Foogo Thermos | Get It or Forget It!

This week we tried out the Foogo Thermos. We thought it would be fun for our son Henry to bring warm food for school lunch sometimes and also for both our boys when we are out shopping on the weekends. Watch to see our review!

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Christina L says:

We love ours ive also only have used it for mac and cheese to send with my son to preschool. I cook it around 8am and send it to school with him and his teachers open it up so he can eat some and he is a very light eater so there is usually all or half left…when we get home around 1pm the mac and cheese is STILL warm! Crazy how it works! the only issue we have is that it does not dry all the way in the dishwasher..and we store cups and stuff upside down the 1st time i put it right in the cabinet not thinking and the water inside never dried so it was a little mildewy just be sure to towel dry before putting away =)

Rosa Pratt says:

I have this but we use it to store his extra vials of insulin in the fridge. We have had power outages and we don’t feel comfortable with them just in there. It also keeps them safe.

TheBrittbrat2341 says:

I have this for my son, and I usually put mac n cheese in it, pasta, or pizza rolls! lol He’s very picky about what foods he will eat, and I bought this after he stopped eating his normal peanut butter sandwiches. 

Momof2 says:

Thanks for the review! Im collecting things now for when my daughter starts kindergarten and Ive been looking for something that works. Love your get it or forget it episodes!

M P A Munson says:

THAT is why your videos are a breath of fresh air!! P.S.- this type of thermos may work in a crunch, to keep insulin cold!

Dennis Domingo says:

Unfortunately I’m returning my Foogoo thermos. After removing the gasket and cleaning the cap because I’m afraid of mold build up, It no longer seals properly (or its really difficult to seal ) so any liquids leak

4afamily says:

My kids have always taken a Thermos make sure you heat it to help keep food hot by adding hot water to it to help warm the container then dump and add hot food and of course cold ice water to keep things cold

Katysek says:

I have thought about purchasing this for Jack’s lunches. Thanks for the review. Amy your video quality just keeps getting better and better. I love the different series you have running. You are an inspiring woman Amy. I think of you and your family often. I hope we get to meet soon.

Our Twin Life Family says:

This is really a great product !! 

TheThriftyMommy says:

Thanks for doing this review. Chris often works on job sites without microwaves and this would be awesome for me to put his lunches in so he can have hot meals that he prefers. We have tried so many different thermos’ and have yet to find one that works.

pedsot1 says:

I’m so glad it was a get it! I just ordered this and am waiting for it to arrive. Now I’m even more excited to use it!

Through Iby's Eyes says:

I just bought one for Ella over the weekend! PHEW! 
So glad it works

MelisaAnne33 says:

They make nice sippy cups too:)

Dawn HM says:

I love this series.

chay. says:

i’ll have to check this out for my mom, she always warms stuff up, gets comfortable and forgets about her coffee or soup and then it gets cold. great review!

elizhope says:

Its also good to put boiling (or just super hot water) into the thermos, let it sit for like 5-6 minutes, then pour it out. Makes the thermos already nice and hot inside, so you arent putting your hot food in a cold container, therefore cooling it down faster

sali soso says:

from where did u get it and how much

iiAMnina says:

You have a beautiful family, and I love watching your videos!

SimplyDaniDoodle says:

Thank you for the review. I will probably get this for my husband as he now works third shift.

Tina23Marie says:

Can you buy this in stores? Also I love these videos! Thanks!

NaptimeCrafter says:

I love this video series Amy! This and Win or Fail Friday are my favorites!! I have something similar and have only tried it with cold food, I will have to test it with hot foods!

Mel Art says:

Right now Cecily’s school warms up her food for me so I haven’t had to worry about a thermos but I will def keep this in mind for elementary next year!

Dollieshands says:

Love seeing andy x

Joy ful says:

What a great idea with the oatmeal!! I think I will try to do something similar for our daughter when she goes to pre school. She is type I and they serve them breakfast a preschool (also usually oatmeal). The teacher said she would weigh it out and everything but if I already weigh it and just tell the teacher how much to bolus I think it would be a lot easier on everyone. 

Jen's Little Place says:

Great review! I will look for one of those!

M P A Munson says:

I am playing some of your older videos, and just had to laugh, when I saw Andy, with Henry’s needle in his hand. Other people might freak, but we’re so used to them, it’s just so matter of fact!! You guys are just SO down to earth!! Thank you for being you!!

Penny Adams says:

Nice.  Good to know that is actually works.  I love to have soup at work and not have to go wait for the microwave.  I just may buy one for myself!

Mummykc says:

We have used these got at least three years now 🙂 my daughter takes leftovers to school for lunch and in the winder she takes a nice pot of soup! They are brilliant 🙂

caitlinrobson533 says:

Why does the Mac and Cheese look Orange? We have the Kraft Brand of Mac and Cheese in Australia and it has a yellow look to it. U can google ‘Australian Mac and Cheese Kraft’ and look at the first picture with the world deluxe at the bottom of the box, to understand what I’m saying.

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