Camp Cooking: How to Cook in a Thermos Food Jar

Thermos cooking is a fantastic option for van life or camping. Thermos cooking is easy to learn, and saves cooking fuel while also helping to avoid heating up a van on a hot day.

This video covers the basics of Thermos cooking, and includes a demonstration of cooking steel cut oats. Links to additional Thermos cooking resources are listed below.

Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoy this video.

– Thermos 16 oz Food Jar –
– Texsport Single Burner Propane Stove –
– Melitta Pour Over Coffee Brewer –
– Ozark Trail Stainless Cookware –

– Thermos Cooking –
– The Boat Galley –

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Joanne Read says:

Thank you! I will be travelling across Canada in my Nissan Note and this is a gem of a solution. Appreciated.

Dawn says:

Wonderful video. Thank you. I just came across your channel, and I like it so far.

Linda Doxtater says:

I would bet you could cook chicken or beef strips in it.

Nanaimo Jack says:

Fantastic Information Robert , Everytime I watch your channel I get ideas .. Thanks Buddy

Sue Sorenson says:

love the thermos cooking idea!! can’t wait to experiment with it.    just curious, why don’t you just eat directly out of the thermos?  
thank you for your tutorials 🙂

Adeline Nicholas says:

You need a thermal cooker. Tayama makes a good one. Cheap.

Rita Murphy says:

I’ve heard of using a thernos for yogurt making but this is great. Why have I never heard of all these possibilities? What a great energy saving idea. Thanks.for explaining, the possibilities are endless!

DannyB1954 says:

Some foods like pasta can be soaking overnight in cold water. This reduces the cook time.

Donnie Wilhelm says:

How much does that thermos weight on its own?

Peter Piper says:

Love the coffee but I can’t eat ANY of the foods you mention because of the weight gain factor. I do high fat, medium protein and as low as possible carbs… zero if possible. I’ve lost over 80 pounds on the ketogenic diet in less than a year. I’ll be on this diet for the rest of my life because it is delicious and I never get hungry. Plus ALL of my health issues are GONE and all my annual check-ups are great.

Tubsie says:

Van life, lolz

spencer moon says:

nice guy well explained cheers bud.

Megan Jones says:

Very good idear, thanks for that .

Ron Miller says:

Awesome Robert

Gracia Cervantes says:


Deb B says:

Have you considered getting a small 1.5 liter pressure cooker to help you save on fuel costs?

Mila Martinez says:

Great tip

Michael Anderson says:

You can keep the thermos hotter by putting it under a blanket or pillow

Link Knight says:

I know about the hay bale one. Apparently they used it years ago but I first read about it from Cold War nuclear fallout shelter literature. They basically heat the pot and food up to temperature and put it in a wooden box full of hay INCLUDING the top. Obviously the pot needs a lid. I think my mum mentioned my nana doing it.

rouelibre1 says:

An alternate, but much similar method that I used in cyclo-camping using a methanol mini stove. First, boil one litre of water and make two cups of coffee. Next, use some more hot water into instant oatmeal with 1/2 bag of trail-mix (nuts and dried fruits). Cover the ceral (soup bowl) with your bread plate so it swells well ( about 5 min). Save the rest of the water by putting the pot into an insulated bigger pot (a tupperware lined inside/out with self-stick foam/aluminium about 1/2″ thick ) . Don-t kill the flame. Toast some bread while sipping somme coffee. Have you cereals and toasts and when time comes to wrap-up and pack-up for the road, you still have enough hot water for a second cup of cofee while working. Cut the middle-man, the thermos! 🙂

laura j phillips says:

Thank You! Very Good!

Louise Florida /Missouri says:

Just a little tip you might use is to make a cozy from reflectix for your thermos and it will keep it even warmer longer. I use this idea for my French press coffee pot and it keeps that second cup warm for me. ATB Louise

Derick DeRidder says:

Thanks for your videos and ideas

Jamie Rupert says:

You have a very soft, nice sounding voice. I could listen to you all day. Thanks for the info. I’ve tried stuff like this before & it actually tastes pretty good, if you know what you’re doing & how to do it. Thanks again!

Keith Lapere says:

Great video!

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