Zpacks Duplex Tent Review (plus some cheaper options!)

I used the Zpacks Duplex tent for most of my PCT thru-hike so I wanted to let y’all know what I thought about it! I also used the Nemo Hornet 1p for a short stretch, and in this video I cover it and my Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 (Appalachian Trail thru-hike) as possible cheaper alternatives. Thank you for watching!

Zpacks Duplex: http://www.zpacks.com/shelter/duplex.shtml
Nemo Hornet 1P: http://amzn.to/2hl0CD8
Nemo Hornet 2P: http://amzn.to/2yknxSr
Big Agnes Fly Creek UL1: http://amzn.to/2hVIP2B
Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2: https://www.rei.com/product/865393/big-agnes-fly-creek-ul-2-tent
Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2:

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S. Sagen says:

I adore my Zpacks Duplex!! I got the freestanding option so I could use it on tent pads in the Whites, but otherwise the tent-pole setup is perfect. The slight “transparency” is awesome under bright moonlit nights. Love it.

John Burdette says:

I think they are nice, I like the green 1 , nemo hornet 1p. great reviews Dixie lots of good info. …

wjennin1 says:

I doubt this will be seen, but a potential hack for your overhead light idea might be to rig up a piece of string from one trekking pole to another and hang a sierra designs night glow.

Moondoggy says:

Very helpful review. Well spoken thanks for sharing your experiences with us ! Look forward to seeing more.

Banyan Tree says:

Great overview.

trailkrum says:

Dynema does eventually develop tiny holes, that’s just the way the material breaks down. Great review!

tnprime says:

wow, that zpacks looks soo over priced for what it is. $600!! If it wasnt made out of dyneema, making it’s weight lower, the design would be something you’d find at walmart for $60. They are marking up the dyneema fabric well beyond what it is worth to meet the price expectations of the UL market. Thin, loud, potato chip bag material which per yard isnt that pricy as you’d be led to believe. Skimping on the little pockets amazes me, every tent company does it to some degree, what does a few 1sqft mesh pockets cost in weight and fabric….? There are not many ways to add value to a tent, (design, build quality, ease of use),the actual material costs are low. In this one, it looks like the hornet for the win.

Jenna08848 says:

I love my Nemo Hornet 2p

MTrefiner says:

My UL2 is a lot different than yours? Mine is 2016 model. Considered fully freestanding. So they made some changes. Thanks for the review Dixie.

Erika O says:

Awesome review!

jane freeman says:

Hi and thank you. I have one of the original zpacks tents and it could do another thru hike…. one small hole so far. It is breezy from the sides… has an add on batub floor. Does the duplex allow wind in on the sides or can you cinch it down the sides tight enough?

David Barclay says:

The MSR Mesh house and Wing Tarp are a nice light alternative. See Living Survival for a nice look.

Aaron Silver says:

I would’ve used tarp or duct tape on small holes of the z-pack

flamedancer44 says:

Just binge watched your trail adventures (now I’m beat for work but worth it, LOL) I have always wanted to do JMT. I am almost 50, not in the best shape( got some screws holding me together). I am now inspired to at least go camp on the trails & enjoy it!!! Thanks for all the stories. You make it look easy,lol

wink hvac says:

Thank you

Eija J says:

Enjoying these follow-up videos! <3 I've said it before, but these videos really sparked something in me to do a long hike. I have done backpacking which included some hiking, but never a longer hike like this. Seems really life changing and an inspiring thing to do! Something I've also said before; come to Iceland 😉

Tyler Fike says:

Great Video! The Big Agnes HV UL2 ( newer version of the one in the video, HV= High Volume) is on sale at Amazon for $252. I bought it a week ago. It is also on sale now at REI Garage for $263.93, and through the 20th REI Members get 20% off one garage item. You could have this tent for just over $200!! Hard to beat that value.

allencrider says:

The high bathtub in my Nemo was great on windy nights. It was high enough to keep the wind out of my face when I had the rain vestibule off. Seeing the Nemo on this vid made me nostalgic for the trail!

Hannah Ulrich says:

Oh my goodness this helped me understand tents so much more! I’ve been looking to buy a tent. I’ve only used a Kelty tarp, never a tent, and I’ve never understood all the tent lingo. This was beyond comprehensive and I loved it! Thank you thank you thank you.

Johnny Railroad says:

You spend an awful lot of money for tents that you can get just as good for a whole lot less.

Live2hike says:

Great review, thanks Dixie!! This really helps is my decision for a new tent.. sadly the Zpacks is out of my price range but I really like the Nemo Hornet 2p and by the sounds of it, it’s a good choice 🙂

Rooster says:

Stumbled upon your AT hike videos…Heard you speak of “Living in the Dash”…as I was wearing my “Don’t Tread on Me” t-shirt…I’m a fan.

Supertramp Goes Wild says:

I’m using a Sierra Designs Flashlight 1F at 27oz and $125. I have a video up on it.

txhypnotist says:

Thanks y’all.  Love your spirit girl. keep on having fun.

