Zpacks Plexamid Tent Review

Here’s my initial review of the new Zpacks Plexamid tent. Zpacks sent this to me as a replacement for my Altaplex that had some delamination issues. I’m currently 1500 mile into the AT, and will do a full review when I’m done on what worked and what didn’t work.

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Night Train says:

Outstanding review man, the best I’ve seen so far, positives and negatives. I also have my eye on this one ER.

Asiem Malik says:

Would love to see how it fairs in exposed high wind conditions, for north European customers ?

ArtisanTony says:

That is a nice tent. I remember how excited I was back in the early 80’s when we had a dealer who started carrying Eureka’s small backpacking tents. It wasn’t easy like now where you can just get on amazon and order anything 🙂

Early_Riser_71 says:

Damn good review bro! Have my eye on this tent now. Looks like another solid product….<15 oz....WHAT!!!

Nick DeWald says:

What about your Duplex?!

gumpfoo65 says:

Is that thing lantern fly proof? Nice tent!

Blue Boy Ultralight says:

good reveiw man. Especially covering the negatives. Well done

Bruno BOUDON says:

Hello and thank you fot the review
I am French
This tent interests me
I’m 6 feet 3 (192cm) do you think I can go inside?
Thank you verry much

Justin LaFrance says:

Just wondering, what kind of pillow are you using? It looks really light.

John Mosher says:

I also felt mist during a heavy rainstorm in my Altaplex tent but I am pretty sure that it kept coming through even after I wiped down the condensation with a dry washcloth. I am wondering if big raindrops actually force the mist through the fabric of the tent. I should mention that the mist did not have enough volume to get me wet since it evaporated almost as soon as it hit.

M W says:

Nice job Griz. Thanks for taking the time. How about for a big guy 6ft 240 to small?

Wyatt Rutherford says:

Was wondering how this tent packs down into your pack? With the new carbon rods I’m worried it won’t fit into my pack horizontally, thanks!

Jon Frankson says:

Solid review man, I’ve been considering buying this tent. Do you have a link I can use so you get something in return?

Bri B says:

I’m just not real crazy about that zipper that just lays there on the floor/ground when fully open. Looking at this tent and the Tarptent Notch Li. Really like the 2 doors in the Notch.

John Wilson says:

Like a few others have commented, this has been a great review by somebody who has actually used it in adverse conditions – well done! My question is how it compares to the Altaplex? While I can appreciate the weight savings of the new design, I liked the steeper wall angles of the Altaplex to shed rain and snow on the outside, and condensation on the inside. Like you, the carbon roof pad worries me a little, but your detailed video does demonstrate the extra width created at head level. Liked and subscribed!

Idaho Outdoor Gear Junkie says:

Thanks for the review. This tent is on my short list. Will be looking for the next review.

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