ZPacks Duplex 3,000+ Mile Review

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Zpacks Duplex Tent – http://zpacks.com/shelter/duplex.shtml

Post PCT Gear List – https://youtu.be/zfqxFjJ8Eb8

Pre PCT Thru-Hike Gear List – https://youtu.be/aaQqPbu1Fa0

2018 PCT Thru-Hike Series – https://youtu.be/ZcdhpKpTR8E?list=PLZ4jf4nhut2WdZr612yrjMcYjz-IPCiAS

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Midwest Manatee says:

How do you pack it during the day? Rolled up properly in its sack or just stuffed in your bag?

Spencer Chastain says:

Anyone have thoughts/experience on having an animal (dog) in the tent? How will the floor hold up when the claws get a bit on the longer side?

mfdannydanger says:

Any tips on cleaning the duplex?

Winjulanntaf says:

What is the lowest temperature you have used the tent in? I use a MSR Elixer 2 the coldest temp I have gone so far is -15 celcius. I would love to go extreme light weight I am just concerned that it would not work well in cold temps.

Eric Fehr says:

Would this tent fit someone 6′ 6″ tall? I have a 4 inch thick inflatable pad. Concerned that feet would touch tent sides and get quilt wet.

sgtmsony says:

does anybody knows any 3 person tent that packs small? I do not care about weight, nor about weather/temp ratings since it will be a summer tent, I just need it to pack small and cost 100 USD or less.

Umi Hagitani says:

Thanks for the video. I am curious how or what is the level of your after care of your gear? How much time do you put in to take care of it. Have you always been comfortable (I personally want to just rest a day or two and feel really lazy about taking care of my gears)?

Ernie Lynge says:

Can you neverwet treat it? Or is that redundant?

Ryan Murphy says:

Do you have any tips for setting up your tent in the rain? If you know you are going to be hiking in rain do you pack different footwear?

littlenel17 says:

Is there a budget tent that you could compare to this tent? I’m just starting hiking and idk how I’m going to like it so I don’t think dropping $600 is smart.

Patrick Gunn says:

Will the Duplex work for 2 people for a few nights? I’m going to purchase for my thru-hike (in a couple of years) but also what to use when my wife and I go out west next year. I’m 5’10 my wife is 5 foot. I think the Triplex is too big for one to use and I only want to purchase one tent.

Selou Traeumtgern says:

Really sad, that one can never see the sky through this tent. Can you make a Video on Cowboy Camping?

Thomas Sudduth says:

Nice presentation, Darwin. Good to know your tent has held up well. After Dixie showed pinholes in hers (sparks?), I was worried that mine might not last as long as I wanted. But now am feeling reassured.

rotaaable says:

Hi Darwin! Which stakes would you recommend for this tent? Will you review the Plexamid tent as well?

Genetk44 says:

Hey Darwin..just found your channel..,awesome stuff! Have you done any videos on footwear/gear?

MonkeySpecs301 says:

i didn’t see any for sale on ebay, do the tents have decent resale value if they are in good condition?

HelgeStrichen says:

*slaps top of the tent

Kamper 2020 says:

I went back and forth, and back and forth again before I finally decided that okay….this is an incredible tent and worth the money. After buying and retuning a Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL 2 (because it came with two small holes in the rain fly; right out of the bag) and a Marmot Tungsten UL 2, just to heavy for a big thru hike, I am ready to pull the trigger on this amazing tent. Your review and the review of several other Youtuber’s that completed their thru-hike and still loved it, I cant wait until I get it.

Πασχάλης Μπακούρας says:

Do a video for military grade backpacks. It will be useful for us. I love your videos I totally get them and I would love to see a video like that.

SierraRose Przybyla says:

…don’t you want some kind of footprint??? (I hate pitching right on the ground!)

Brian Andrews says:

You sold me on the Duplex earlier this year (along with 20* EE quilt). Got the Camo to stealth and LOVE it. Spent a few nights in it including a couple rainy ones. My Alpine Carbon poles work great. Carry a piece of Tyvek to protect the floor in places I go. Mine was already set up to flex if I decide later. Thanks and hike/bike on. 🙂

ryan tiernov says:

i use the 3f ul single tent which i absolutely love! Little bit heavier at 700grams but the price is way cheaper

Ced Kar says:

Hey Darwin, wondering if you cowboy camped on it sometimes to be under the stars and thoughts about that. Thanks

Jeremy JS says:

Nice review. Not absorbing water into fabric is a difference maker. Dries out so fast.

Diego Ornelas says:

Are you planning of hiking the cdt

Adam Bojakowski says:

How about some strong winds ? it does not look very areodynamic

Locked Firing says:

Honestly doesn’t seem like an impressive tent. Cuban fiber, from what I understand, is not a reliable or durable fiber

Nomad827 says:

Hello from Canada, thank you for all the great videos and the extremely useful reviews. I noticed that you used your hiking poles (when they weren’t broken) with your Duplex on the PCT and you used the Zpacks poles in this video. I was wondering at what height do you set your poles? Zpacks recommends 48 inches however I have read many reviews that recommend the poles be set at 45 inches as this takes some of the stress off the netting when closing the zippers. I will need to use tent poles so I am debating if I should buy 45 and 48 inch poles. Thanks again for the great advice.

Michael Neff says:

Also only pack I own is medium Alice, older external frame army pack. How would you compare an Alice or MOLLE to these expensive pro long trail hiking packs, in reference to use on weekenders and 3 day hike camping.

Phil Mc Racken says:

U say drab funny

Mark Fugel says:

well…it’s kinda late for me…since i just bought the “heavier” color and it came yesterday. When i picked it up from the post office, i swore there was an empty box since it was soooo light. But when i opened the box…it was there! Can’t wait to get it out there. I am worried about laying it down on rocks or sticks or briars…but it seems you had no problems in all your miles. I am having withdrawals from your PCT videos. I attempted to do the Art Loeb Trail last week in Pisgah National Forest…had a bad knee and had to change things to just day hikes around the Blue Ridge Parkway. Saw lots of bikers…but be careful. Totally beautiful place! Views were spectacular. Enjoy! Thanks again for the review. Any advice on how to best store your duplex?

The Video Stump says:

I have been considering this as my last tent to buy, but like you said as for price, I’m still on the fence.. Its between this and a pyramid style one…

Finn Blu says:

Thanks D

Always a great upload of interesting information

Curious …

red beard’s latest vid and a set up prior to anticipated wind and rainstorm reflected a much higher bathtub arrangement and seemed limited to one and some gear?

Michael Neff says:

Wanting to get into day and weekenders, 3-day hike and camp Hocking Hills or Mohican. IF not the 600$ tent, then which? $600 seems steep for what i want.

Bebop The Wanderer says:

So because your channel inspired me to do what I’m doing here’s a video of places and hikes I’ve done while living in Yosemite. Thanks again Darwin for everything you do. https://youtu.be/nxa8mgooh6g

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