Kaiser Soze says:

I like how there is one thumb down. like who TF would thumb down this video?

tippersteffi1 says:

Great video, thanks for all the details!

Mark in Flux says:

Thanks for the reviews, great information

Bike Rob says:

Another great video Dixie. You are a rock star in the hiking world. Thank you so much for your efforts.

tracey florio says:

Thank you for the excellent overview. I’m looking at 2018 for the AT and trading in my Hubba-Hubba . Happy trails!

Survival Mindset says:

Excellent review good tent!

Retired USMC says:

Dixie; I have the same Z-Packs Duplex and missed the same mesh holding area across the top that I had in another tent set up.  What I did was tie a piece of line inside the tent up under the trekking pole cup from one side across to the other side.  Inside your tent are two small tabs inside the trekking pole cup to do this.  So with that said you can either use just the line itself to hang socks or damp cloths or buy a small mesh pouch and string that across the inside of your tent.  Boom problem solved with small compartments for your stuff.  Also by keeping it up top and not in the mesh pouches on the bathtub bottom there is less chance of rain or condensation getting onto and into your devices.  Just a simple fix and you will be good to go for the CDT. Congratulations on the PCT and look forward next year to your CDT videos, Happy Trails  🙂

Christopher Cornette says:

11:45 with the external frame on that model, you could probably just roll the door up tight and tuck it between itself and the frame pole in between any anchor points.  that should be secure enough except in windy conditions.  but you’re right, there should be a barrel-loop cinch or even two to tie it out.



Christopher Cornette says:

Great video!  Since you can never have too many cheap alternatives to pick from, I’ve just one more idea to throw out there for those looking for UL tents.  REI’s solo quarterdome is excellent and you can usually find it in the $150 range if you look around or wait for seasonal sales.  It’s right around 2lbs, side door free standing made of mostly ultrasilnylon, with about the same interior and vestibule space as that Nemo.  I’m 6’4″ and it was adequate for my build.  I still have mine and will use it as a backup after having upgraded to the Zpacks Altaplex.

MSP Pando says:

I have been so torn for a year on a tent for an AT thru-hike (attempt). Had been pretty much sold on the Nemo Hornet 2P for most of that time and then started questioning its space/liveability after seeing videos. Then I stumbled on the Duplex and the urge is growing (of course, that means my bank account is taking an even greater hit ). Always tends to happen to me with gear.

Well done on the comparison. I rarely see any reviews on the Nemo products. Thanks!

Ched Baker says:

Hi Dixie! After packing up a wet tent after a night of rain, I’m wondering how you managed to keep the insides of your tent dry so your sleeping bag didn’t get wet? Especially after that near-disaster in Washington! I would think that packing up a soaked tent, backpacking in the rain, and setting up in the rain would give you a really wet interior that would be hard to dry enough to lay out the items you really wanted to keep warm and dry. Microfiber cloth to mop it out? Thanks girl, been so much fun to tag along on your hikes!

dahuman says:

what accent is that? it’s like a mix of country and non country.

Supertramp Goes Wild says:

Honestly, it concerns me that on the first page of comments 3 men have talked about your toes…down boys!

tornadokat says:

It would be interesting to see what you think of a Big Agnes Copper Spur vs the Fly Creek. It’s a tiny bit heavier but would be more like what you seem to prefer. I have a video comparing the 3 person version of each and one of the biggest differences I hit on is the 2 side doors (or single side door on the UL1) of a Copper Spur vs the single end door of the Fly Creek series.

tnprime says:

Did you call Big Agnes or just email them? Emails get put into a queue often as a “service ticket” so you might have 2-3 people working with your ticket. Calls get answered by a human and actual real time responses. Next time if you have an issue, while in town call them (877-554-8975) AND email. If you cannot speak with someone specifically mention you have emailed. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Marty Lynch says:

Hey Dixie.
Great channel. Just some questions about your DJI Mavic Pro and I hope you haven’t answered them somewhere else and I have missed them. Looking back after the hike was it worth carrying it? From your gear lists, it looks like you only carried it for the Sierra Nevada but at 17% of your base weight and two-thirds, the weight of your big 3, are you planning on taking it on the CDT? It has a 21min normal flight time (15% batteries remaining) how did you go managing the batteries between charges? Did you worry that you might lose it off the side of a mountain?

Cherie Province says:

We have really enjoyed all your videos and reviews. In the next week or so we will be ordering a Zpack triplex…..our question is what stakes did you order for your duplex? Thanks.

Steve Robinson says:

Dixie, I have really enjoyed your videos. I have been backpacking for over 40 years. I still hike often. I am also an organic farmer and have a little business making backpacking food. Good stuff. Please check it out at Featherweight Foods.us. I don’t have a huge inventory, but I want distance hikers to know about it. Thanks, Treefrog

Christopher Cornette says:

12:40 the waterproofing of silnylon works in part due to water’s natural surface tension.  when you make contact, you break the surface tension and water is then able to seep through the pores.

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