one of these or any other item it’s their business. No seam sealing, integral pitch, strong, quality. I don’t see the quality in many other brands (that used to be quality items) back in the day doing the rounds these days. Get one and sleep in the confidence that they give you. How much is that worth ???

Alan Hunter says:

i have a Tarra and a Soulo. Both are fantastic tents. I have been camping for nearly 40 years now. I have had tents from other named brands. My north face dome tent was fantastic but bought in the 80s. I looked at every model that was 4 season and thought the quality was crap. Reviews for some were shocking. Hilleberg all the way for me. I am a low paid worker and i went without untill i could afford mine. I got caught in really bad weather on a hill when i heard people outside shouting hello…. I opened the flap and there were two folk who were trying to make it to shelter in the dark. They had a msr tent which snapped the pole and ripped it open. They couldnt believe just how stable my Tarra was. We three crashed out for the night and in daylight went and collected what was left of their tent and belongings. They were so grateful for my shelter. They have a couple of Hillebergs now. I still keep in contact with the couple. Pros Bomb proof amazing tents. Cons heavy bulky and expensive. For me can you put a price limit on your safety on a hill in gale force wind or driving snow.

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